Kalidan (FEMTO 3.0)

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  1. Name: Kalidan
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Felid
  4. Class: Dark Knight (Rogue/Knight)
  5. Combat Talent: (Like the Back of My Hand) Critfail DC-1 to combat skills while unarmed.
  6. Noncombat Talent: (The Song of My People) plays a hand-made flute, inspiring allies. While not in combat, allies within hearing range receive +1 to all rolls.
  7. Hit/Wounds:  5/5
  9. Skills:
  10.     (Free Racial)  Claws: passive; Felids have natural claws that they can extend and retract at will. Unarmed attacks can now deal wound damage and count as Dual weapons for the purpose of skills.
  11.     (Racial) Limber: recharge 3; Dodge any incoming non-magical attack completely, negating its damage. Outside of combat, you can jump higher, drop from greater heights without taking damage, and can climb surfaces with relative ease. The difficulty of doing so varies from case to case, and is left to the DM's discretion.
  12.     (Free Multiclass) Weapon Flurry: passive; When wielding either a Great or Dual Weapon, you can use Cleave and Dual Wielding at the same time. When wielding either a Ranged or Single Weapon, you can use Aimed Shot and Restrained Strike at the same time (Restrained Strike can deal more than 3 hits this way). When using a Shield, you can use Brace and make a basic attack at the same time, rolling separately for each.
  13.     (Free Skill) Stealth: self; Fade from sight, becoming untargetable until you reveal yourself. This does not make you immune to damage, any attack that hits an entire zone or all enemies/the whole party will still affect you. Your next action while Stealthed Autocrits. Afterwards Stealth will end, regardless of result. If you Autocrit using a skill with the Hidden tag, you cannot Autocrit any more actions during that instance of Stealth.
  14.     (Class) Escape Artist: automatic, self, recharge 3; Break free of all immobilizing or restraining effects (i.e. grabs, roots, freeze traps etc.) and can be used to recover from helpless.
  15.     (Class) Counter: instant automatic, self, recharge 3; Prepare yourself to intercept an enemy‚Äôs attack next turn. If they make a single target attack, you cancel the attack and any effects it would have had and gain a Bonus Action for Slam that turn against that target, allowing you to use Slam even if you do not know it.
  17. Weapon: unarmed (dual weapons, claws extended/retracted)
  20. Inventory:
  21.     Backpack: Tinderbox, Rations (3 days), Two Waterskins, Empty Canvas Sack
  23. Traits:
  24.     Appearance-wise, like a black Maine Coon. Slightly larger than other felids, with powerful large fuzzy paws and an impressive mane around his neck. He wears a leather vest and baggy trousers with many pockets. His backpack is worn to the point of falling apart. His flute, which he carved himself from a piece of driftwood he found in the desert, is always with him, and he often plays to himself on his lonely travels.
  25.     He was born in the country of Abyssinia, raised by his mother with two siblings, and when it was time to leave home he did so, never to see his family again. Hunting on the outskirts of the desert at night, sleeping in whatever shelter he can find by day, Kalidan mostly lived a lonely life, until he fell in with a group of roughneck thieves. They would raid merchants when they needed food, and spend the rest of the time drinking and fighting. Kalidan fit right in.
  26.     When finally the townsponies had had enough and sought to apprehend them by force, Kalidan was already gone. He slipped away in the early evening, taking with him the clothes on his back, whatever rations he could carry, and a map stolen from a traveling treasure-hunter, leading to a priceless stone. The map leads to an abandoned temple in the middle of nowhere, and has a date, which is drawing near. The map is labeled "The Heart of the Sun."
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