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Reconsideration Template

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May 7th, 2017
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  1. (Insert date)
  2. (Insert bank address)
  4. (Insert your full name and credit card application reference #)
  6. Dear (Insert bank issuer name),
  8. I would like to ask you to reconsider my application for your (Insert name of credit card) credit card. I recently applied and I was rather surprised to receive a denial regarding my application. Due to the numerous positive reviews shared by my family and friends with respect to this card, I would like to share some more information with you in hopes of obtaining an approval.
  10. In your letter, you listed that the reasons for the denial were (Insert the list of reasons). However, I would like to shed some more light and update some of these issues. Firstly, (Use this space to correct the issues. For example, if one of the reasons was that you have a lower-than-required credit score, it would be helpful to mention that there was a mistake on one of your credit reports. It would also be useful to explain and validate the reasons why your credit score appears bleak – perhaps you had to take care of a medical emergency that is no longer a drag on your finances or a recent search for an apartment that resulted in numerous hard inquiries).
  12. The (Insert name of credit card) credit card will prove especially useful to me because (Use this space to list reasons for why this specific card will be advantageous for you. Do not simply say that you like the bonuses. More specific examples such as “I travel a lot and the no foreign fee feature is a great fit for me” or “I fly often and the miles rewards will be very beneficial” are much better. The more knowledge you display regarding the card, the more convincing you will be).
  14. I sincerely believe that I deserve a chance with this card. If you are willing, you can even start me with a low credit line so I can prove to you my reliability and loyalty to this bank. If needed, I am also willing to request credit line decreases on some of my other active cards, if absolutely necessary.
  16. I thank you for your time and reconsideration and I hope to hear back from you soon.
  18. Best,
  19. (Insert your full name)
  20. (Insert phone number and mailing address)
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