Loraine, Bearer of the Word.

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  1. Despite being forced to spend much of her waking life within the beautiful Armour of the Word, masterfully crafted with the endless scripts she had written for her God, Loraine looked impossibly ungainly and uncomfortable next to her Astartes. Loraine seemed to be too thin for her height even within her amour, and the small shaved head poking up through her ceramite neckplate and squished between her large shoulder guards seemed altogether far too soft and out of place. She was walking through a decadently ornate rooms and courtyards, occasionally slowing down to observe particularly striking features, imagining how the churches that were soon to be built could incorporate this world’s unique style. Loraine unlike the other marines, male and female, had a joyful gait that was undisciplined and irregular, looking like schoolgirl on an excursion more than a Primarch.
  3. Aside Loraine were 13 members of her legion, a dozen of those were chosen of the veteran 1st company. The last was a shorter man to her right, almost her opposite, scowling was less his expression and more the wholeness of his entire being. Kor Phaeron, despite his widely respected sagacity and religious devotion was quick to anger and angry the false astartes certainly was.
  5. Loraine slowed as she found her eyes drawn to a marble stature, depicting a nude woman arms clutching her sides with her wavy and intricately detailed hair tastefully covering her nipples. The face of the statue was wracked with agony, Loraine watched as individual drops of red liquid trailed down her face and into a small pool below, smiling as she imagined a statue she would hopefully commission for this world in just a few hours.
  7. Phaeron growled, and raised an arm towards her turned shoulder, and forcefully pushed it away, swinging Loraine to face him. “You will have time for this later, stop slowing down.” Loraine looked down at the angry man who had just shoved his Primarch, her face was pensive and answered back “I… Yes, it would be rude to waste time while we are still guests here, you are right father.”
  9. The meeting with the leader of the feudal world took place around a sheer adamantium alloy stone slab within the throne room. The king was young and sitting alone without advisers, unless she struck a nerve Loraine was confident she could peacefully bring another world into the holy imperium.
  11. The kind addressed his guests with a slow voice and cautious tone, “I have granted you this audience, and as you have not yet spoken your intentions I would ask you to do so.” The man didn’t know of the imperium, but he seemed to be well aware of his position.
  13. Loraine waited a moment and responded, “I come as a mere representative of the leader of our imperium, a born God amongst men who is uniting mankind under one holy banner so that we may prosper within the radiance of his glory. I am not here to remove your crown, no, you are the rightful leader of this beautiful world and that you will remain. I am only giving you the message that you have the chance to join something greater than any of us could be alone. If you accept then you will be given technology that will uplift your people to prosperity. For you and your people I will personally oversee the construction of grand temples and cathedrals across your world that will induct this world into the divine and grant it salvation in the name of the holy Emperor.”
  15. The king was blunt, and his eyes didn’t move from the woman across the table “This is somewhat less of a choice then you seem to be implying, am I correct?”
  16. Loraine looked briefly to her right at Kor Phaeron, then back. “You are a wise king considering your age. The legion I lead is indeed a military formation, but please believe me, I want nothing, nothing less than a fight.” His suspicions confirmed the king agreed to join the imperium without further comment.
  18. Within the next month, the whole of the legion as well as much of her fleet as could be allowed was levied to construct church after temple after cathedral after monument to the glory of the God Emperor. Loraine and her chaplains would give rousing sermon after sermon to the people of the world, eventually this work was done, and the fleet moved onto the next world. Loraine may not of been a military mind like her siblings, but she wouldn't fail to serve her lord.
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