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  1. War Update, Thanksgiving
  4. We're ten days into the campaign season: time for an update. Our war machine is a ponderous and slow beast, and awakening it requires sacrifices and devotions to the Welp Gods: not merely a Tengufleet or two, but at least one blue Titan. With our sacred rituals performed and our hands bloodied, we have made a number of radical moves: shifting stagers in the NW from DO6H to QPO (just months after moving to YA0 from VFK), shifting stagers in the southwest from 6VDT to TEG, and shifting our line doctrines from Baltecs to Tengus and Dominixes.
  6. Our markets are understocked and in shock, our pilots are confused about what ships to bring, our foes are crowing from their shitpiles on Reddit and EN24 that ~this time~ our doom is at hand, Laz and I both have full bottles of high-grade legally prescribed stimulants, and Vee can't stop posting in Illum from Finland about deploying EG instead of spending time with his lady love: the situation is excellent and we are attacking.
  10. As vets know, War Updates tend to be much more gritty and tactical than a CEO Update, so expect less hurf and more pointing out pieces on the chessboard.
  12. The Northwest: Black Legion in Venal, Triumvirate in Vale
  14. When Phoebe hit, we prepared for a Pure Blind attack vector by moving from YA0 to DO6H, an attack which never came. It's bad news to move stagers rapidly for an organization the size of the CFC due to supply issues and pilot burnout, yet we moved to QPO to cover Venal and focus on Black Legion anyway. While our FCs were bloodthirsty and ready to kill, it took some time for the market to catch up and get enough Tengus and supplies ready for us in QPO. That's now been sorted out, and our US TZ numbers keep growing. For the first time outside of European Goonion we have achieved successful flash-forms, fleets with tight composition rapidly hitting 200+ inside of five minutes after a broadcast. The innovation of the US TZ op notification thread has been a huge help, as with the tag team of Laz and DBRB hunting down and killing Black Legion's favorite doctrine of ECCM Tengus.
  16. One of the most hilarious aspects of the Black Legion front at the strategic level is making a bunch of backslapping elite pvpers who think they're too good for structures grind an endless array of our towers in Venal. We've watched their EU TZ slave away at scutwork while waiting for Elo to show up and lead his personality cult to glory, yet nothing they do can stop us from taking and winning an objective when we so choose; our ships are 100% reimbursed, while only Logi are for them. Unlike before Phoebe, BL must now be hesitant to engage us in a real supercapital fight, because there is no hope of crying for help to the rest of Eve - previously they could be aggressive knowing that N3 would try to bail them out in an Asakai situation.
  18. Meanwhile, Triumvirate has been poking at Vale of the Silent with a low-intensity tower war with wins and losses on each side, provoking fights. This is flying under the radar from all the screeching from our hostiles, but it's there and shouldn't be forgotten.
  20. Agitprop Overdrive: To Kill An Avatar
  22. As we'll see in a moment, the Fountain front is the real strategic issue the CFC is facing, yet if you look at the propaganda outlets favored by our foes you'd be convinced that Eve Online revolves around Black Legion. Many of our former TEST foes ended up in Black Legion, and they similarly believe that wars are won and lost by who can run a better upvote brigade on r/Eve.
  24. We are currently seeing a reprise of the exact same episode that took place at the outset of the Fountain War when the GIA hunted down and executed the Leviathan pilot of Manfred Sidious: a massive campaign to 'prove' the innocence, mock the CFC for 'blowing up their own titan', demand evidence and a fair trial - as if a spacewar is some kind of public inquest. This is the problem with a public execution of a hostile agent or - worse - a traitor; every spy we remove is always a victim and a martyr and completely innocent, because we cannot ever reveal our methods or the smoking gun by which we execute Order 66. Like with Manny's Leviathan, it was only after many months and a victorious spacewar that our foes admitted the truth of that Titan kill.
  28. Even though the leadership of SMA found the evidence presented in confidence to be thoroughly convincing as to Rayonar's guilt, we do not do something like this lightly given the sheer amount of no-win PR blowback from it. Consider: if we lay out our ~evidence~ in public we play into the foe's hands and expose our agents and methods; if we say nothing they can fanfic up whatever ridiculous conspiracy they desire to fling at us (currently about Digi stalking people's houses, even though the damning evidence was presented by human agents and had nothing to do with Digi or forensics). Ultimately, as with Manny, time will prove our victorious truth.
  30. The real reason Black Legion is in agitprop overdrive is that big dogs don't need to bark; NCdot is quietly and without a bunch of Reddit/EN24 sperg putting serious pressure on us in the Fountain front, while Black Legion is getting chased around by DBRB and Laz, camped into their station when we feel like it, and unable to accomplish anything besides upvoting 'digi is at your house' in hopes that we'll stop kicking them in the face.
  32. Fountain: Less Screeching, More Actual War
  34. Meanwhile in Fountain, the real war is taking place. The Southwest CFC - LAWN, BLAST, and FA - have begun the process of integrating with one another, reviving their flagging US TZ (much like we have in the NW), and gearing up for both a doctrine shift and a staging move. Due to the Stainrus front not amounting to much - more on this later - there's nothing preventing NCdot, Darkness and Kadeshi sending pokes from the border of Delve into Fountain. Because Laz has Black Legion handled, most of our focus as a coalition has been on fortifying, improving, playing defense in Fountain while doing frantic 'org work' to integrate the SW CFC, stock the new TEG market with proper doctrine ships, and prosecute a classic defensive EU TZ spacewar. This is where all the fireworks and action is at the moment: we're on the back foot and slowly losing ground while we fix our shit.
  36. This is a messy process not unlike being on the inside of Bismarck's metaphorical sausage factory. Coordination in Fountain between the SW CFC is rapidly improving, but there are still org failures as everyone learns to work together - it was such a coordination failure that resulted in us having to punt LGBI, for example. There has been a tremendous amount of work done to improve things in the SW CFC in very little time, and both Luxotor (FA) and Thoric Frosthammer (LAWN) have been particularly relentless in coordinating the defense of their home.
  38. Since NCdot moved their forces from F20Y to M2-X, they have left Querious entirely vulnerable, and we have deployed the Reavers to wreak havoc in there; they have already racked up a number of ihub timers and we're beginning to see NCdot fleets being sent 20+ jumps to nowheresville from the Fountain border to try to hold them off. The Reavers have only been there for a few days and already are getting the kind of results we created them for. We had hoped that the Stain RUS would be assaulting the vulnerable holdings of Esoteria to prevent this kind of move from NCdot, but they have not succeded yet; thankfully, the Curse RUS - Gorgon Empire and allies, along with the Initiative - have already captured key stations in Wicked Creek and Scalding Pass, so N3 isn't entirely lacking in pressure.
  40. Tomorrow there will be a massive slugfest battle for Y-2 tomorrow at 18:00 - we expect the foe to throw everything they have at this system to get an invasion foothold, and due to the Thanksgiving holiday Laz will be leading the NW CFC on a roadtrip to remind NCdot who they're up against: not just LAWN, FA, and BLAST, but the entirety of the CFC.
  44. Tl;dr Me, Goddamn It
  48.     Our US TZ is stronger than ever, and the only thing Black Legion can do about it is run ~upvote ops~
  49.     Fountain is under sustained attack by NCdot/Darkeshi, but the problems which led to this situation are being aggressively sorted out.
  50.     Reavers in Q, Assholes in Venal, EG deploying Sunday, Blops operating with mainfleet
  51.     N3 is going to lose Scalding Pass and Wicked Creek
  52.     Big Y-2 Fight Tomorrow @ 18:00, be there~
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