MagiReco Main Story 8 - Felicia

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Felicia
  3. 8.27 Felicia 1
  4. Sankyou Ward streetside
  5. Felicia: "The heck? Attacking all of sudden like that is cowardly! Don't run away!"
  7. 8.27.1 (from 8.8.1 Yachiyo 4)
  8. [insert map of Kamihama with Sankyou Ward highlighted]
  9. -Sankyou Ward-
  10. [on the street in Sankyou in the evening, we see a black feather]
  11. black feather: "...ugh..."
  12. Felicia: "Ah, oi! What the heck!? Wait!"
  13. "You're the ones who attacked me, and now you're running away? How cowardly!"
  14. "And groaning like that all the time is really creepy..."
  15. "Bueh..."
  16. "...uhh, what was it?"
  17. "Ah, magical girls and witches!"
  18. "Zubaaan and beat them up, and babam, save them!"
  19. [she senses]
  20. Felicia: "Ah."
  21. (There's magical girls nearby...)
  22. (Well, it's probably them again.)
  23. "Hehe, I'll surprise attack them!"
  24. [on a residential side street, we see Akira]
  25. Felicia: "Dokaaaan!"
  26. Akira: "Ehhh!? Wait a minute!"
  27. Felicia: "Nwah!?'
  28. Akira: "That was dangerous, you really surprised me there."
  29. Felicia: "Why aren't you one of those black ones?"
  30. "!?"
  31. "It's you! From the place with the mean one!"
  32. Akira: "Oh, it's you, Felicia..."
  33. "By the mean one, you mean Nanaka?"
  34. Felicia: "That's right..."
  35. "..."
  36. Akira: "Since we haven't hired you as a mercenary, so forgive her."
  37. "Also, that was your fault for going berserk..."
  38. Felicia: "I get that already!"
  39. Akira: "..."
  40. "In the end, you did hold a grudge..."
  41. Felicia: "Of course I did."
  42. Akira: "Umm, it's difficult to say this given what happened..."
  43. Felicia: "What is it."
  44. Akira: "There's a witch nearby. Could we go fight it together?"
  45. Felicia: "Seriously?"
  46. [she senses and finds it]
  47. Felicia: "It's really there! Hmmm!"
  48. Akira: "But, this time you're not a mercenary, we're just working together..."
  49. Felicia: "..."
  50. "Well, I've gotta hunt witches."
  51. "I'll do it with a Zoom and a Bang!"
  52. Akira: "Then, can you come with me?"
  53. Felicia: "Okay!"
  54. TO: 8.28.1 (Felicia 2)
  56. 8.28 Felicia 2
  57. In a witch barrier
  58. Akira: "I was surprised... Unlike before, Felicia can work on a team..."
  60. 8.28.1 (from 8.27.1 Felicia 1)
  61. [in the witch barrier, facing off against that creepy baby crying witch]
  62. Felicia: "BAAAAAM!!"
  63. witch: "!?!?"
  64. [Felicia detransforms as the barrier dissolves]
  65. Felicia: "That makes one!"
  66. Akira: "You're strong as always, Felicia."
  67. Felicia: "hehe"
  68. "I'm always fighting together with Tsuruno and the others."
  69. Akira: "You're a mercenary with Yachiyo-san, now?"
  70. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  71. "...Ah, no, that's not it."
  72. "Now, I'm on a team with them!"
  73. Akira: "Ah, okay!"
  74. "That's great, you found a place you can settle down."
  75. "And you've gotten a bit more well-rounded than before."
  76. "You got better at keeping from going berserk, right?"
  77. Felicia: "Maybe."
  78. "Wait, that's not it, I forgot!"
  79. Akira: "W-what!?"
  80. Felicia: "Um, that witch, it was..."
  81. "Um... uh..."
  82. Akira: "A bit at a time..."
  83. Felicia: "Um... that's right."
  84. "Those Wings of Magius might have put it there."
  85. Akira: "Wings of Magius?"
  86. "You mean the ones wearing the black and white robes?"
  87. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  88. "And then one we just met said..."
  89. "That they're going to kill all the magical girls in Kamihama."
  90. "And so I was looking for magical girls!"
  91. "To tell them to go to the Adjuster's!"
  92. Akira: "You know the cause of this situation, huh."
  93. "Yachiyo-san might know, just as Nanaka said..."
  94. "Actually, I was also attacked by the people in robes."
  95. Felicia: "Meaning you were killed too!?"
  96. "...Huh?"
  97. "You're alive though..."
  98. Akira: "Hm? Yeah, I'm fine."
  99. "But one of my teammates got hurt..."
  100. "Ah, you know her, Felicia. That was Kako-chan..."
  101. Felicia: "Kako... got hurt!?"
  102. Akira: "Yeah, she was attacked when she was by herself, it seems..."
  103. Felicia: "Um, uh, is she alright!?"
  104. Akira: "Don't worry."
  105. "Another magical girl saved her."
  106. Felicia: "sigh... I got really worried..."
  107. Akira: "We were as well."
  108. "It's no fun when a team member gets hurt."
  109. "And so, can we go meet Nanaka?"
  110. "I'd like you to explain the same thing to her."
  111. Felicia: "Ehh... I'm no good at explaining... and I'm not good with her..."
  112. Akira: "Please?"
  113. Felicia: "..."
  114. "Okay..."
  115. TO: 8.29.1 (Felicia 3)
  117. 8.29 Felicia 3
  118. Sankyou Ward streetside
  119. Felicia: "I've gotta save everyone, but I don't want to meet with her..."
  121. 8.29.1 (from 8.28.1 Felicia 2)
  122. [in a restaurant]
  123. Akira: "I brought her."
  124. Nanaka: "Thank you very much, Akira-san."
  125. "I'm glad you found her safely."
  126. Akira: "Yes."
  127. "Come on."
  128. Felicia: "..."
  129. Nanaka: "!?"
  130. "Of all the people..."
  131. Felicia: "Whadda ya want!? I didn't want to meet you either!"
  132. Nanaka: "I see, you're still holding a grudge from that day."
  133. Akira: "But, she's way better than she was back then."
  134. "Maybe thanks to Yachiyo-san."
  135. Nanaka: "She certainly is broad-minded."
  136. Felicia: "Grrrr..."
  137. Nanaka: "I'll start off with an apology. I just didn't expect you at first."
  138. Hazuki: "Ah, so you already know Felicia, Nanaka."
  139. Nanaka: "Yes... but before..."
  140. Felicia: "You're the one with Ayame."
  141. Hazuki: "It's been a while."
  142. Akira: "So, what are we doing?"
  143. "Felicia seems to know what's going on, so..."
  144. Nanaka: "I thought that the most senior veteran of this town would have grasped the situation."
  145. "But in this case, I don't mind."
  146. "Though it'll take Felicia-san's time..."
  147. "Could you explain the situation to us?"
  148. Felicia: "..."
  149. "Or do you have something you feel guilty about?"
  150. Felicia: "No!"
  151. "Even I was attacked before!"
  152. "It's all their fault!"
  153. Hazuki: "Then, can you tell us?"
  154. "Why were they indiscriminately attacking us?"
  155. Felicia: "..."
  156. "They said they are going to kill all of the magical girls in the city."
  157. Hazuki: "Everyone!? Why?"
  158. "Because we're getting in the way, and they don't like it."
  159. Nanaka: "Getting in the way? Meaning..."
  160. Felicia: "We're trying to stop them from saving all magical girls."
  161. Nanaka: "..."
  162. Akira: "Um, hold on just a minute..."
  163. "If that's so, then you're the bad ones here..."
  164. Felicia: "Why!?"
  165. Nanaka: "At least according to what you've said..."
  166. "It's because you are obstructing their good deeds."
  167. "And then you involved us."
  168. Felicia: "Ehhh!?"
  169. "But, they raise witches, and they made the rumors..."
  170. "They're really dangerous people!"
  171. Nanaka: "!?"
  172. "Now I see..."
  173. "And that's the reason why they oppose you."
  174. Akira: "Rumors... what are they..."
  175. Felicia: "Rumors are rumors!"
  176. "And with them, they brainwashed us."
  177. "It's really a big problem!"
  178. Nanaka: "The story is getting mixed up."
  179. "Can you tell us the story again, this time in order?"
  180. Felicia: "Fine then! They're bad!"
  181. Nanaka: "That's not much of an explanation."
  182. Hazuki: "This is probably hard for her. She's one of Ayame's friends..."
  183. Felicia: "What's with this? Why am I the bad guy here? I'm the bad one again!"
  184. "..."
  185. Hazuki: "Ah, wait, don't cry!"
  186. Felicia: "uu... Just wait! We're going to meet up now!"
  187. Hazuki: "Meet up?"
  188. Felicia: "..."
  189. "Wait, there's no signal!"
  190. "Tsuruno!"
  191. TO: 8.60.1 (Felicia 4)
  193. 8.60 Felicia 4
  194. in a restaurant
  195. Felicia: "Where'd the signal go!? Normally the signal bars are standing tall!"
  197. 8.60.1 (from 8.29.1 Felicia 3)
  198. [in a restaurant]
  199. Tsuruno: "Ah, there you are!"
  200. Felicia: "Tsuruno!"
  201. Tsuruno: "Ohhh, nice! Great work! Loads of magical girls!"
  202. "...Wait, why are you tearing up?"
  203. Felicia: "If I can't explain, they won't buy what I'm saying!"
  204. Akira: "Where'd that come from!?"
  205. Tsuruno: "Whaaa!? What have you done to my teammate!?"
  206. Hazuki: "No no, that's not what we're saying."
  207. Tsuruno: "Can we please cut the farce in a situation like this?"
  208. "We merely inquired of her what the current situation is."
  209. "And you it wasn't very clear?"
  210. Nanaka: "Indeed."
  211. Tsuruno: "Okay, okay, then..."
  212. "The Strongest me will give the Strongest explanation!"
  213. Nanaka: "The strongest explanation?"
  214. Felicia: "Ah!"
  215. "Y-You can't, Tsuruno!"
  216. Tsuruno: "Wha!? Why not!?"
  217. Felicia: "If we rely on you too much, you'll turn back into a rumor, right!?"
  218. "So I've gotta handle this!"
  219. Tsuruno: "You're worrying too much."
  220. "And we should play to each other's strengths."
  221. Nanaka: "Then, may we ask you for an explanation?"
  222. Tsuruno: "Of course! Leave it to me!"
  223. [screen wipe]
  224. Nanaka: "Is that's what's happening..."
  225. Hazuki: "A release to allow us to escape from the dangers of fighting witches."
  226. "But the issue is the method..."
  227. Tsuruno: "Yeah. For me, I don't get the logic behind this release at all..."
  228. "But recently, they tried to sacrifice the people of the city..."
  229. "And even used me..."
  230. Akira: "Wait, this is way too big a scale for me to deal with..."
  231. Nanaka: "For the sake of the future of many millions or billions, sacrificing one city."
  232. "This might be only one method, but it's just not very convincing."
  233. Akira: "They were trying to sacrifice both Kako and me too."
  234. Tsuruno: "Yes, that's exactly right."
  235. "But what I'm talking about is only one part."
  236. "If you want to know more, you can hear about it at the Adjuster's."
  237. "We're planning on explaining everything once we get everyone gathered there."
  238. Hazuki: "Certainly the Adjuster's would be a good place for a longer explanation."
  239. *chime chime*
  240. [Emiri shows up]
  241. Emiri: "Uwah! I'm seriously going crazy!"
  242. Tsuruno: "Woah! Emiri-sensei!?"
  243. Emiri: "Ah, it's Tsurupin!"
  244. "Of course you'd go into a restaurant when things get crazy bad."
  245. Tsuruno: "I was thinking of going to the Advice Spot later too!"
  246. Emiri: "Seriously!?"
  247. "Super lucky, I saved you the effort!"
  248. Meiyui: "More importantly, I was the one who suggested hiding in a restaurant."
  249. Tsuruno: "Wooah! Even Meiyui-sensei!"
  250. Meiyui: "Long time no see. Are you good lately?"
  251. Tsuruno: "Of course!"
  252. *chime chime*
  253. [Ayame zips by a few times]
  254. Konoha: "Come on, Ayame, don't run inside the restaurant!"
  255. Ayame: "But we've gotta find Hazuki quickly!"
  256. Felicia (offscreen): "Ah! Ayame!"
  257. Ayame: "That voice, it's Felicia!"
  258. [Felicia shows up]
  259. "Ah, I knew it!"
  260. "You were probably running from those robe people, right?"
  261. Felicia: "Running...?"
  262. "HUUUH!? No way! No way ever!"
  263. "I was being a hero and saving everyone!"
  264. Konoha: "Hey, Ayame, be quiet inside the restaurant."
  265. Ayame: "But Felicia..."
  266. Konoha: "I'll buy you a cream soda."
  267. Ayame: "Really!?"
  268. Felicia: "Tsuruno, cream soda!"
  269. Tsuruno: "Don't try to compete on that..."
  270. Akira: "We keep gathering more..."
  271. Nanaka: "Sooner or later, we'll be kicked out."
  272. "Let's leave before we're banned from entry."
  273. [outside on the Sankyou Ward street at night]
  274. Nanaka: "Then, we'll go ahead to the Adjuster's."
  275. "Later."
  276. Tsuruno: "Yeah, see ya!"
  277. Ayame: "Don't let them beat you, Felicia!"
  278. Felicia: "Who's gonna get beaten, idiot!"
  279. "The one who calls people idiots is the real idiot!"
  280. Konoha: "Come on, let's go, Ayame."
  281. Tsuruno: "It sure was lively, huh."
  282. Felicia: "So, why aren't we going to the Adjuster's?"
  283. Tsuruno: "I felt a bit like I sensed more magical girls around."
  284. [she senses]
  285. "I knew it, there are..."
  286. Felicia: "Huh, isn't this..."
  287. Tsuruno: "Felicia, you know them?"
  288. Felicia: "Shizuku?"
  289. Tsuruno: "Oh, you might be right!"
  290. "Let's try once more..."
  291. [they sense again]
  292. Tsuruno: "Huh, it vanished..."
  293. TO: 8.61.1 (Felicia 5)
  295. 8.61 Felicia 5
  296. on a residential street of Sankyou Ward
  297. Tsuruno: "I sensed someone before, but she disappeared all of a sudden..."
  299. 8.61.1 (from 8.60.1 Felicia 4)
  300. [on a residential street in Sankyou Ward]
  301. Shizuku: "..."
  302. [screen wipe]
  303. Felicia: "Hey, Tsuruno, look!"
  304. Tsuruno: "Shizuku-chan!"
  305. [screen wipe; we see Shizuku with a white feather and a black feather]
  306. black feather: "...agaaaah!!"
  307. Felicia: "This is bad..."
  308. Tsuruno: "STOOOP ITTTTTTTT!"
  309. [she attacks the feathers]
  310. black feather: "kugah!!"
  311. Tsuruno: "One more!"
  312. [the feather attacks her]
  313. white feather: "GaaAAAA!!"
  314. Tsuruno: "Ah!"
  315. Felicia: "BAAAM!"
  316. [she hits the white feather, who collapses]
  317. white feather: "guh!"
  318. Felicia: "All safe!"
  319. Tsuruno: "Thanks, Felicia!"
  320. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  321. [there are more feathers; one black and one white]
  322. black feather: "guuuuuh!"
  323. Felicia: "Dammit, there are still more!"
  324. Tsuruno: "Let's take care of them!"
  325. TO: 8.62.1 (Felicia 6)
  327. 8.62 Felicia 6
  328. on a residential street of Sankyou Ward
  329. Felicia: "If any more of them interfere, I'll smash and bash them in!"
  331. 8.62.1 (from 8.61.1 Felicia 5)
  332. [on the street, we see Shizuku, Tsuruno, and Felicia]
  333. Tsuruno: "pant... pant..."
  334. Shizuku: "..."
  335. Tsuruno: "Thank goodness, her soul gem is alright!"
  336. Felicia: "There's a grief seed on the ground over here!"
  337. Tsuruno: "Maybe she was attacked as soon as she left a witch barrier..."
  338. Felicia: "Those bastards... I won't forgive them!"
  339. [they purify Shizuku's soul gem]
  340. Shizuku: "..."
  341. "u...uh..."
  342. Felicia: "Oi, Shizuku!"
  343. Shizuku: "Tsuruno-sa... Feli...chan... plea... run..."
  344. Felicia: "It's fine! We already chased them away!"
  345. Shizuku: "Ah... good..."
  346. Tsuruno: "Don't force yourself to talk!"
  347. "We purified your soul gem, but you're terribly injured!"
  348. Shizuku: "You... ne... tell... others... it's... danger..."
  349. Tsuruno: "Yeah... thanks..."
  350. "For now, let's go to the Adjuster's!"
  351. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  352. [on the street in Mizuna]
  353. Shizuku: "You see... the Wings of Magius... wasn't where... I belonged..."
  354. "After I left... Yachiyo-san's house... I started helping... them again..."
  355. "cough..."
  356. Tsuruno: "It's okay, Shizuku-chan... take a break..."
  357. Felicia: "Yeah, don't push yourself!"
  358. Shizuku: "That's all..."
  359. "I... tried being... a black feather... but ran away..."
  360. "Before... everyone... got done in... by the rumor..."
  361. Felicia: "Those crazy people... it's because of a rumor, huh..."
  362. Shizuku: "mm..."
  363. Tsuruno: "..."
  364. "I think that's right..."
  365. Shizuku: "I'm... sor...ry..."
  366. TO: 8.56.1 (Mitama 2)
  368. 8.63 Felicia 7
  369. at the base of the radio tower
  370. Felicia: "The opponents trying to stall Yachiyo are really dangerous!"
  372. 8.63.1 (from 8.57.1 Mitama 3)
  373. [on the streets of Central Ward]
  374. Felicia: "pant... pant... Yachiyo's gonna be okay, right!?"
  375. Tsuruno: "She's with Kanagi, so they aren't so easy to beat!"
  376. Felicia: "But if they're in a pinch..."
  377. "Ah, I don't have any grief seeds!"
  378. Tsuruno: "Don't worry, I have one!"
  379. Felicia: "As expected, Tsuruno!"
  380. Tsuruno: "Ehe!"
  381. "But with that said, it's just one I received."
  382. [now at the base of the radio tower, they're sensing]
  383. Tsuruno: "They're here!"
  384. Felicia: "This response, it's her!!"
  385. Tsuruno: "Yeah, Tomoe Mami is here!"
  386. [we see a white and a black feather]
  387. black feather: "!!"
  388. white feather: "uunnnngh!!"
  389. [Felicia and Tsuruno transform]
  390. Tsuruno: "Get outta the way!"
  391. Felicia: "It might be because of the rumor, but you're not scary at all!"
  392. Tsuruno: "We don't have to beat them, we just have to get through them, Felicia!"
  393. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  394. Tsuruno: "URYAAAA!"
  395. [they attack the feathers]
  396. white feather: "!?"
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