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Grandeu 4.0.4 for Dungeon Defenders - Final Release, No DRM

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  1. Hey everyone, aeonhack here! Since Grandeu has been discontinued I've decided to release it to public domain with a final update. Please make sure if you download it from anywhere on the net it matches the sha256 hashes below, otherwise it could be modified and dangerous to use.
  3. *******************************************
  5. Executable Name:
  6. Grandeu-4.0.4.exe (249 KB)
  8. Executable Hash:
  9. c98a3e8967fea1eb5114bd3db81443765e1f963ca595e7db8214758571f5c1f2 (sha256)
  11. Executable Scan:
  12. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/c98a3e8967fea1eb5114bd3db81443765e1f963ca595e7db8214758571f5c1f2/analysis/1441439075/
  14. *******************************************
  16. Archive Name:
  17. Grandeu.zip (94 KB)
  19. Archive Hash:
  20. 9e9fa327774c673c4470bd2d7ba877a916a652f66b9e16e667582a765eea16f2 (sha256)
  22. Archive Scan:
  23. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/9e9fa327774c673c4470bd2d7ba877a916a652f66b9e16e667582a765eea16f2/analysis/1441439356/
  25. *******************************************
  27. Grandeu v4.0.4 - Changes
  28. -------------------------
  29. -DRM has been removed
  30. -Assembly is no longer obfuscated and can be easily decompiled
  31. -Made some optimizations to memory scans which should increase speeds and reduce bad results
  32. -Removed Vacuum feature since it no longer works
  33. -Location search will now always operate as if Full Scan is enabled (otherwise it fails)
  34. -Made some minor UI changes (MdiClient background image, bigger default window size, bigger tool bars, etc.)
  35. -Changed the icon (from the green terminal icon to a black code editor icon)
  36. -Removed all Premium only restrictions
  38. *******************************************
  40. It is my intention to immortalize this final build so I have uploaded it to a few mass file upload sites; This way if one of the downloads go down, the others will hopefully continue to work. If however ALL of the links fail to take you to a valid download you should be able to do a google search of one of the hashes provided above.
  42. WARNING:
  43. The file hosts below could go rogue or fail at anytime, please make sure after you have downloaded the file you upload it to a virus scan website such as virustotal or jotti. If the sha256 hash does not match the ones above then do NOT run the file!
  45. *******************************************
  47. Download Links
  48. -------------------------
  49. http://filerio.in/1cnp2wnqi0fz
  50. http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/4nucJo5o/file.html
  51. http://turbobit.net/2a7iy3ea2vhz.html
  52. http://www.hugefiles.net/eg5vpsg2lz5s
  53. http://www.share-online.biz/dl/OJM227UNGV7C
  54. http://cloudyvideos.com/dte93tbqq8iz
  55. http://www.sendmyway.com/r93zvczniyqy
  56. http://www.solidfiles.com/d/c34f97e4f1/
  57. https://1fichier.com/?wbuwa9kodq
  58. http://1filesharing.com/mirror/1XSDBLQI/Grandeu.zip
  59. http://uploaded.net/file/jk01qdh9
  60. http://letitbit.net/download/51967.53871323d08c98b7ee8387fcbdee/Grandeu.zip.html
  61. https://tusfiles.net/5h83ibztyql1
  62. http://www.nowdownload.ch/dl/210a083792f98
  63. http://www.uploadable.ch/file/xX7FfQanvTbb/Grandeu.zip
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