Cheer Up Brother in Law !!! - 11

Jul 10th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Cheer Up Brother in Law !!! --- Akkaii PB for previous sums

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Family Tie Relationship
Kim Jung Hoon (MC) CEO JH Construction Kim's Sister X-BiL Single
Kim Jiwoo (X-Wife) [N/A] Eldest Sister Single
Kim Jiyoung (Blue) [N/A] Second Sister Single
Kim Jimin (Pink) [N/A] Third Sister Single
Kim Jisoo (Darky) [N/A] Youngest Sister Single

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Chapter - 11

Kim's House - Blue x Darky

Blue's watching the video that Pink asked Darky to make yesterday, after watching both of them (or the complete product that Darky made) Blue asks to her little sister if it was Pink (Jimin) idea and why she helped her. Darky says yes and stay silent. Blue is upset after her little sis and asks her if she's out of her mind. A few moment later Blue asks to little sis if she still has it, Darky doesn't understand what she's asking. Blues is a bit helpless in front of her little sis lack of brain and asks her if she still has the original file.


Evening - Street; in front of MC's Company - Pink x MC

MC leaves his company office then he hears someone calling him by his name ("정훈씨" => Jung Hoon-ssi), he turns his head and sees Pink standing not far from him, he mutters "sister-in-law"..
She moves closer to him and asks him why the CEO his working until this late, he tells her that he thought of something she moves her head closer to him saying "BiL" then "Jung Hoon-ssi" interrupting him. She tells him to not be this cold with her and if they can have a talk together in a comfortable place.

Bar - Pink x MC

They're having a drink, 1 bottle of red wine, they're talking about the past and laugh together about that. Pink suddenly tells him that her Sister (X-Wife Jiwoo) is moving away. MC is looking down after hearing the news, Pink gives him a hit with her knee waking him up, she tells him that it's sad but she's still happy about that because MC is now free to date anyone. She lays on him and rubs his thigh with her hand telling him that Jiwoo was a fool and she's the one who looks the most like her elder sister but she's better and will not commit the same mistakes than her.
MC looks at her, she tells him to try it with her too and to give her a chance. MC stands up and runs toward the washroom telling her that he can't do it now and to wait.

Pink looks at him heading toward the WC, she says that he can't dot it himself so she has to force her way with him and asks herself why she tried to do it nice and she should have done this from the beginning.
She puts a pill in MC's glass..

Washroom - MC

MC washes his face with cold water trying to clear up his mind, he looks at the mirror thinking he needs to wake up. He thinks about what the doctor said to him about his erectile dysfunction and asks himself how he could be so idiot to ruin Pink life too.

Bar - Pink x MC

MC comes back, Pink asks him why did he took so much time, he doesn't answer and gulps down his glass, he stands up and tells to Pink to let's back home surprising her. He doesn't wait for her replies and leave the bar right away. She runs after him calling his name and asking what happened..

Taxi - Pink x MC

Pink looks at MC thinking that it takes a long time for the drug to take effect and asks herself what MC's thinking right now. MC looks through the window thinking about the past..

Years ago

Pink storms in the house shouting "Bro-in-Law I got accepted to college!", Darky (Youngest Sis) congratulates her, the two older sis enter in the room too. X.Wife asks to Pink where she got accepted, Blue (2nd eldest Sis) tells her to not run anywhere shouting that she's her younger sister. Pinks doesn't care about what they're saying and runs toward MC asking him if he can accept her in his company when she'll graduate, MC's head is a bit fucked up and he remembers Pink asking him to let her try it with him and to give her a chance.. His hard on wakes him up..

He tries to hide it from Pink, she looks at him and notices that he's acting strangely.

Kim's Residence - Blue x Pink x MC

The cab parks in front of their house, Blue is waiting at the entrance. They go out of the taxi, MC pays the bills while Pink taunts Blue asking her since when she has so much free time to stand at the entrance and she doesn't remember having an elder sister like that.

She gives a murderous glance to Pink then tells to MC that it's been two days successively that he's coming home this late. He apologizes and tells her that's won't happen again in the future (WTF?!!), Pink looks at him doesn't understanding why he's apologizing.

Blue asks MC if he can pass by her room tonight and gives her some of his time, she tells him than Jiwoo (X.Wife) isn't coming tonight and tells him that she has something to show him, she looks at Pink while saying that.

Mc asks her what she wants to give him, Pink understands something and makes a frightening expression.


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