Crow tengu nurses (one shot)

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  1. I'm happy. I'm married to a flock of lovely, gentle harpies. If anything, the worst problem of my life is that I don't have time to really spend time outside the house. At least, that was my life a week ago.
  3. One day I was sitting at the table, sipping my morning coffee. I was feeling a little blue. The girls we're incredibly clingy and doted on me almost all day. I'd like to start jogging, I thought. The perfect food was getting to me, and the only exercise I got was in bed. Suddenly I noticed a familiar face in the village. My cute childhood friend walked past our house and waved at me. Like any normal person, I smiled and waved back.
  5. The youngest of my wives sat opposite the table. I casually mentioned that I'd like to see her at long last. That was a mistake. With a trembling voice, she sobbed a question: Was I bored with her? Before I could answer, she stormed out of the house, crying. She flew away immediately, and I had no way of catching up to her. I figured I could console her later in the evening. I went about my day, oblivious to the fact that this was the first time none of the girls clung to me all day.
  7. I decided to do some shopping around town. Refreshed, I returned to our house at dusk. All of my wives were sitting on branches of our tree, discussing something intently. The final rays of the sun gave their beautiful black plumage a reddish sheen. Of course I climbed up and went in. As I got to the door, they were all staring at me with tears in their eyes. The silent flock followed me in.
  9. I'd got them some little presents, but they weren't interested. The oldest sister approached me: Was our sex life getting stale? Maybe we should try something new? I hugged her to my chest and told them I love them more than anything, and I'd gladly try out anything they wanted.
  13. After some group kisses and cuddling, one of them turned me on my back. I thought she was going to give me a footjob. I was right to a point, but her next move surprised me. She started sliding one of her talons inside my urethra. As I screamed, her sisters, as if on cue, all held me down. I could only struggle uselessly and scream as her talon slid deeper and deeper inside my penis.
  15. I felt her sharp claw rip the insides of my peehole to shreds. Her birdlike toe descended onto my glans and her rammed it in with one push. I blacked out in pain. The last thing I felt was my whole body spasm wildly.
  17. Pain. That was the first thing I felt in the morning. My whole body was covered in black feathers. As my wives noticed I was awake, they started to fondle at my dick. I was too disoriented to react with anything else than my dick itself. I gasped in pain. I can only imagine blood still glooped out of the tip.
  19. As they violated me, the oldest started to talk. They were worried that I'd leave them for a human girl. Someone with hands and cute little feet. They wouldn't have that. I objected: There was no way I would ever leave my darling wives. LIAR - they all squawked at me in unison. That's exactly what a divorcer would say! You've been looking out the window every day! At other girls! You even told little Haruka here you'd like to get together with your little old girlfriend!
  21. They didn't believe me. No matter what I said, they responded with accusations. Finally I asked how I could convince them. Haruka's eyes narrowed. They had a way to make sure. I was desperate by that point. I'll do anything - I almost screamed at them. They began to smile gently. The eldest took over. We just have to make sure it's impossible to leave us...
  25. Some months have passed since that day. The girls have been... Training me. Once my penis healed, they started teasing it with their feathers. Slowly they raised the stakes. After a couple of weeks I spent most of my days tied to bed with a harpy feather teasing my urethra. By the end of it, they could push their long, slender tail feathers right down to my balls. The pain gradually subsided. As my penis innards slowly scarred and hardened, the massaging of the bristles started to feel good.
  27. It turns out they were right. I can never leave them anymore. I can't even ejaculate anymore without their feathers inside me. Believe me, I've tried. When we have sex, they pluck an elegant tail feather to insert into me. They then envelop me with their organs with the feather still inside. The combination of sensations is the most perfect thing I've ever felt. The feather even moves slightly with each thrust. Now I come within seconds. It seems that they're all putting on a little weight as well.
  29. The weirdest thing is - my life has improved in strides. My darling wives now trust me implicitly. I can exercise and move freely around town. They know that no-one else can satisfy me anymore. And the thing is...
  31. I'm happy. Happier than ever before.
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