18/08/2015 - v5 (T)

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  1. Patch Details:
  3. Patch #1
  4. -Boss monsters now appear at an unspecified time, before the notification message is displayed.
  5. -Items dug using a shovel can no longer be used to strengthen gems.
  6. -Armor and Weapon Maintenance values have been increased.
  7. -An issue where certain monsters only drop 1 silver has been fixed.
  10. Next important update patch will include the following:
  11. -New instance dungeon area.
  12. -Cooldown order correction.
  14. Patch #2
  16. Archer Classes:
  17. -A problem where having a Crossbow and a Dagger Sub-Weapon equipped would make Kneeling Shot unusuable has been fixed.
  18. -Quarrel Shooter: Rapid Fire cooldown has been reduced.
  19. -Quarrel Shooter: The number of Deploy Pavise that can be active at one time has increased to 2.
  20. -Rogue: Feint now applies visual effects to the target.
  21. -Falconer: Dummy Pheasant and Circling no longer work without a companion.
  23. Warrior Classes:
  24. -Highlander: Moulinet now has an attack indicator and range has increased.
  25. -Corsair: An issue where using Keel Hauling would not drag the monster has been fixed.
  26. -Centurion: Players who have shops open will no longer be able to be moved around. (Can't be stolen anymore.)
  27. -Corsair: The probability of Looting activating has been increased. Also, an issue where monsters would only drop 1 silver from Looting has been fixed.
  29. Wizard Classes:
  30. -Specific NPC's and monsters have been changed so they can no longer be modified.
  31. -Thaumaturge: Shrink and Swell Body can now have multiple targets.
  32. -Pyromancer: Fire Ball damage has been reduced.
  33. -Alchemist: Gem Roasting can now be used by multiple people at once rather than just one person at a time.
  35. Cleric Classes:
  36. -Bokor: An issue where Samdiveve and Ogouveve would be removed has been fixed.
  37. -Sadhu: An issue where mobs would not drop items/silver while using Out of Body has been fixed.
  39. -Tenet Underground Chapel instance dungeon has been added. You can access this by talking to the Bulletin Board outside the entrance to Underground Chapel/Tenet Chapel 1st Floor. The dungeon is for Levels 50+. The dungeon layout can be found here:
  41. -Concentrated Movement Speed Potion values have been changed.
  42. -Comma separators have been added to inventory count and transactions.
  43. -Fixed an issue where placing your mouse on the world map would sometimes cause the client to crash.
  44. -An issue where shops would sometimes display 0 silver as a selling price has been fixed.
  45. -Cooldown orders not applying have been fixed.
  46. -Boss monsters can no longer be knocked down (TA Note: Well, I guess launching them with Wagon Wheel isnt a thing anymore...)
  47. -An issue where using Warp Scrolls did not show the previous location where it was used upon the next teleport has been fixed.
  48. -Pet issues with pull trolleys and item drops from contribution have been fixed.
  49. -Sadhu: Out of Body Boss drops that were being included in rankings have been fixed.
  50. -Pardoner: Simony can now create purchase orders with the Cleric skill, Divine Might.
  51. -Sissel Bracelet (Level 170 Bracelet) now correctly applies effects.
  52. -Prices of arrows has now been changed to 1 silver.
  54. Patch #3:
  56. -Fixed an issue where you could not enter the instance dungeon.
  57. -Pardoner: Cannot create scrolls of the skills 'Call of Deities' and 'Divine Might' with Simony any more. (Double-checked translation and in-game. This is confirmed.)
  58. -Rogue, Squire: Daggers can now be selected for Weapon Maintenance.
  59. -Quarrel Shooter: Deploy Pavise now does damage.
  60. -Quarrel Shooter: Scatter Caltrops damage has been increased.
  61. -Pardoner: An issue where the Blessing buff is removed after purchasing and then moving away from the shop has been fixed.
  62. -Monk: Double Punch consumes 2 Stamina per use and cannot regenerate Stamina during the skill's usage. This means you will end up spending Stamina faster during the skill's usage. (Clarified in-game.)
  63. Patch#3 may need double checking, you can view the raws here. (
  65. Credit to Raimu- for the translation.
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