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  1. Afterword
  3. This is Volume 11, the longest one of all. Did it excite you? Books get tiring to carry when they’re heavy and I’d like to avoid that, so why did it end up so long… And if I were to cut pages, where should I cut from? By the way, this has already been heavily cut down from the original proofreading. It feels like there were at least six more pages before… Hm. I guess there wasn’t much of a change, after all.
  4. 那么这次至今为止最长页数的第十一卷,有让大家尽兴吗?书要是太厚的话拿着会很累,所以尽可能想要避免这件事,为什么会变得这么长了呢……。要删减的话,删减哪里才好呢。顺带一提,这已经在初校的时候大量删减过了喔?感觉之前确实是再多六个页位的……。嗯,好像没有太大变化呢。
  6. Well, just think of this as a form of savings, then. I think in future the volumes will only be 300 pages long. When they happens, please don’t think “so thin!”, but instead consider that the use of what’s been saved until now. After all, it’ll still be quite thick on average.
  7. 嘛,请把这个当成是储蓄饶了我吧。我想以后绝对会有三百页的时候。那时请不要觉得「好薄!」,而是认为这是把存到现在的储蓄拿出来用就好了。因为就算平均下来也是很厚的。
  9. Then, let’s think about other things -- I’m writing this on a hot summer day. The AC in my room is working at full speed and saving Maruyama from the scorching fires of hell.
  10. 那么把心情转换下——写这个的时候正是炎炎夏日。房间里空调正全力运转,从灼热的地狱中保护着丸山。
  12. I hate summer. When I walk to the office, there’s nothing I hate more than touching other people with my sweaty body. “I won’t touch you, so don’t touch me,” I scream internally. The only salvation is that the decrease in students means the trains aren’t so packed. On that note, winters are great! I want to sleep under the blanket and never get out! ...Well, the people in Hokkaido and Tohoku might not think that way, but Maruyama still wants to say; Winters Are The Best!
  13. 夏天真的很讨厌。去公司的时候,没有比流汗的身体和别人接触还要讨厌的事了。我不会靠过去的所以你也别靠过来啊!这样在心里大叫着。因为学生变少而使得满座的程度降低是唯一的救赎。在这方面上,冬天真是太棒了!好睡得离不开棉被!……北海道和东北这些多雪地带上的人也许有不同的想法,但是丸山还是想要大声说。冬天最棒!
  15. It seems the Overlord Compilation Movie will be made in the Best Season! For some reason, it seems Maruyama has to work hard… I’ll work hard. And that’s that. There should be more news coming out in future, and I’d be happy if you could look forward to it.
  16. OVERLORD剧场版总集篇好像就要在这个最棒的季节里制作的样子!不知为何丸山似乎不加油不行……我会加油的。就是这样,之后我想还会有各种信息出来的。要是能期待那时的到来我会很高兴的。
  18. I’ve given a lot of people this time round too. So-bin-sama, I made you redraw the insert images several times, thank you very much. To my editor Ohaku-sama, I’ll reduce the pagecount for sure next time! And thank you for doing the design for the deluxe edition package this time round, Chord Design Studio-sama.
  19. 那么这次也给不少人添了麻烦。so?bin大人,让你重新修正了好几次封面插画,真的很感谢你。校对的大迫大人,下次绝对会删减页数的!这次包括特装版的设计在内,谢谢你,Chord Design Studio大人。
  21. Then there’s Ashina-san and the staff; just hand the gags to them and it’ll be alright.
  22. 还有做出将搞笑交给他就没错的东西的芦名桑和Staff们。
  24. (Please watch the deluxe edition if you bought it, everyone)
  25. (有买特装版的各位还请多多观看)
  27. F-da-sama, let’s meet up to discuss how to cut down the page count.
  28. F田大人,下次就如何删减页数等事情开碰面会吧。
  30. And a big thank you to my readers who have finished this (very thick) light novel!
  31. 接着读完(很厚的小说)的各位读者,真的非常感谢你们!!
  33. 2016 9th Month
  34. Maruyama Kugane
  35. 二〇一六年九月 丸山くがね
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