Pummeling Pommel

Mar 22nd, 2014
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  1. >*Crack*
  2. >The loud, meaty smack echoes in the empty, darkened office
  3. "Wasn't I clear, Coco? I'm pretty sure we were both speaking the same language. So why did you fuck up?"
  4. >Your poor secretary cowers before you, shrinking back as you raise your hand again
  5. >"No. I mean yes! You were very clear Mr. Anonymous! I'm just... I'm just an idiot."
  6. >You pause with your hand raised over your head
  7. >Maybe...maybe she didn't deserve this treatment
  8. >Your hand rockets down and the blow throws her across the room, into the wall
  9. >A picture of you awarding her a plaque for employee of the year falls down and hits her head, causing her to groan
  10. >Of course she deserved it
  11. >What kind of retard confuses a cappuccino with a latte?
  12. >You stalk over to the little pony, who is shuddering in pain in the shards of glass from her picture
  13. >You grab her mane and force her to look up at you, your anger twisted face reflected in her tearful eyes
  14. >And then you see a small, purple gleam from behind the reflection of your head
  15. >You look behind you and the colour drains from your face
  16. >The scrying orb, you'd forgotten that they'd been installed all over the building
  17. >Apparently corporate espionage was alive and well in Equestria, so the CEO of the company you were a part of, a massive fashion industry, had them installed and a team to watch them 24/7
  18. >You could only pray that they weren't watching this one right now
  19. >You let her hair go, even going so far as to smooth it out
  20. "Get your things and meet me in the lobby. If you go for help, I swear I'll kill you before they do any good."
  21. >She gulps and nods to you, scampering off to grab her stuff
  22. >You pick up your briefcase and grab your jacket from the coat hook at your door
  23. >As you pull the custom garment over yourself and button up to protect against the wintery air outside, you start thinking
  24. >Why had Coco become so worthless in the past year?
  25. >Hell, she had EARNED that employee of the year award, instead of trying to suck it out of your dick like the rest of the ponies you managed
  26. >You had made her your personal secretary, much to the envy of many others in the building
  27. >And yet, she always managed to make you angry now
  28. >From misfiling papers, giving you the wrong ones for the wrong job, and shitty scheduling, you were at your wits end with the girl
  29. >It wasn't your fault that you hit her, she just made you so angry doing her job that the mundane things outside of it set you off
  30. >If she just wasn't so fucking dumb sometimes...
  31. >Oh well, you'd teach her a lesson, that's for damn sure
  32. >You walk to the elevator, where Coco was waiting for it to come up
  33. >Well, this was something that wasn't her fault at least, the elevators were slow as balls and you were on the eighteenth floor of the building
  34. >She flinches as you stop outside the elevator doors, but you don't even acknowledge her
  35. >Half the torture would be done by her own thinking, wondering what you possibly had in mind for her
  36. >Though truth be told, you couldn't think of anything off the top of your head
  37. >Oh well, you'd be sure to think of something on the walk home
  38. >The ride down in the elevator is silent, besides Coco's occasional uncomfortable shuffle next to you, and before you know it you're in the lobby of the building
  39. >You ensure that you're hiding your secretary pretty well, well enough that no one would notice the slight bruising at least
  40. >You walk past the security desk and wave to the stallion there
  41. "Goodnight, Starry."
  42. >He waves back to you, grim exterior breaking into a slight grin
  43. >"Goodnight, Anonymous. And you too, Coco."
  44. >She turns back as she walks and give him a sweet smile, blushing at his noticing of her
  45. >"Goodnight, Starry."
  46. >You knock into her side with your briefcase, making her swiftly turn around and lose the grin
  47. >So she was sweet on him, eh? You might have to correct that
  48. >After all, her record as a stellar worker wasn't the only thing you had promoted her for
  49. >You'd never exploit her, of course
  50. >You two had already been in a relationship long before you'd even become manager of the section you led
  51. >You two walked out into the blowing snow and biting wind of the late Manehattan evening
  52. >It was the dead of winter, no better time for fashion
  53. >But that barely occupied your mind as you walked
  54. "So Coco, do you have anything to say for yourself?"
  55. >You didn't even look down at her as you walked, it would affect her greater that way
  56. >"Please, Anonymous, I'm so sorry. I know I mess so many things up and you're so nice to forgive me! I promise I won't do it again, I'm sorry!"
  57. >You keep walking, and you smirk at what must be going through her head right now
  58. >Finally, you arrive at your apartment
  59. >The path is icy, so you're very careful about walking on it
  60. >Your idiot partner however...
  61. >With a resounding crump, she slips and slams into you, shoving you headfirst into a snowbank
  62. >As she recovers and sees what she's done, she's very quick to offer assistance
  63. >"Oh my gosh, Anon! Are you okay? I'm so sorry, I'm such a clumsy idiot! Please don't hate me, oh gods!"
  64. >You stand up and steady yourself, not saying a word
  65. >You remember, back on Earth when you had been a wargamer, a homebrew Space Marine chapter, the Angry Marines
  66. >They had been constantly angry and shouting at everything, friendly or no
  67. >And right now, you easily surpassed them in that department
  68. >Without a single word, you grab Coco by her neck and shove her head into the snow bank
  69. >She struggles against you, against the force holding her down and suffocating her in the powdery substance
  70. >But you hold firm, never once saying a word
  71. >Eventually, her stuggles lose power and slow down, as she either lapses into unconsciousness or gives up
  72. >You pull her out to check
  73. >The loud gasp tells you it was the latter, rather than the former
  74. >And that just makes you all the more furious
  75. >You set her down and point to the doorway
  76. >Like a good little mare, she obediently goes and open the door for you
  77. >You walk through and hit the button for the elevator, at least this one was quicker
  78. >She's wary, staying a bit further behind you this time
  79. >You two step into the elevator when it arrives and ride it up to where your apartment is
  80. >A few minutes later, you're sorting through the keys to your home, and Coco is standing behind you, cowering
  81. >You select the key and slip it into the lock, opening the door with a smooth motion and nary a sound
  82. >You usher your terrified mare inside and shut the door behind you as you enter
  83. >With a click, you lock it again, and trigger the deadbolt
  84. >You approach Coco, who's in the middle of the hallway with her head bowed, given up to her fate
  85. >You crack your knuckles in anticipation
  86. >It was Friday and neither of you worked tomorrow, so this was going to be a long night
  87. >She expects a blow from your fist, but is diappointed
  88. >Your foot drives into her midsection in a kick from the side, throwing her across the floor and into the kitchen
  89. >She slides across the floor and hits the fridge with a thump, and then groans
  90. >You slowly walk over to her as she stands, knowing you needed to teach her a lesson that would last in her mind
  91. >You grab her throat and lift her up so she's at your eye level
  92. "Why do you make me do this Coco? I don't want to hit you, but you just make me so damn angry that I can't help myself. Why do you do this to me, Coco? Why are you making me be this way?"
  93. >She tries to choke out something that could have been an apology, but you can't understand what she's saying
  94. >You slap her, open handed, across the cheek
  95. "Speak clearly and look me in the eyes."
  96. >One of her eyes cracks open and you lessen the grip on her throat
  97. >"I-I'm sorry..."
  98. >With that, you move up your other arm and cradle her like a child
  99. "I know you are, sweetie. But I need to teach you a lesson."
  100. >As you walk towards the bedroom, you can feel her tense up and desperately grasp your suit
  101. >"Anonymous, you don't need to do this! You know I can be a good pony!"
  102. >You carefully deposit her onto the bed, running your fingers through her mane
  103. "I know you can be, and that's why I'm doing this. Good ponies don't have this happen to them."
  104. >You unzip your fly and pull aside your pants, causing your already growing erection to protrude
  105. >All this warming up had got you excited, and your little pony's torment certainly was helping with that
  106. "Well, go on."
  107. >Sobbing, she turns her head away
  108. >"No, I'm not gonna do it! You hear me, fuck you!"
  109. >You punch catches her lower ribs, driving her breath out in a whoof of surprised pain
  110. >It also gave you the perfect opportunity
  111. >You grab her mane with your other hand and force it down on your erect cock
  112. >Her muffled cry as your dick clogs her mouth and throat vibrates pleasently on your shaft and head, causing you to give an involuntary moan of ecstasy
  113. >You put your hand that had struck the first blow on the bottom of her jaw, triggering a pressure point that would keep her from biting down while you fucked her face
  114. >She gives a muffled squeal of pain and you thrust deep into her throat, your pelvis smashing into her snout
  115. >You repeat the motion several times, each thrust bringing you closer to your sadistic edge
  116. >On the fifth thrust, you feel a muffled crunch, followed by a warm sensation on your crotch
  117. >You'd broken her nose
  118. >Her screams of pain, quieted by her mouthful, drive you wild and your frenzied pace reaches its peak
  119. >But you pull out, denying yourself the release your body craved
  120. >Her lesson wasn't done yet
  121. >You look down at her pitiful form, bleeding and sobbing on the sheets
  122. >You roll your eyes, what a drama queen
  123. >You grab her tail by the dock and lift it into the air, providing you easy access to her nether region
  124. >But her marehood wasn't your goal tonight
  125. "I don't give two shits, but you may want to bite down on something before you bite of your tongue."
  126. >You give her a few seconds to either comply or wonder why, then plunge your erection into her anus in one swift motion
  127. >The stifled scream means she had decided to be smart and bite onto something other than the air, good she may just learn something yet
  128. >You pound away at her ass, reveling in the tight, hot hole
  129. >It may not have had the same muscle control as her pussy, but the idea of defiling her body well made up for that
  130. >It's not long before you reach your peak again
  131. >You grab her mane and savagely pull her to face you, at the same time pulling your aching cock from her ass
  132. >You hold her beaten visage up to your cock as it erupts, blasting her bloodied snout and bruised eyes with your seed
  133. >After all you had done, this was the pinacle of demeaning her, treating her like a cum rag
  134. >And she knew it
  135. >You keep her held there as you speak to her, your voice devoid of any emotion
  136. "Lick it up, you whorse."
  137. >She does so, the only whimpers being those of pain from her bloody snout and stretched anus
  138. >She finishes her "meal" in minutes and looks up at you with eyes that begged a question that she voiced only seconds later
  139. >"I-is there anything m-more you want me to do?"
  140. >So eager, this little pony
  141. >You had definitely chosen right when you had picked little Coco up from Rarity
  142. >You smile and pet her mane gently
  143. "No, not for now anyway. Now lay down and let's sleep, I don't know about you but I'm beat."
  144. >You put an emphasis on 'beat', causing her to flinch as she rolls over and curls up
  145. >You lay down behind her and wrap your arms about her, taking the place of big spoon
  146. >You kiss her neck with gentleness and care, nuzzling into her mane
  147. "Goodnight Coco, I love you."
  148. >You hear her whimper out in between quiet sobs as you nod off into blissful slumber
  149. >"I-I love you too, Anonymous."
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