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yu-ris hacking doc

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  1. The yu-ris engine is open source.
  2. http://yu-ris.net/
  3. http://yu-ris.net/manual/eris/index.html
  4. The sample engine that yu-ris has for download has unencrypted script files. What may be useful are the packing tools and documentation on how the engine code works.
  6. The Yu-ris script files are excrypted with the XOR protocol.
  7. *.ybn: compiled into bytecode script.
  8. Structure of YBN file: header, bytecode, strings.
  9. More info (kind of useless, the unpacker mentioned is only for the system files, not the script files. Crass does the same job equally well.) http://pyvntrans.blogspot.com/2013/04/format-specs-yu-ris-engine-clock-up.html
  11. Contacts?
  12. debono on Aarin's got connections with that Russian VN hacker group.
  13. RusAnon - "I've hacked it in 2012, to TL euphoria, and have full set of tools, including scripts (.ybn files) decompiler/compiler. I'll publish them some time later this year, when I get alpha version of my PyVNTrans software working." http://forums.fuwanovel.org/index.php?/topic/757-yu-ris-engine/
  14. ybn - It is binary compiled, so you need custom extractor. For that you better ask Vendor, since he may have tools (main translator). Also dsp2003 may have tools since he is one who reverse-engineered this file format. http://honyaku-subs.ru/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=297
  15. Work have also been done on Lyrical, Ina Koi, Master by Maid
  17. Bruteforcing in AE does not work. Perhaps the version of Yu-ris is not supported or I am an idiot and did something wrong.
  18. The key to hacking every Vanadis Game.
  19. 1). Get AnimED (http://wks.arai-kibou.ru/ae.php?p=dl)
  20. 2). Open those .ypf files with the archive tool.
  21. 3).Go to the Data Tool, and on the dropdown select XOR
  22. 4).Press Bruteforce Bytes, and select a small .ybn file from the now extracted .ypf file.
  23. 5).Go through all the files (there should be number files) and find the one that makes sense.
  24. 6). Put the number of the file in the Parameter box
  25. 7). Process the data for all the files.
  27. Tools exist for four leaf. I downloaded them with source files from the Russians. Email me for them, they’re for an older version of Yu-ris and might be useless, can’t be bothered to look for the honyaku-subs thread again, but the mediafire links there work as of 7/21/13.
  28. http://honyaku-subs.ru/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=297
  30. Random uselessness.
  31. http://forums.novelnews.net/showthread.php?t=35857
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