DF Game Club: Pajama Sam 3 part 2 (plus devchat)

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  1. (07:01:10) Permafry_42: Hey Dave_G!
  2. (07:01:19) Dave_G: Hi everybody! Did I miss anything?
  3. (07:01:19) DDBandit24: Welcome David!
  4. (07:01:19) Taekon: I'm goin' Vella because I'm a fantasy dude!
  5. (07:01:23) Taekon: Yay Dave_G!
  6. (07:01:24) Syd: Hi Dave_G!
  7. (07:01:31) Permafry_42: Nope you're just in time =D
  8. (07:01:32) Taekon: Actually you missed everything you just wrapped up
  9. (07:01:34) Syd: You haven't missed anything yet. :)
  10. (07:01:40) Cheeseness: :D
  11. (07:01:42) medacris: Hi hi
  12. (07:01:43) Taekon: guys
  13. (07:01:44) Cheeseness: Hey Dave_G :D
  14. (07:01:44) Taekon: come on
  15. (07:01:58) Permafry_42: I'll let you know when I've started the stream, so just message me when the image appears and then I'll start the audio
  16. (07:03:17) Dave_G: I have some excellent cheese with me. Does everyone have a snack?
  17. (07:03:26) flesk: Yeah, I saw that tech demo before. Very interesting concept.
  18. (07:03:38) Cheeseness: ^_^
  19. (07:03:42) Permafry_42: I'm always up for more cheese in my life =D
  20. (07:03:45) DDBandit24: It's like 4:00pm here so um I dunno
  21. (07:03:48) Cheeseness: \o/
  22. (07:03:53) flesk: Hi Dave and everyone else.
  23. (07:03:57) Permafry_42: It's maroon o'clock =D
  24. (07:04:00) Dave_G: Recommended: "Old Croc."
  25. (07:04:01) Taekon: I do have some leftover chicken wings but I wouldn't be able to type :(
  26. (07:04:32) Permafry_42: I love white cheder =D
  27. (07:04:35) DDBandit24: I've got leftover pizza in the fridge but that's for later
  28. (07:04:46) Taekon: Uh smiling cow soft cheese ftw?
  29. (07:04:56) Dave_G: Laughing cow?
  30. (07:05:08) Taekon: It's a happy lady cow
  31. (07:05:15) DDBandit24: Oh god the laughing cow is scary
  32. (07:05:29) Dave_G: Scary but delicious.
  33. (07:05:32) Taekon: or just a male cow with a taste for earings
  34. (07:05:39) Dave_G: So often the two go together.
  35. (07:05:47) Syd: Ron Gilbert said over Twitter the other day that Pajama Sam was originally known as Pumpkin Head Boy.
  36. (07:05:57) Dave_G: That is 100% true.
  37. (07:06:00) Cheeseness: Oh yeah
  38. (07:06:03) Dave_G: He looked a bit different then.
  39. (07:06:07) Dave_G: Had a pumpkin on his head.
  40. (07:06:07) Permafry_42: @syd lol I saw that XD
  41. (07:06:09) DDBandit24: I said that too last time
  42. (07:06:17) Taekon: Yes! It is indeed tasty! Spread that over some toasted garlic bread and there you go
  43. (07:06:38) Dave_G: Some smart person decided that he wouldn't be as expressive with his face hidden under a pumpkin all the time.
  44. (07:06:40) Permafry_42: Is that possible where the costume quest pumpkin costume came from?
  45. (07:06:53) Dave_G: Also that made him kind of a seasonal character rather than a year=round one.
  46. (07:06:53) DDBandit24: Hey, is Pajama Sam even a human being?
  47. (07:07:15) Dave_G: He is a human, yes. But a blue one.
  48. (07:07:33) Taekon: Should be in a band
  49. (07:07:33) Permafry_42: @Dave_G why is pj sam always wearing a stump or a bucket to get past obstacles then?
  50. (07:07:36) tonesfrommars [] entered the room.
  51. (07:08:14) Dave_G: @Permafry_42 It's OK if it's temporary. Imagine him wearing the stump for the whole game.
  52. (07:08:14) tonesfrommars: Hey all, I'm in my pajamas
  53. (07:08:26) Permafry_42: lol I'm in my pjs too =D
  54. (07:08:28) Cheeseness: :D
  55. (07:08:32) Dave_G: @tonesfrommars That's the spirit!
  56. (07:08:33) DDBandit24: same here
  57. (07:08:35) Cheeseness: tonesfrommars came prepared!
  58. (07:08:56) Dave_G: Now I feel like I should go back and put pajamas on.
  59. (07:09:01) tonesfrommars: lol
  60. (07:09:01) Permafry_42: I really wish it were culturally acceptable to wear pjs all day long =D
  61. (07:09:17) Permafry_42: most comfortable clothing ever
  62. (07:09:19) Dave_G: It works for Hugh Hefner. I don't think anyone else can pull it off.
  63. (07:09:36) tonesfrommars: haha, isn't this game for kids?
  64. (07:09:43) DDBandit24: Yeah, I've noticed jeans are more bare bones than the pj bottoms
  65. (07:09:49) Taekon: Well if you sleep in your casual clothes, wouldn't you be wearing pajamas all the time :P?
  66. (07:09:50) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: You nearly ready with the stream?
  67. (07:09:55) Taekon: Which is basically my case
  68. (07:09:56) Dave_G: Oh god now I'm imagining Sam as Lil Hugh, someone get that image out of my head please.
  69. (07:10:11) Permafry_42: yup I was about to start the stream 1 sec
  70. (07:10:15) tonesfrommars: Is there a grotto in Pajama Sam?
  71. (07:10:32) Dave_G: There is in the first one.
  72. (07:10:33) DDBandit24: I wonder if Egoraptor would make a Pajama sam parody
  73. (07:10:39) Dave_G: I think.
  74. (07:10:51) Syd: Now I gotta think of a rhyming kid-friendly but still suggestive subtitle for a Lil Hugh game. :P
  75. (07:11:18) Dave_G: "Don't Be Vexed, It's Only Sex."
  76. (07:11:33) Syd: :D
  77. (07:11:35) Cheeseness: Hah
  78. (07:11:48) Permafry_42: k I'll be starting in 5
  79. (07:11:48) Permafry_42: 4
  80. (07:11:48) Permafry_42: 3
  81. (07:11:48) Permafry_42: 2
  82. (07:11:48) Permafry_42: 1
  83. (07:12:00) Dave_G: "You'll Be Pleased by the Birds and the Bees."
  84. (07:12:22) Cheeseness: I like that one better
  85. (07:12:26) Dave_G left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  86. (07:12:31) Cheeseness: Bye Dave
  87. (07:12:38) Sven_Q45 [] entered the room.
  88. (07:12:40) yama: It's live!
  89. (07:12:40) Taekon: Ya scared him
  90. (07:12:42) Cheeseness: Hey Sven_Q45!
  91. (07:12:49) Syd: Looks like it's live
  92. (07:12:52) Daveg_G [] entered the room.
  93. (07:12:54) Permafry_42: k it should be working now
  94. (07:12:56) Taekon: Either that or he went to actually make those parodies hah
  95. (07:12:56) Sven_Q45: Hi.
  96. (07:12:57) Cheeseness: Welcome back, Daveg_G
  97. (07:13:00) Permafry_42: has it shown up yet?
  98. (07:13:02) Daveg_G: Thanks. Oops.
  99. (07:13:06) Cheeseness: Not yet, Permafry_42
  100. (07:13:10) Syd: Yeah, start the audio Perma
  101. (07:13:14) Taekon: Daveg_G, just like Dave_G, but vegetarian!
  102. (07:13:15) Syd: Well, it's up for me at least. :P
  103. (07:13:18) Cheeseness: Ah, there we go
  104. (07:13:19) Sven_Q45: Hi, Dave G. You joined a few seconds after me. :D
  105. (07:13:21) Daveg_G: I see an ad for WiiFit.
  106. (07:13:32) yama: So there's almost a one-minute delay on Twitch now, huh?
  107. (07:13:36) DDBandit24: Mine's not working
  108. (07:13:49) Taekon: There's an imposed delay on Twitch, not sure how long
  109. (07:13:52) Syd: There's an enforced 10-60 second delay on Twitch. Apparently the more viewers you have, the bigger the delay is.
  110. (07:13:53) Permafry_42: k
  111. (07:14:00) Taekon: and then there's the individual connection delays too
  112. (07:14:07) DDBandit24: oh
  113. (07:14:17) Cheeseness: Start the intro, Permafry_42. If people don't hear it, pause and play
  114. (07:14:21) Cheeseness: There we go :)
  115. (07:14:22) yama: Cheese! :D
  116. (07:14:26) Daveg_G: Aha!
  117. (07:14:33) DDBandit24: ok now it's working
  118. (07:14:39) Daveg_G: Here I am!
  119. (07:14:42) Taekon: I love the Pajama Sam 3: You Are What logo :P
  120. (07:15:05) Daveg_G: (I'm responding to the audio, in case yours isn't lined up with  mine.)
  121. (07:15:35) tonesfrommars: ooh, there's a doughnut in my artery.
  122. (07:15:41) Taekon: (that was perfect timing on my end)
  123. (07:15:52) Taekon: Was Pajama Sam voiced by a kid?
  124. (07:16:10) Daveg_G: No, he's done by the same woman who does Bobby Hill on King of the Hill
  125. (07:16:12) DDBandit24: Is that bread voiced by Frank Welker?
  126. (07:16:13) spork [] entered the room.
  127. (07:16:19) Cheeseness: Hey spork
  128. (07:16:19) Daveg_G: Pamela something?
  129. (07:16:28) medacris: No, he's voiced by Pamela Adlon, who did Bobby Hill, but also Spinelli from "Recess"
  130. (07:16:30) DDBandit24: Pamela Adlon
  131. (07:16:32) Cheeseness: So much activity in this game
  132. (07:16:33) spork: hi
  133. (07:16:33) tonesfrommars: bobby hill, sweeet
  134. (07:16:37) Taekon: Oh thanks for the info guys!
  135. (07:16:37) Syd:
  136. (07:16:41) spork is now known as Guest56656
  137. (07:16:43) DDBandit24: dang it sam
  138. (07:17:07) Taekon: Thought that was sweets and farts
  139. (07:17:11) Guest56656: too much effort to register a nick
  140. (07:17:12) Daveg_G: Oh no, subtitle mismatch!
  141. (07:17:19) DDBandit24: whoops
  142. (07:17:28) tonesfrommars: Mr bread went off script
  143. (07:17:32) Daveg_G: Fire the entire QA department!
  144. (07:17:32) Syd: Green eggs and ham
  145. (07:17:43) DDBandit24: i remember this!
  146. (07:17:49) tonesfrommars: classic sound fx
  147. (07:17:50) DDBandit24: Derp eyes please!
  148. (07:17:50) Taekon: Haha the pig nose
  149. (07:17:59) Daveg_G: FYI, actors go slightly off script all the time. You just have to adjust the subtitles to match what they actually said.
  150. (07:18:33) Daveg_G: At Telltale we can actually do that right there in the studio if we're paying attention.
  151. (07:19:06) DDBandit24: I heard that Monkey Island couldn't be with LucasArts anymore
  152. (07:19:24) Daveg_G: ??
  153. (07:19:37) DDBandit24: because since the rights to the Star Wars franchise were bought to Disney
  154. (07:19:43) Syd: LucasArts pretty much only exists in name now.
  155. (07:19:43) Cheeseness: Disney closed LucasArts
  156. (07:19:49) DDBandit24: oh
  157. (07:19:59) Cheeseness: But they still have ownership of Monkey Island
  158. (07:20:05) Cheeseness: I don't think they'll let it go
  159. (07:20:16) Daveg_G: Yep, Disney owns all things LucasArts now.
  160. (07:20:30) Cheeseness: Daveg_G: Do you keep in contact with many people from the time you worked at Humongous or LucasArts?
  161. (07:20:35) Sven_Q45: Dave_G At Telltale you´re planning James Bond games?
  162. (07:20:49) DDBandit24: But Ron said that he doesn't want to cause confusion with Pirates of the Carribean franchise
  163. (07:21:06) Daveg_G: Cheese: I do still know lots of people from LEC in particular.
  164. (07:21:18) Cheeseness: :)
  165. (07:21:20) Daveg_G: The post-Lucas community is thriving and close.
  166. (07:21:23) tonesfrommars: Ha! Schwartzenegger
  167. (07:21:39) Permafry_42: my favourite part =D
  168. (07:21:57) Daveg_G: In fact, Mike Stemmle and Joe Pinney sit really close to me at Telltale, and Chuck Jordan is also pretty nearby.
  169. (07:22:11) Taekon: what
  170. (07:22:32) Permafry_42: maybe that's where the pumpkin head idea went to
  171. (07:22:37) Sven_Q45: Dave_G: At Telltale you´re planning James Bond games?
  172. (07:22:40) Taekon: Oh pumpkin head! Was that a homage to the original Pajama Sam?
  173. (07:22:57) Permafry_42: I'll give the knock knock joke a couple minutes since they're great
  174. (07:23:22) Syd: That audience really likes big floppy shoes
  175. (07:23:35) Daveg_G: Sven: We're doing Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Borderlands, and Game of Thrones. That's all for now.
  176. (07:24:20) Daveg_G: Incidentally, knock knock jokes are easy to write until you get to like the thirtieth one or so.
  177. (07:24:38) DDBandit24: Has any of the developers ever thought of a cameo for Sam in any of these games?
  178. (07:24:43) SirSlade: Did you have to knock it off at that point?
  179. (07:24:45) Cheeseness: Daveg_G: Out of interest, were you involved with S&M Season 3? I haven't double checked credits, but Giantbomb only had you listed against 1 and 2
  180. (07:25:02) Syd: The rights for the HE games are tied up with Atari, aren't they?
  181. (07:25:12) medacris: Yeah. After the licensed games are over, I'd love to see more Sam and Max
  182. (07:25:19) Mimness [] entered the room.
  183. (07:25:21) Mimness left the room (quit: Quit: Mimness).
  184. (07:25:25) Sven_Q45: Daveg_G Kevin Bruner said in an interview he can imagine of JB games.
  185. (07:25:33) SirSlade: Me too. Sam & Max are my favorite
  186. (07:25:34) Mimness [] entered the room.
  187. (07:25:39) Daveg_G: Cheese: I was, but from a greater distance. I was running the design group and had some creative oversight on SM3, but the real work on the ground was all Chuck Jordan and company.
  188. (07:25:42) Cheeseness: Lots of Sam & Max love here
  189. (07:25:48) Cheeseness: Ah, OK
  190. (07:26:00) Cheeseness: How did you feel about the progression of the three seasons? Do you have a favourite episode?
  191. (07:26:20) tonesfrommars: Wow, bass solo.
  192. (07:26:22) Daveg_G: Hm.
  193. (07:26:36) Daveg_G: I don't think I do have a favorite episode.
  194. (07:26:36) Sven_Q45: I like Sam and Max the most! And a Day of the Tentacle Telltale were great! :)
  195. (07:26:48) DDBandit24: And Atari utterly destroyed them
  196. (07:26:52) Permafry_42: btw the puzzles seems to have changed, so I'm having to solve them blind
  197. (07:27:06) DDBandit24: I've never played Sam and Max, sorry if I'm not familiar
  198. (07:27:17) Daveg_G: The progression was good, I think they got better each time, partly because we were able to do more with them.
  199. (07:27:18) DDBandit24: But it looks fun to play
  200. (07:27:23) Syd: You should fix that, DDBandit24. :P
  201. (07:27:47) Daveg_G: In the beginning we were pretty restricted in terms of how much animation, V/O, etc, and the technology was less mature as well.
  202. (07:28:02) Daveg_G: But I think we made it work.
  203. (07:28:13) flesk: SBCGFAP might be my favorite, but it's hard to decide between it and season 2 of S&M.
  204. (07:28:43) medacris: You can pick up a whole season of Sam and Max for $10 during Steam sales
  205. (07:28:52) Cheeseness: I pre-ordered all of them ^_^
  206. (07:28:56) DDBandit24: I'd imagine Humongous having a much higher budget if they didn't choose Atari for help
  207. (07:29:00) medacris: I'm thinking of asking for the comic collection for my birthday
  208. (07:29:16) Syd: I don't think copies of Hit the Road are too expensive on Amazon and such, but it's not available digitally so that's pretty much the only way to get that particular Sam & Max game.
  209. (07:29:23) Permafry_42 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  210. (07:29:27) Permafry_42 [] entered the room.
  211. (07:29:43) flesk: Aren't the TTG games also in a current sale? 80% off or  something.
  212. (07:29:45) Permafry_42: weird i got disconnected to the chat for a moment
  213. (07:29:58) Daveg_G: Yes, Hit the Road is a little harder to come by than the Telltale serieseses.
  214. (07:30:42) Syd: Yeah, looks like there's lots of Telltale games on sale on GOG right now
  215. (07:30:54) Daveg_G: I love a good sale!
  216. (07:31:11) DDBandit24: Now I feel like eating a doughnut
  217. (07:31:13) Daveg_G: (Steam gets me every time. I have a large backlog of stuff still to play.)
  218. (07:31:14) Sven_Q45 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  219. (07:31:15) medacris: Me too
  220. (07:31:21) Cheeseness: Same here
  221. (07:31:23) Daveg_G: (Also those Humble Bundles!)
  222. (07:31:25) Taekon: Same same
  223. (07:31:27) flesk: Sales are a great hook for a new adience.
  224. (07:31:28) Cheeseness: I finished Fester Mudd yesterday
  225. (07:31:39) DDBandit24: I remember this game making me hungry
  226. (07:31:41) Taekon: I still need to finish Brothers
  227. (07:31:49) Syd: Each time a Steam sale comes, I can't really think of anything I want to buy when it starts, but I still end up buying 10 games by the end of it anyway.
  228. (07:31:49) Daveg_G: Me too!
  229. (07:31:51) Cheeseness: Sprinkle is awesome :D
  230. (07:31:57) medacris: Me too, @Daveg_G. I have a bunch of adventure games to play-- and now Broken Age is coming out on Tuesday
  231. (07:32:01) Daveg_G: (Brothers)
  232. (07:32:06) Syd: I haven't started Brothers yet, but I did pick it up in that last sale
  233. (07:32:10) Sven_Q45 [] entered the room.
  234. (07:32:19) Sven_Q45: Oh, damn "power key". :(
  235. (07:32:21) DDBandit24: You know what I just realized?
  236. (07:32:25) Taekon: I got about 10 minutes in! Love the look of it
  237. (07:32:33) DDBandit24: Putt-Putt = Cars
  238. (07:32:45) tonesfrommars left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  239. (07:32:45) flesk: What kind of games do you play these days,  Daveg_G?
  240. (07:32:46) DDBandit24: Freddi Fish = Finding Nemo
  241. (07:33:16) medacris: Pajama Sam = The Incredibles
  242. (07:33:35) Taekon: Petition for The Incredibles sequel
  243. (07:33:39) Daveg_G: I like small things - recently, let's see... The Stanley Parable, Gone Home, Device 6, Blackbar...
  244. (07:33:42) DDBandit24: I would
  245. (07:33:47) Taekon: DEVICE 6!!!
  246. (07:33:55) DDBandit24: Spy Fox.... Cars 2
  247. (07:33:56) Taekon: Device 6 was amazing!
  248. (07:34:03) foxuzamaki [] entered the room.
  249. (07:34:03) Daveg_G: I know, Device 6 is totally awesome, isn't it?
  250. (07:34:17) Daveg_G: So elegant.
  251. (07:34:18) foxuzamaki: yo perma
  252. (07:34:30) Taekon: Did you find it a bit short Dave?
  253. (07:34:36) SirSlade: Device 6 is the only reason I really wish I had an iOS device.
  254. (07:34:42) Permafry_42: Hi Fox =D
  255. (07:34:42) DDBandit24: Maybe Pixar had weak inpserations for them?
  256. (07:34:47) GameClubFan_647444 [] entered the room.
  257. (07:34:57) Daveg_G: It was short, but I did not mind this because it didn't cost much and I had twenty other things lined up to play.
  258. (07:35:03) Permafry_42: I'm streaming so i can't chat unfortunately
  259. (07:35:12) Cheeseness: Daveg_G: How closely did you work with Steve on the S&M games?
  260. (07:35:15) Taekon: Haha true true
  261. (07:35:22) Daveg_G: In fact, all of those things I just listed are short, only a few hours.
  262. (07:35:27) Syd: I think I heard Device 6 being discussed on Idle Thumbs, but I don't have any iOS thing to play it on.
  263. (07:35:47) Daveg_G: Like Pajama Sam.
  264. (07:35:55) Taekon: Dave have you played Year Walk? It's from the same duo who made Device 6
  265. (07:36:03) DDBandit24: I heard Pajama Sam 4 was bad
  266. (07:36:14) Daveg_G: I have regrettably not played Year Walk, but it is on a list of things that I should.
  267. (07:36:20) foxuzamaki: its cool
  268. (07:36:23) Taekon: It's on iOS and coming to Steam this year, super stoked
  269. (07:36:32) Daveg_G: I have not played Pajama Sam 4 - someone else wrote that one.
  270. (07:37:05) Taekon: "Grumble and make Angry Noises number 1" Haha
  271. (07:37:15) foxuzamaki left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  272. (07:37:27) medacris: Sam and Max is a Pixar movie too-- Brave, since Steve Purcell co-directed it
  273. (07:37:32) foxuzamaki [] entered the room.
  274. (07:37:44) Cheeseness: Daveg_G: Is it hard to step away from a franchise and let other people write it? I know I find it hard to let go of creative works and let them grow with others' contributions
  275. (07:37:52) Daveg_G: Yeah, boy, Steve was wrapped up in that movie for a long time...
  276. (07:37:52) DDBandit24: What? It that true?
  277. (07:38:07) Daveg_G: Cheese: Sometimes, but not in this instance...
  278. (07:38:16) Daveg_G: I wrote a piece about it once even
  279. (07:38:20) Cheeseness: Oh?
  280. (07:38:37) medacris: @Daveg_G: Does he still work at Pixar, or Telltale?
  281. (07:38:45) Daveg_G: Sam was kind of like my child
  282. (07:38:47) Syd: Steve Purcell is at Pixar
  283. (07:39:00) DDBandit24: That's really cool
  284. (07:39:02) ion: A Minecraft speedrun after the next game.
  285. (07:39:08) Daveg_G: And handing him off to the team at Humongous seemed like giving him up for adoption to a nice family.
  286. (07:39:20) Daveg_G: I trusted them to do a good job, and they totally did.
  287. (07:39:22) Daveg_G: Every time.
  288. (07:39:25) Cheeseness: :)
  289. (07:39:30) Taekon: :o
  290. (07:39:32) SirSlade: That's always good to hear
  291. (07:39:41) DDBandit24: Maybe in the fur
  292. (07:40:12) Daveg_G: Someone asked about Steve and S&M a minute ago:
  293. (07:40:14) Sven_Q45: Wait. Steve Purcell is not at TTG anymore?
  294. (07:40:17) DDBandit24: sorry, in the future someone will see Pajama Sam and make a tv series about him
  295. (07:40:29) Daveg_G: Steve was never at TTG.
  296. (07:40:35) Daveg_G: He's been at Pixar the whole time.
  297. (07:40:50) Cheeseness: He just came in to consult on S&M stuff, right?
  298. (07:40:56) Cheeseness: I asked earlier how closely you worked with him
  299. (07:41:00) DDBandit24: You'll have to pick up the picket signs to stop the strike
  300. (07:41:06) Sven_Q45: Ah, sorry. Didnßt know.
  301. (07:41:22) Daveg_G: He had approvals on everything, and early on he'd actually read the whole script.
  302. (07:41:26) Sven_Q45: So is there a chance to get S&M Season 4?
  303. (07:41:30) DDBandit24: Glad I could be for help
  304. (07:41:35) Daveg_G: He'd change about fifteen lines, and we'd be good to go.
  305. (07:41:53) Daveg_G: Eventually he trusted us enough to kind of just let us own it.
  306. (07:42:13) Daveg_G: And he was increasingly wrapped up in his movie, so didn't have as much time to come and hang out.
  307. (07:42:35) Cheeseness: He seems like a nice fellow
  308. (07:42:54) Sven_Q45: Will there be a Sam and Max Season 4 in the near future?
  309. (07:43:09) Daveg_G: SM4: Anything is possible. (But it's not on the slate I posted earlier in the session.)
  310. (07:43:51) Sven_Q45: :)
  311. (07:43:55) Cheeseness: I don't suppose there's any movement on a S&M Season 3 soundtrack? :D
  312. (07:44:38) Sven_Q45: Daveg_G Who had the idea with Episode 3 of Season 2? :D
  313. (07:44:39) Daveg_G: Have we not released a season 3 soundtrack?
  314. (07:44:44) Daveg_G: That's terrible.
  315. (07:44:58) Cheeseness: I know, right!
  316. (07:45:00) Daveg_G: Is that the one with the nightclub?
  317. (07:45:09) Sven_Q45: Yes.
  318. (07:45:09) Cheeseness: There's a many, many page thread about it on the Telltale forums ^_^
  319. (07:45:10) medacris: @Daveg_G: Ah, sorry. I didn't know
  320. (07:45:23) DDBandit24: Pajama Sam '14: Pajama Sam has to save the world of CDC a world totally off artstyle from him.
  321. (07:45:51) Permafry_42: i like the music in the can room =D
  322. (07:47:08) Daveg_G: Yeah, this is good - I don't suppose there's a PJSam soundtrack collection anywhere?
  323. (07:47:19) Sven_Q45: I only know that there is a Season 1 OST. But it´s not aviable right now.
  324. (07:47:24) DDBandit24: Kickstarter anyone?
  325. (07:47:55) Sven_Q45: Kickstart much, yeah.
  326. (07:48:01) Sven_Q45: kickstarted.
  327. (07:48:49) Sven_Q45: Daveg_G I live near Stuttgart. So it was very funny to see an adventure game about the "little" town. :D
  328. (07:48:55) Daveg_G: Oh man, the plumbers are plums. That is high quality comedy, my friends.
  329. (07:49:58) Daveg_G: Sven: I'm glad you found it funny! (We didn't say anything bad about Stuttgart, did we?)
  330. (07:50:12) DDBandit24: Cute Dave_G!
  331. (07:50:21) Sven_Q45: Daveg_G Uhm, no. ;) But why Stuttgart? :D
  332. (07:51:36) Daveg_G: Spur of the moment choice. We wanted it to be somewhere in Germany, and "Stuttgart" just has a certain euphony. I think it's all about how the word sounds and nothing else.
  333. (07:51:43) DDBandit24: Question: Are we gonna beat the game?
  334. (07:51:55) Daveg_G: Speed run
  335. (07:51:58) Sven_Q45: And I loved the music in the disco room. :)
  336. (07:52:03) Cheeseness: Sprinkle seems nice
  337. (07:52:11) flesk: Thanks. I'll have to check out Device 6.
  338. (07:52:31) flesk: Oh, iOS. Bummer.
  339. (07:52:38) Permafry_42: Behold pumpkin head sam =D
  340. (07:53:05) DDBandit24: Is possible we could see concept art of that?
  341. (07:53:06) Syd: Pumpkin head boy lives
  342. (07:53:18) Daveg_G: And yes, if I remember correctly this was a totally deliberate reference to Pumpkinhead Boy.
  343. (07:53:28) Taekon: Gosh I've been awake for way too long, I've gotta go rest :(
  344. (07:53:40) Cheeseness: Alrighty, thanks for coming, Taekon
  345. (07:53:41) Taekon: Apologies, have fun peeps!
  346. (07:53:43) Daveg_G: Oh, I remember another problem with Pumpkinhead Boy, hang on a second...
  347. (07:53:58) Sven_Q45: Daveg_G Aha. :)
  348. (07:54:06) DDBandit24: Did Pumkinhead ever had a mouth in the orginal?
  349. (07:54:59) Daveg_G:
  350. (07:55:13) Taekon left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  351. (07:55:40) Daveg_G: I'm sure he'd have had a mouth, but I can't remember if concept art even got done for him as Pumpkinhead Boy. Probably there was some.
  352. (07:55:59) DDBandit24: XD niec try dave
  353. (07:56:11) DDBandit24: Oh gosh my laptop is lagging
  354. (07:57:16) Cheeseness: The music is pretty neat
  355. (07:57:31) Guest56656 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  356. (07:58:05) Daveg_G: Hey, a mini-game!
  357. (07:58:15) Daveg_G: Just like in the arcade.
  358. (07:58:18) Cheeseness: Yeah, this is pretty neat
  359. (07:58:31) Cheeseness: This was still with Scumm, right?
  360. (07:58:39) DDBandit24: Sliding around at the speed of sound
  361. (07:58:41) Daveg_G: Yep! Scumm all the way.
  362. (07:58:53) Sven_Q45: To be honest I don´t like minigames. :D Sorry. But nice.
  363. (07:58:58) Cheeseness: It's neat that you were continuing to try different stuff like that
  364. (07:58:58) Daveg_G: Built for making action games! (No, not really.)
  365. (07:59:18) DDBandit24: Does anyone remember Maze Madness?
  366. (07:59:38) Sven_Q45: Aha Turok 2 with Scumm. :D :D
  367. (08:00:12) medacris: bbl, dinner
  368. (08:00:15) Syd: A lot of the action minigames in Scumm games felt kind of clumsy, but I was never sure if it was because of Scumm, the way the minigame was designed, or maybe a bit of both. :P
  369. (08:00:37) Cheeseness: Daveg_G: Do you prefer writing for original IP or existing stuff?
  370. (08:01:09) Daveg_G: SCUMM does make the minigames pretty hard to build. It's just designed to support different things.
  371. (08:01:18) foxuzamaki left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  372. (08:01:31) DDBandit24: ok I'm going to help with the game here
  373. (08:01:36) Daveg_G: Cheese: Making up brand new things is the most fun.
  374. (08:01:47) Daveg_G: That is one reason I enjoyed the Sam games so much.
  375. (08:01:50) foxuzamaki [] entered the room.
  376. (08:02:21) Sven_Q45: Making a game of an existing IP is difficult? I mean you must find a way that fans aren´t dissapointed?
  377. (08:03:16) Daveg_G: Existing IP: If you can identify things that the fans respond to, then it kind of makes it easier, like a head start.
  378. (08:03:24) Daveg_G: Of course, it depends on what those things are.
  379. (08:03:38) Daveg_G: If they are in the wheelhouse of stuff you're good at, then it's helpful.
  380. (08:04:01) Daveg_G: (And one of the strengths of Telltale is picking IPs that are about stuff we're good at.)
  381. (08:04:30) DDBandit24: Hey isn't Annette Tougnti a theather teacher
  382. (08:04:39) Cheeseness: Do you feel that it's a difficult challenge to ensure that you're respecting existing IPs? Fans seem to be fickle beasts :D
  383. (08:04:54) Sven_Q45: D didn´t play TWD. It´s not a funny game I think.
  384. (08:05:37) Daveg_G: It's a thing you have to be sure you're doing, that takes work, but it's not that difficult if you're a fan yourself, or sitting next to one.
  385. (08:05:56) Daveg_G: No, TWD is not funny by any stretch.
  386. (08:06:05) Daveg_G: Neither is Wolf Among Us.
  387. (08:06:17) Cheeseness: I dunno.. I found a lot of Season 1 of TWD to feel pretty pantomime
  388. (08:06:24) Daveg_G: (Game of Thrones will be hilarious, though. :) )
  389. (08:06:29) Permafry_42: TWD was only funny if you choose all the worst possible answers
  390. (08:07:01) Permafry_42:
  391. (08:07:23) Syd: I remember hearing about someone trying to do a Silent Bob TWD playthrough, where they just let all the timers run out or pick the "..." responses. I wonder how that turned out?
  392. (08:07:25) Daveg_G: Touchee
  393. (08:07:27) Daveg_G: e
  394. (08:07:41) Sven_Q45: I still have to play Wolf among us and TWD.
  395. (08:07:56) Daveg_G: Incidentally, writing the silent paths is the hardest part of a Telltale script.
  396. (08:08:18) Permafry_42: yeah i'd bet; they always feel akward, probably on purpose
  397. (08:08:24) SirSlade: It's hard to react to nothing.
  398. (08:09:04) Sven_Q45: Graphics seems nice.
  399. (08:09:47) Sven_Q45: Does it have quick time events?
  400. (08:11:05) Daveg_G: Mostly they are about role playing your character. Once in a while you get in a fight with a zombie or something and you have to mash buttons and stuff.
  401. (08:11:49) Sven_Q45: Like Fahrenheit or Jurrassic Park?
  402. (08:11:50) Cheeseness: Did you write for 500 Days  as well?
  403. (08:12:21) Daveg_G: Sven: Not exactly, and never for very long.
  404. (08:12:27) Daveg_G: Cheese: No.
  405. (08:12:34) Cheeseness: Ah, k
  406. (08:13:01) Permafry_42: btw we still need to do at least the first episode of TWD at some point
  407. (08:13:10) Cheeseness: That was the last TWD thing I played. I haven't played season 2. I'm not sure that the franchise is for me
  408. (08:13:26) DDBandit24: The healthiest food group is vegetable.
  409. (08:13:42) Daveg_G: If you didn't like the first season, you probably won't like the second one either. Tonally very similar.
  410. (08:13:52) Permafry_42: i actuall liked season 2 much more than season 1 since clemintine is a much more interesting character imo
  411. (08:14:06) Daveg_G: Oh man I just ate a cheese sandwich!
  412. (08:14:10) Permafry_42: lee felt much more of a blank slate type character
  413. (08:14:15) Cheeseness: Woo :D
  414. (08:14:24) Sven_Q45: Don´t like cheese.
  415. (08:14:28) Cheeseness: ;_;
  416. (08:14:35) DDBandit24: I like cheese
  417. (08:14:39) Cheeseness: <
  418. (08:14:41) Cheeseness: <3
  419. (08:14:51) Sven_Q45: Eat meat, too. Not only vegetables. :)
  420. (08:15:14) Permafry_42: white chedder and parmesan are my favourite
  421. (08:15:16) Cheeseness: Peace, yay!
  422. (08:15:26) Daveg_G: Hooray!
  423. (08:15:32) Permafry_42: love the credits music =D
  424. (08:15:34) DDBandit24: We beat the game!
  425. (08:15:43) Syd: Woo!
  426. (08:16:02) Cheeseness: These games are great
  427. (08:16:03) DDBandit24: I call this the actual good Pajama Sam game
  428. (08:16:04) Permafry_42: it reminds me of devo
  429. (08:16:06) jfrisby: Woooo :D
  430. (08:16:16) Cheeseness: I'm kinda sad that they weren't really available around here when they came out
  431. (08:16:17) DDBandit24: Frisby you're here!
  432. (08:16:19) Daveg_G: This does totally sound like Devo.
  433. (08:16:27) Syd: It kind of does remind me of Devo, particularly the vocalist. :P
  434. (08:16:32) SirSlade: Yeah it does.
  435. (08:16:45) DDBandit24: What a swell game this is
  436. (08:16:48) Syd: Maybe a little bit of Oingo Boingo too
  437. (08:17:10) SirSlade: I was thinking the B-52's
  438. (08:17:32) Daveg_G: Oh, it's the Fat Man! Of course.
  439. (08:17:54) DDBandit24: The Fat Man?
  440. (08:18:15) DDBandit24: Best recording studio name: Bad Animals Studios
  441. (08:18:17) Syd:
  442. (08:18:18) Daveg_G: The Fat Man is kind of the original games industry music guy. I think he did a lot of Humongous titles.
  443. (08:18:50) Syd: Thanks for joining us again, Dave!
  444. (08:18:52) Cheeseness: Thanks so much to everybody who joined us! :D
  445. (08:18:54) Daveg_G: Just in time! I have a coffee date.
  446. (08:19:00) Sven_Q45: The 7th Guest music was great.
  447. (08:19:00) DDBandit24: See ya Dave! Hope I can see y'all!
  448. (08:19:03) Cheeseness: And thanks for sharing some time with us, Daveg_G
  449. (08:19:05) Daveg_G: Thanks for having me, this was charming and fun.
  450. (08:19:06) Permafry_42: Thanks to everyone for joining =D
  451. (08:19:16) Sven_Q45: Thank you.
  452. (08:19:18) Permafry_42: Hope to see everyone next week =D
  453. (08:19:20) Cheeseness: Daveg_G: You're most welcome. I'll shoot you an invite next time we do a game you've worked on if you like :)
  454. (08:19:21) Daveg_G: I may drop in again sometime when you're playing something I didn't make.
  455. (08:19:22) SirSlade: Thanks for joining us
  456. (08:19:34) SirSlade: and thanks for streaming Permafry and organizing Cheeseness
  457. (08:19:38) Cheeseness: Daveg_G: Awesome. Feel welcome to join us anytime :D
  458. (08:19:58) Daveg_G: Hi ho!
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