Chimera kid

Oct 23rd, 2016
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  1. Name: Alex Burnley
  2. Age: 11
  3. Gender: Androgynous goes with what ever people call them
  4. Favorite Thing: Meeting Friends, Singing/Music, and getting food
  5. Personality: Curious about everything after being kept indoors most of their life and slightly shy to new people but happy and upbeat
  6. Looks: or
  7. Stats
  8. Feet 3 (P.E. +2, Kicking +0, Dodging +0)
  9. Guts 4 (Wind +2, Courage +3, Wrestling +0)
  10. Hands 2 (Shop +0, Punching +0, Blocking +0)
  11. Brains 1 (Out-Think +0, Remember +0, Notice +0)
  12. Face 5 (Charm/Be-Cute +4, Putdown +0, Connive +0, Headbutting +2, Singing +2)
  13. Relationships 3 normal 3 Weird
  14. Normal Relationships
  15. Mother 2d
  16. Music 1d
  17. Weird Relationships
  18. Monstrous Personality 3d
  19. Weird Skills 10 points
  20. (1)Hoofs of the Goat 0d, Legs, Useful(Move like Mountain Goat), Useful(Stealth of the Snake)
  21. (4)Wings of the Wyvern 1d, Guts, Useful(Flight), Defends(Wing Deflect or Flight to dodge), Attacks(Snake Head Tail),Burn(Venom)
  22. (3)Chimeric Claws 1d, Hands, Attacks(Sharp Claws), Useful(Monstrous Might)
  23. (3)Maw of the Lion 1d, Face, Attacks(Mouthful of Razor Sharp Fangs), Useful(Dragon Senses(scent/taste)), Gnarly x1
  24. Notes:
  25. can purr, hiss(from tail), roar like a dragon/lion, growl like a dragon, and bleat like goat
  26. hair feels more like fluffy fur than human hair
  27. the scales of the snake and wings are brass in color
  28. Needs to eat something before the soul to leaves the flesh to feel full Chi
  29. their legs can look like both human leg joints and like a goats legs joints
  30. the snake's venom is a type of hemotoxic venom like a cottonmouth
  31. Slowly but noticeable shifts in minor ways the clearly inhuman parts of them
  32. mother was human "father" chimera monster Both wanted a child with each other so went to mad scientist for "help"
  33. would count as both genders as they have both sets of genitalia that are an odd mix of human, lion, and goat
  34. mother calls them male,
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