[RGRE] (SHORT) The Mane 6 Consider Leaving Anon

Nov 21st, 2018
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  1. Mane6 leave Anon for some noble stallion. Reasons are unknown and don't hold water.
  3. Prompt:
  4. I wouldn't want them back if they abandoned me for some noble stallion with a stick up his ass
  5. Though I enjoy the suffering so let's continue it and give them some reasoning
  6. >He acts like the gentlestallion Rarity always wanted and sweeped her off her hooves after several extravagant gifts and dates she attended under the pretense of "business dealings"
  7. >She was hooked further when he never treated her like the stereotypical mare
  8. >Fluttershy was promised access to the Canterlot Gardens and a place on the Ministry for the Preservation of Exotic Creature in Canterlot
  9. >Twilight was taken by the fact that she could live up to the status that was expected of her by having a noble stallion in the herd
  10. >Pinkie was one over by promise of her own Bakery chain
  11. >She had always felt bad about mooching off the Cakes for so long so it was a golden opportunity
  12. >Applejack was offered countless lucrative deals and financial security for her family
  13. >Rainbow Dash already had everything she wanted bur her loyalty called her to her 5 closest friends than you
  14. Revel in the suffering with me Anons the pain makes you feel alive
  15. -----------------------
  16. response:
  18. >Rarity blushes and titters behind a hoof.
  19. >"He treated like I was a princess~ I felt like every waking moment was dedicated to making me feel loved..."
  20. >Fluttershy squeaks and hides behind her mane when she realizes the rest of her herd is looking at her.
  21. >"W-Well, he promised me a place in the MPECC so that I could h-help all the tiny creatures out there. H-He's so thoughful like that.
  22. I-Imagine what it would b-be like if all the exotic c-creatures saw me as their mama..."
  23. >Twilight rubs her hooves together, grinning happily.
  24. >"All that pressure I've been under by being Celestia's personal student is almost gone! The one thing I had left to do was find a noble stallion, and then I'd be a princess that Celestia could be proud of! Just like my books say! The public would adore me!"
  25. >Pinkie just raises a hoof and speaks before any of the other mares turn their attention away from Twilight.
  26. >"Lots of cake! I can move out from the Cake's place and open my own bakery! Everypony would know my name, and everypony would ADORE the treats I make! It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Rainbow Dash!"
  27. >Applejack just shrugs and looks troubled.
  28. >"Well, I have to think of my family. They love me, and I have to consider their needs over my own."
  29. >They all turn their attention to the final herd member, who glares back at them from behind a rainbow fringe.
  30. >You are Rainbow Dash, and you don't know who these ponies are, or why they're wearing your friend's skin like a suit.
  31. "You all disgust me. Are you really going to abandon our colt just because some rich flankhole came around and shook his balls in our direction? Are we really so shallow that we'll just trade the hoo-man we love for financial gain and social approval?"
  32. >You scoff with distaste and cross your forelegs.
  33. "I thought we were the Elements of Harmony, not the Elements of Horseapples."
  34. >Rarity gasps, her delicate sensibilities offended.
  35. >"Now see here, Rainbow Dash, that stallion treated me-"
  36. >You cut your "friend" off before she can spew any more trash at you
  37. "Treated you like how Anon treats you every day?"
  38. >Rarity makes a gurgling noise as her tirade is cut short.
  39. >She looks shocked, like she had honestly forgotten the months of pampering Anon had done to her.
  40. "How quickly we forget. Did you really think I'd go along with this?"
  41. >You rear up and slam your forehooves onto the table as hard as you can.
  42. "My element is Loyalty, you ungrateful nags! I came here so that I could try and talk some sense into you before you abandon our colt!"
  43. >You pause as a thought occurs to you.
  44. "I mean, admittedly, this would be an opportunity for Anon to give me ALL of his attention instead of just one-sixth of it, but it isn't worth letting the five of you make such an enormously awful decision."
  45. >You point over to Fluttershy next.
  46. "And you! You're the Bearer of Kindness, but you just dump the colt who loves each and every one of use so that you can access things you're already allowed to see and do?"
  47. >Fluttershy cowers behind her pink mane.
  48. >"B-B-But I d-don't have access t-to the Canterlot Gardens or the M-Ministry of-"
  49. >This bucking mare right here.
  50. "We're national heroes, Fluttershy. We're friends of the Princesses-"
  51. >You point to Twilight next.
  52. "And one of us IS a princess. Do you honestly think anypony would stop you from helping care for your creatures?"
  53. >"M-M-Maybe I could h-hug all the puppies a-and birds and-and-and..."
  54. >Fluttershy trails off until she's silent..
  55. >But now you're on a roll, so you move onto the next target.
  56. "Twilight, you're the Princess of Friendship, and you were just about to dump our herd-stallion for the sake of social status. Do you honestly believe that Princess Celestia would be happy for you to just abandon the hoo-man we love for what... public opinion? How in the world did you ever even consider this?"
  57. >Twilight looks around nervously.
  58. >With a flash of magic, a strand of mane is guided towards her mouth and she begins to chew on it.
  59. >Pinkie is staring at you with her wide, excited eyes when you turn to her.
  60. "Pinkie, I just don't get you. You're not even mooching off the Cakes, since you work at their shop. You told me that they cut your pay in half since they're offering you room and board, and that business for them has only gotten better since you started working there. It's your skill as a baker and your status as a Bearer of Harmony that's brought the crowds to the Sugarcube Corner."
  61. >Pinkie stares at you blankly, looking like she can't think of how to respond.
  62. >Her eyes dart around to your other friends, looking unsure.
  63. >Finally, you face Applejack.
  64. "Applejack, you are rich. There's no putting it lightly: you are filthy rich."
  65. >For some reason, Applejack looks surprised.
  66. >"I am?"
  67. >...
  68. "...yes. Your family has a monopoly of the fruits sold in Ponyville, and you have orchards in every single city and town in all of Equestria. You told me that was why you could run off with us and have adventures and leave only your brother, your little sister, and your old granny on the farm to take care of things."
  69. >Applejack begins to sweat.
  70. >"W-Well, I guess I... looked at our ledgers and saw nothin' but zeros. Zeros mean 'nothing', so I thought that meant we were poor!"
  71. >Okay, this is stupid.
  72. >Now they're just tricking you.
  73. >They're tricking you, and you fell for it because you're stupid.
  74. "Applejack, you went to business school."
  75. >Applejack just stares blankly at you.
  76. >The table is dead silent.
  77. >You look around at your friends, and they all have the same expression of panic on their faces.
  78. >Suddenly, Fluttershy jumps onto the table and screams out.
  79. >"SCATTER!"
  80. >With a flash of green fire, five changelings all fly away as quickly as they can.
  81. >...
  82. "I'm an idiot."
  83. >Well, that explains why they all made puddles in their seats at the idea of someone - or someTHING - loving them.
  84. >For buck's sake, how did they even trick you? They didn't even behave anything like your friends.
  85. >You slowly get to your hooves and prepare for the fly back home to Ponyville so that you can go find your REAL friends.
  86. >You've got a few hours of searching to do, and you've got to wake up early tomorrow for work.
  87. >Anon had better either have a cold cider ready for you or be laying naked on the bed once this is over.
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