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  1. Raiding and Guild History
  2. - Please tell us about your raiding history including any past experience in Classic, Burning Crusade, or Wrath of the Lich King. List any progression milestones and World of log parses that you feel are valuable. (Use as much space as you'd like):
  3. - Please tell us about your guild history with all other raiding guilds, including reasons why you left these guilds:
  5. Knowledge and Experience
  6. - Give us a description of your current raiding build, it's pros and cons, and why you chose it:
  7. - Give us some information on why you chose your current glyphs:
  8. - Give us a description of your current raiding gear, and why you chose the enchants and gems you have selected (Gearscore or iLvl alone is NOT an appropriate description of your gear):
  9. - Please describe your current rotation/FCFS/priorities as well as the reasons for this rotation:
  10. - Why did you choose your current professions and what do they bring to a raiding environment:
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