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  1. SovierikaYesterday at 1:57 PM
  2. When you said you were a spy, who are you a spy for?
  4. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 1:57 PM
  5. Hounds, why?
  6. The group is hidden in my profile to minimize meta gaming
  7. Agh, break is over but I’ll be out of work in 2 hours
  9. SovierikaYesterday at 1:59 PM
  10. Next time you join a group in order spy on them, next time you have to tell me what group you're spying for.
  11. There was a huge situation where we were dealing with Pillowsalt for meta gaming because he has a history violating spy rules for us and I didn't consider you at first because I didn't know you were spying for the hounds
  13. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 4:05 PM
  14. I’m sorry, I try very hard to avoid meta gaming and have no tolerance  for it. May I ask what information was involved? I can indicate If Dusk provided it or not at least?
  16. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 4:46 PM
  17. Besides, I kinda like the Marshals atm. Even with what information He has found he mostly ends up pointing out how they're twisting shit to suit what they want to be the case even when it pretty obviously isn't. I'm not sure what this is about but if something happened and it wasn't information I shared IC, I'll be just as quick to put my foot down.
  19. SovierikaYesterday at 8:25 PM
  20. THat's fine and understandable! Did you tell Jor that T'Amora, the Leader of Order is currently a member of Marshal?
  21. Jor's quote was "I have spies in Marshal that told me."
  23. SovierikaYesterday at 9:13 PM
  24. I just need to know if this is something you told Jor. If you did, that's completely fine! ^^ If not, I'll be taking this to Admin (Don't worry, no drama would come your way. You're literally the only spy in Marshal. It'll be Jor that'll have alot of explaining to do)
  26. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 9:39 PM
  27. Reviewing my logs to find out cause I don't honestly remember, buuuuut I log -everything- for this very reason
  29. SovierikaYesterday at 9:42 PM
  30. So did you yell Jor about T'Amora?
  32. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 9:49 PM
  33. Okay, so, it looks like it may have been mentioned tangentially in one of the ic data packets dusk sent, but I haven't referred to her AS a marshal?
  34. Ariana is a dark magika user. She was concerned about it's use when joining the magika task force. Drevii, looks like an elf girl. Carries two blades, tech rifle, wears mostly see-through latex with straps covering the good parts. Kasstra authorized use of dark magika in missions as long as with her permission or admin T'amora Jericho's permission. Stated that they wanted to avoid being caught by earthgov doing this as there is a rival taskforce under earthgov referred to as nightfall, authorized to use dark magika.
  35. A copy paste from the datapacket sent ic that I found the name T'Amora in
  36. The datapacket basically being a notecarded "report" dusk sent
  37. Dusk does all his reports without recordings cause it's to easy to get caught that way and the people he works for don't require proof like that anyways, so the datapacket and direct communication are his relaying information. He found that bit "interesting" so that much was included in one of his reports
  38. ... though honestly he thought Ariana was the interesting part
  39. That is the only time I found the name T'Amora IC or OOC in my logs with him
  41. SovierikaYesterday at 9:55 PM
  42. I see now, so this can be signed off as legitimate. Even if you never said T'Amora was apart of Marshal a clear strong affiliation is evident enough.
  44. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 9:55 PM
  45. Sorry about the distress >.<
  47. SovierikaYesterday at 9:55 PM
  48. I wonder if you'll expose to hounds that Marshal has never had spies in Junkhounds and Corsairs, then Junkhounds can stop telling lies about Marshal~
  49. No distress here, we just had to fact check because of Jor's history
  51. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 9:56 PM
  52. Hah, if it comes up then yeah, Dusk would drop that detail on them
  54. SovierikaYesterday at 9:57 PM
  55. One time we were following a bounty against Tazer, you probably heard about our adventures against Tazer. Jor used his character Whack to contact Tazer, who does not know Tazer at all ICly to warn Tazer about a plan we had to get him. All without informing me he'd be doing spy stuff.
  57. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 9:58 PM
  58. Dusk is very much of the opinion that the conflict with the cats is stupid, and the marshals can be negotiated with. The imbalance on the bounties that they think is there, seems to just be a case of hounds being easier targets, so that imbalance can be resolved by closing ranks and being a harder target like colsec. shrugs IC and OOC I am pretty sure they're seeing enemies and conspiracy against them that doesn't exist
  59. and I am aware of stuff regarding tazer considering Dusk is the one that pulled his clone, with drastic visual changes, and was the only one that knew his new name of Ink for a while. Though he has since learned Marshals are aware.~
  61. SovierikaYesterday at 9:59 PM
  62. And when ever Hounds put up a bounty against CSEC it's always "BRING US THE COMMANDING OFFICER IN CSEC"
  64. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 9:59 PM
  65. I also notice that when they put bounties on some people... they often don't TELL anyone outside of the hounds
  66. There's a 200k bounty on someones head (forgot the name) that I am 90% sure the marshals have no idea about cause no one told them
  68. SovierikaYesterday at 10:00 PM
  69. Because we own the bounty board, if it's not on the bounty board, we can't respond to it
  70. We try to work fast. If it wasn't for Tazer's metagaming we would have gotten him alot sooner
  71. There's a been a conspiracy against Marshal for a very long time and the average members of hounds and Corsairs are being played for
  73. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 10:03 PM
  74. If it were not for Jor being an ooc friend/slave and not wanting drama... I'd probably be switching to Marshals as my faction anyways, the Junkhounds aren't behaving in a way I find particularly intelligent with their conflicts and paranoid view of everyone not a hound, it's just irritating ic and ooc sometimes
  75. Any faction should be asking "How do I benefit" before starting a conflict
  76. There's no benefit at all to the conflicts they've started right now
  78. SovierikaYesterday at 10:05 PM
  79. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling that way about your faction. I might want activity and prosperity of my group, not at the cost of another group.
  80. I like Jor, he's a chum of mine, but I feel Hounds have consumed his soul
  82. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 10:07 PM
  83. Neh, I've voiced those opinions ic and ooc and neither he nor beat listen, they still ignore dusk outright when they get his reports and start twisting information while he's going "No, stop, shut up and think" I value intelligence and cunning so the current conflicts and constantly accusing people of conspiring against the hounds is just... wasteful and uninteresting
  85. SovierikaYesterday at 10:07 PM
  86. When I get Marshal into a conflict the question I ask "Will my players find this fun and engaging while not feeling dragged in
  88. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 10:09 PM
  89. I find it most engaging when a conflict makes sense. If they were fighting over territory, resources, some actual slight or attack, then it would make sense... but right now the justification was literally "We were getting bored."
  91. SovierikaYesterday at 10:10 PM
  92. Right I have all three criminal factions ganging up on Marshal to a degree thats unfair and I have EXP leadership spreading rumors against me in an oooc level
  94. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 10:12 PM
  95. Having criminal factions ganging up on bounty hunters makes -some- sense, but their justification falls apart when their perceived slights are caused by their own laziness, such as not reporting bounties to the marshals for them to go after, and not protecting their own/retaliating for their own like colsec tends to do
  96. It's easier to go after criminal faction bounties cause they don't -do- anything about the bounty being collected. Colsec does, so going after colsec bounties has all these extra suggestions like disguise kits that wasteland/hound and other criminal bounties don't
  98. SovierikaYesterday at 10:13 PM
  99. Brb heading to the store, got more to say ajd respond when I get back
  101. SovierikaYesterday at 11:11 PM
  102. And I'm back
  103. See, criminal factions ganging up on the PMC/BHs make sense. In real life. Despite popular belief, RoE isn't as big and super active we believe for it to be. We need to believe in the concept of balance, there have been many times I made decisions because it threatened sim balance, and as Marshal GL I look out for my players but I also need to consider the well being of other players in the sim as my actions can effect player experience across the sim. Marshal had made alot of effect to work with the criminal factions, we've killed far more CSEC officer than Corsairs and EXP has ever done.
  104. But you're half right about going after criminal Faction bounties. It's easy to get Hound bounties (and CSEC bounties) it's nigh impossible for us to go after EXP and Corsairs because their extremely secretive nature.
  106. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 11:18 PM
  107. This is also true, like with me analyzing the harpies attacks as poor strategy ic, technically Silver is right, but actually taking the tactical route would not have been as much fun for the players to fight back against. Games sometimes require "artificial stupidity" to be playable and fun x3
  109. SovierikaYesterday at 11:19 PM
  110. I agree with you, but there comes a point you have people acting maliciously OOCly.
  111. I don't think it's fair that EXP leadership is making up lies about me OOCly
  113. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 11:22 PM
  114. I haven't even heard about that but I am close to EXP at all
  116. SovierikaYesterday at 11:24 PM
  117. They calmed down, but you had Sturm telling people OOCly Marshal is Anti-criminal. Then Kage was saying how Marshal doesn't accept illegal contracts despite how cop killing history and the fact I did reach out to Kage long ago wanting to work with EXP to raise some hell together but she was extremely against Marshal's neutral stance because we're willing to accept contracts against anyone.
  119. Dusk SarsisYesterday at 11:34 PM
  120. Some people are of a "with me or against me" mindset and can't wrap their head around neutral positions
  122. SovierikaYesterday at 11:37 PM
  123. Marshal's mindset  is, we're happy to accept friends and help, but if we can't stand proud and alone, we don't deserve to stand. Meaning, we won't do what EXP and Corsairs do, instantly run and hide behind Hounds.
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