11/22/2015's SNC Chat.

mikey76500 Nov 22nd, 2015 (edited) 34 Never
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  1. (18:03:03) MegaBossMan: Currently and shortly posting "Corrupt-A-Wish" thread.
  2. (18:04:17) ThatGuyNamedMike: That's more "random posting" than "audience attractor", I still think.
  3. (18:04:18) Meta: Hm.
  4. (18:04:31) Meta: (Well, I guess We're Starting.
  5. (18:04:49) MegaBossMan: It's a great way to encourage participation, works well in other forums.
  6. (18:05:06) Meta: *(Also, the Early worm Beats the Crow.)
  7. I dont know one thing about Corrupt-A-Wish, except that you Mess up a Wish.
  8. (18:05:15) Rhythm_BCA: it really is. someone posts a wish, then returns to see how it got corrupted
  9. (18:05:18) Rhythm_BCA: fun ensues
  10. (18:05:28) Meta: Heh.
  11. (18:05:41) Meta: Already got an Idea. :P
  12. (18:05:48) Rhythm_BCA: it is much better than a passive thread that requires begging people to participate
  13. (18:06:19) Rhythm_BCA: the cheese thread is similar, but the reverse almost
  14. (18:06:54) ThatGuyNamedMike: ...but, it IS a passive thread that requires people to participate. ALL threads are passive threads that require people to participate unless they're staff-only. :P
  15. (18:07:18) Rhythm_BCA: completely misunderstanding what i'm using that term for
  16. (18:07:21) Rhythm_BCA: so let me explain
  17. (18:07:43) Rhythm_BCA: the Forum Games are to encourage participation by having people return to the thread and post again after others have posted
  18. (18:07:59) Rhythm_BCA: the wackiness of them is the appeal
  19. (18:08:15) Rhythm_BCA: your thread, on the other hand, is a one-and-done thread, it is passive in that sense
  20. (18:08:26) Rhythm_BCA: people post once, and then have to wait the allotted timeframe before anything happens
  21. (18:08:36) Rhythm_BCA: and that anything is just you doing stuff, not any other forum members
  22. (18:08:59) Rhythm_BCA: that is "passive" whereas threads that warrant people to return to see what is going on are "active"
  23. (18:09:57) Rhythm_BCA: anyone can jump in at any time to participate, and the thread and the game itself grows with each turn
  24. (18:10:28) ThatGuyNamedMike: don't have to be so snarky about it. Just say, "Start the **** tourney, already, man!" xD
  25. (18:11:06) Rhythm_BCA: and see? instead of acknowledging the difference between the two threads, you cop an attitude about it
  26. (18:11:27) ThatGuyNamedMike: It was a joke, actually. I got what you were saying completely. Promise.
  27. (18:11:37) Rhythm_BCA: how about, "oh, i get it now. i understand the differences of what we're trying to do here to keep forum participation alive"
  28. (18:12:11) Rhythm_BCA: now that that's out of the way, aside from the Cheese thread, ideas people?
  29. (18:12:13) ThatGuyNamedMike: It was a joke, friend. Honest. I swear I got it.
  30. (18:12:18) MegaBossMan: Thread's posted, let the wishing and corrupting begin.
  31. (18:13:16) Rhythm_BCA: ooh, let me do that one to show how it can be done
  32. (18:13:32) MegaBossMan: Feel free.
  33. (18:14:01) ThatGuyNamedMike: However, It's worth mentioning that I haven't started it, yet because minds can change, as evidenced by StupidStudiosN's recent addition of 11 noms.
  34. (18:14:47) Rhythm_BCA: k check it out all
  35. (18:14:47) Rhythm_BCA: see how it can be done
  36. (18:14:55) ThatGuyNamedMike: I'm REALLY trying to avoid any reason to feed the "why isn't ________ in there?!" excuse.
  37. (18:15:50) Meta: (Fixed my Post.)
  38. (18:16:59) Meta: (Fixed again, Adding the Granted part)
  39. (18:17:10) Rhythm_BCA: i cannot grasp posting images :I
  40. (18:17:35) Meta: Im not. :P
  41. (18:17:54) Meta: By all the Way, I mean Even Further than 8th.
  42. (18:18:02) ThatGuyNamedMike: [image](image address)
  43. (18:18:12) ThatGuyNamedMike: [Rhythm]
  44. (18:18:13) Rhythm_BCA: yeah i got it
  45. (18:18:17) Rhythm_BCA: thank you
  46. (18:18:24) MegaBossMan: There it is.
  47. (18:18:30) ThatGuyNamedMike: Anytime. :)
  48. (18:18:40) Meta: Pretty much, Words (in []) and The image adress in ().
  49. (18:19:09) Meta: Hm.
  50. (18:19:41) Rhythm_BCA: so yeah, it can get silly
  51. (18:19:59) Rhythm_BCA: and the point is to be creative in it rather than "you don't get this"
  52. (18:20:03) Meta: Yeeeep.
  53. (18:20:09) Rhythm_BCA: twist the meanings of words, go full hyperbole with definitions
  54. (18:20:23) Rhythm_BCA: try not to always kill the person
  55. (18:20:29) MegaBossMan: That's the fun of Corrupt-A-Wish!
  56. (18:20:43) Meta: Heh.
  57. (18:22:32) Rhythm_BCA: so meta, you said you had an idea
  58. (18:22:52) Meta: Posted 2.
  59. (18:22:54) ThatGuyNamedMike: Hey, Tails.
  60. (18:23:04) Meta: By Idea, I meant with C-A-W.
  61. (18:23:07) ThatGuyNamedMike: Just intime.
  62. (18:23:08) MegaBossMan: Welcome Tails.
  63. (18:23:14) TailsMK4: What time is SNC again?
  64. (18:23:15) Meta: hm.
  65. (18:23:20) ThatGuyNamedMike: 6:00.
  66. (18:23:26) MegaBossMan: Right now.
  67. (18:23:34) ThatGuyNamedMike: Well, 5:00, for you.
  68. (18:23:40) TailsMK4: I guess just here and not in the other chat, then, I guess.
  69. (18:23:46) MegaBossMan: Yep.
  70. (18:23:49) Rhythm_BCA: Corrupt-a-Wish is live
  71. (18:23:54) ThatGuyNamedMike: Not enough people......yet.
  72. (18:24:14) MegaBossMan: It was the same way with the previous meeting.
  73. (18:24:24) TailsMK4: Was busy doing the tail end of a Capture the Flag session in MM8BDM. It ended, though.
  74. (18:25:39) Rhythm_BCA: did you win?
  75. (18:26:07) TailsMK4: It was mixed...there were players clearly better than I was, though.
  76. (18:28:43) TailsMK4: So...I do have an idea for another possible forum game, though this one I haven't actually played, just seen other people do it.
  77. (18:28:49) TailsMK4: Has anyone played Mafia?
  78. (18:29:09) ThatGuyNamedMike: Never played it, but, I THINK I've heard of it. Remind me.
  79. (18:29:12) Meta: Town Of salem, Like Mafia.
  80. (18:29:15) Rhythm_BCA: refresh us
  81. (18:29:24) MegaBossMan: I'm interested.
  82. (18:29:27) Meta: So I've played something like it.
  83. (18:29:30) TailsMK4: Trying to find a thread that actually had some info.
  84. (18:29:36) Meta: Heard of Mafia, Played something a Little like it.(18:33:43) ThatGuyNamedMike: Probably a stupid idea, but, I have one for a Forum Game, nonetheless.
  85. (18:34:01) TailsMK4: I apologize for the silence, but I'm trying to find the "official" Mafia rules.
  86. (18:34:09) ThatGuyNamedMike: Pfft.
  87. (18:34:12) MegaBossMan: Go ahead, no answer's wrong in here.
  88. (18:35:22) ThatGuyNamedMike: Remember Retro Pikachu's thread about making up achievements to do inside Prototype?
  89. (18:35:34) MegaBossMan: Yes.
  90. (18:36:37) Rhythm_BCA: that kind of survived for a bit
  91. (18:36:38) ThatGuyNamedMike: I was thinking about setting up some ACTUAL *FORUM* Achievements to get people to strive to stick around more.
  92. (18:37:07) ThatGuyNamedMike: I don't mean just the normal "create 1,000 posts", either.
  93. (18:38:03) Rhythm_BCA: i think we touched on this last week
  94. (18:38:04) ThatGuyNamedMike: I mean things like, "Create a thread that has been pinned [by a MMRPG staffer]".
  95. (18:38:20) ThatGuyNamedMike: Meta already has that one. :P
  96. (18:38:20) Rhythm_BCA: something to expand beyond the four suit emblems that one can get
  97. (18:39:07) Rhythm_BCA: the "issue" that comes from that is, is the forum capable to allow an expansion of awards and achievements
  98. (18:39:31) MegaBossMan: I dunno, I'm not a big fan of repeat threads, but I suppose if someone feels the justification for another, I guess I could look the other way?
  99. (18:39:43) Meta: So does Tails, Mikey.
  100. Hmmmm... Make the Craziest RP?
  101. (18:40:01) ThatGuyNamedMike: Too easy, friend. :P
  102. (18:40:22) MegaBossMan: They do that by themselves already.
  103. (18:40:59) ThatGuyNamedMike: "Make a thread that exceeds 450 posts".
  104. (18:41:06) ThatGuyNamedMike: x)
  105. (18:42:27) MegaBossMan: Oh please no
  106. (18:42:32) Meta: Haha.
  107. (18:43:07) ThatGuyNamedMike: "Make a thread that at least 25 different users post in".
  108. (18:43:24) TailsMK4: Well, I couldn't find anything official, but the rules themselves are fairly simple, just that there is some freedom in what the individual "abilities" of every person can be...I'll talk some more after Mikey's idea has been discussed enough.
  109. (18:43:28) Meta: Done.
  110. (18:43:46) MegaBossMan: Would you think that might influence people to spam a thread for the sake of an achievement?
  111. (18:44:02) Meta: I dunno.
  112. (18:45:53) ThatGuyNamedMike: Oh, We could easily cover that with a forewarning; "Your achievement will be revoked and invalid if we find evidence of you spamming to accomplish any of them; SPAMMING IS AGAINST THE RULES".
  113. (18:47:22) MegaBossMan: Then there shouldn't be any problems. Do you think it merits a different thread?
  114. (18:48:40) ThatGuyNamedMike: Hmmmmmm. Probably so, Since Retro Pikachu's is more geared towards Prototype, itself.
  115. (18:49:20) MegaBossMan: Would you capable of balancing this and your other threads?
  116. (18:51:37) ThatGuyNamedMike: Certainly. The 20Q's thread is only stalled 'cause Spinner.
  117. (18:52:08) ThatGuyNamedMike: He still hasn't answered MY 10Q's, yet, and it's been WELL over 2 months.
  118. (18:52:22) MegaBossMan: Well then, in that case, I don't see any problems. Any other thoughts?
  119. (18:53:27) MegaBossMan: Tails, feel free to start when ready.
  120. (18:54:14) TailsMK4: This is some information on the different variations of the game as well as its basic rules (which I will summarize in a bit):
  121. (18:54:38) TailsMK4: Meta, feel free to add in information if you see fit, since you have played this before.
  122. (18:54:53) TailsMK4: There are two teams in Mafia: The Mafia itself, and what are called Townies.
  123. (18:55:09) TailsMK4: Each team is trying to get rid of the other, and this can be done by "murdering" them.
  124. (18:55:27) TailsMK4: The difference between the two teams is the abilities each member has.
  125. (18:56:05) TailsMK4: The Mafia are few in number (sometimes people agree on a third of the total number of players being Mafia), but during the Night phase, they band together and can eliminate one Townie. Mafia members at the start know only who else is Mafia.
  126. (18:56:27) Meta: Mhm.
  127. (18:56:35) TailsMK4: Townies, on the other hand, do not know who is Mafia or is a fellow Townie. They cannot act at Night, but during the Day phase...
  128. (18:56:50) Meta: ...I've played town of Salem, Or a Non-Webcam/RL Mafia.
  129. (18:56:59) TailsMK4: Townies (and Mafia trying to disguise themselves as Townies) vote on who they think is a member of the Mafia, and if someone gets more than half of the players' votes, that player is killed.
  130. (18:57:04) Meta: Most roles have Perks.
  131. (18:57:08) MegaBossMan: How would the mafia member be chosen?
  132. (18:57:19) Meta: ...I'll Say this.
  133. (18:57:36) TailsMK4: There will be a "moderator", who doesn't play, but instead is responsible for tracking the game's progress for both teams.
  134. (18:57:43) Meta: ...In Town of salem, You'd vote on Who'd Be put on Trial/Chosen.
  135. (18:58:23) TailsMK4: I'll let Meta talk for a bit...I need to be a little more specific on something coming up anyway.
  136. (18:58:30) Meta: ...Then, You'd vote on If they're Guilty, Innocent, Or you'd Abstain.
  137. (18:58:35) MegaBossMan: Would you be willing to fill in as moderator, Tails?
  138. (18:58:55) TailsMK4: I could be one to start us off, then next game someone else could.
  139. (18:59:04) MegaBossMan: Hmm, I like it.
  140. (18:59:08) ThatGuyNamedMike: If you thought the Hurt/heal thread was chaotic and confusing at first, that's nothing compared to how chaotic and confusing THIS will be. [Tails]
  141. (18:59:10) Meta: ...Then If they're Guilty, They'd Be Executed, Or IRL, Not able to Play.
  142. (18:59:26) TailsMK4: So if I make the game, then the first post only will contain the rules to the game.
  143. (18:59:43) Meta: ...I think I've Explained Enough about choosing the Guilty Person.
  144. (18:59:49) TailsMK4: I know it will be quite complicated, Mikey...but no one seems to be doing much to offer in forum games.
  145. (19:00:17) Meta: Most People Have roles.
  146. Also, In TOS, the Type of people Are:
  147. Townies
  148. Neutral
  149. Mafia Members.
  150. (19:00:17) TailsMK4: Anyway...the game can get pretty complicated, though, because each member can also have a special ability, such as being able to research someone to discover their role.
  151. (19:00:32) TailsMK4: *someone else to
  152. (19:00:34) Meta: Townies Include: The Mayor, Investigator, Jailor, And Doctor.
  153. (19:00:45) ThatGuyNamedMike: I'm trying to come up with games that people won't be able to degenerate into a confusing......mess.
  154. (19:00:47) TailsMK4: Or regular Townies, mostly those.
  155. (19:01:09) Meta: Neutral Has Good And bad roles, Such as: Retrobutionist (Or The healer), Werewolf, Jester, Or regular Person.
  156. (19:01:20) TailsMK4: That's why the moderator will take the brunt of the confusing work...each player just focuses on their specific task.
  157. (19:01:35) Meta: And Mafia Members are the Godfather (the Leader), Mafioso, And Framer. (And more.)
  158. (19:01:48) TailsMK4: And btw, we can customize these roles...we don't have to use the ones Meta is mentioning, but those are some commonly used roles.
  159. (19:01:48) Meta: ...Most Townies Have a Unique ability.
  160. (19:01:58) Meta: Yes.
  161. (19:02:31) TailsMK4: For example, here is one based on Super Smash Bros (for additional reading):​2
  162. (19:02:45) Meta: Hm.
  163. (19:03:08) Meta: I dont think Any townies dont Have an Ability, or at least in Town of Salem.
  164. (19:03:51) MegaBossMan: Do you think it'll translate well in MMRPG? Maybe change the terms a bit, that way we don't get complaints about why we made a thread revolving around murder?
  165. (19:03:56) Meta: Some of them have Abilities that dont do Anything Much.
  166. (19:04:08) TailsMK4: Some members might have one-time protection against death (unless guilty), another one might be able to find out a specific person's roles, etc...
  167. (19:04:08) Meta: ...If we changed it, Yes.
  168. (19:04:26) TailsMK4: And yeah, we can always reword this. For instance, I'm using the term "disable" in Hurt and Heal.
  169. (19:04:45) Meta: @Tails, Veteran And Investigator, I believe.
  170. (19:05:28) TailsMK4: The objective is either that the Mafia is no more, or the Mafia members are equal or more than the Townies.
  171. (19:05:56) Meta: Pretty Much.
  172. (19:06:06) TailsMK4: Aside from any special abilities, the only way to catch a Mafia member is by being guilty.
  173. (19:06:35) TailsMK4: Some Mafia members may try to get a Townie convicted Guilty instead, so you never know who may be working together.
  174. (19:06:57) Meta: ...In TOS its Up to where: All Mafia are Down, Town's Down. So yeah, same thing.
  175. (19:07:13) Meta: And Neutral Roles are usually In Mafia or Town if they win.
  176. (19:07:38) ThatGuyNamedMike: Got another idea, though it IS slightly complicated for whoever decides to make the thread.
  177. (19:07:47) MegaBossMan: Would you be willing to create the thread, Tails?
  178. (19:07:50) TailsMK4: Those are the general notes. Obviously, if you get a role of Townie, you cannot ask anyone else what role they have, and if you're Mafia, you can't ask about anyone's roles...though the moderator will tell you who else is Mafia and their abilities.
  179. (19:08:33) TailsMK4: So since we're likely starting off with the MMRPG theme, an example for a "Super Mafia" would be Slur, easily understood.
  180. (19:08:45) Meta: In Town of salem, Its always Random-~
  181. BUt yeah...
  182. (19:09:09) Meta: ...In TOS there's Usually only 1 or 2 of the Same role, Unless Its custom.
  183. (19:09:10) TailsMK4: A "Super Townie" could be any of the Doctors.
  184. (19:09:39) TailsMK4: Other Townies would be the Robot Masters themselves.
  185. (19:09:39) Meta: ...Super Townie's The Mayor, In TOS.
  186. Super Mafia would be the Godfather.
  187. (19:09:43) Meta: ...So yeah.
  188. (19:10:01) TailsMK4: As long as those two in particular are alive, either team has a chance to win.
  189. (19:10:19) Meta: ST: Light, Cossack, Wily (Mayor(s).)
  190. SM: Slur. (Godfather)
  191. (19:10:31) TailsMK4: I could make the thread, but I will need time to actually make some "cards"...but we would need people to sign up anyway.
  192. (19:10:40) MegaBossMan: Alright, I think I'm interested.
  193. (19:10:50) Meta: Yeah.
  194. (19:10:54) TailsMK4: Before we go any further, was there anything about what Meta or I said that was confusing?
  195. (19:11:12) Meta: ...I'd say PM everyone there roles-
  196. Most likely you'd be confused with what I said.
  197. (19:11:26) MegaBossMan: Would parts of this be conducted with PMing?
  198. (19:11:28) TailsMK4: The Moderator will contact you by PM to give you your roles.
  199. (19:11:31) TailsMK4: Yes.
  200. (19:11:46) Meta: But meh.
  201. (19:11:47) TailsMK4: The Mafia also contact the Moderator by PM to cast their votes to get rid of a Townie.
  202. (19:12:01) TailsMK4: So the Night phase is usually pretty quiet.
  203. (19:12:08) Meta: ^
  204. (19:12:19) TailsMK4: But by Day, people are having discussions about who is who.
  205. (19:12:34) TailsMK4: You also would PM the Moderator if you want to use a special ability.
  206. (19:12:53) TailsMK4: Try to be as secretive as possible, but do what you can to get your team to victory.
  207. (19:12:53) MegaBossMan: Yeah, I could see this working out.
  208. (19:13:21) Meta: In TOS, You Wait in the Night, (For 30 Seconds, But I say in The thread It'd Be A few hours.)
  209. (19:13:56) TailsMK4: Probably the Night phase would be an overnight kind of thing, but that also depends on overall progress. Usually Day phase is the longest.
  210. (19:14:37) TailsMK4: ...Did you have anything you wanted to say/ask, Mikey?
  211. (19:15:59) TailsMK4: ...Well, are there any other questions?
  212. (19:16:15) MegaBossMan: I don't have any.
  213. (19:16:36) ThatGuyNamedMike: None. I think my opinion on this is made clear.
  214. (19:16:37) Meta: Nope.
  215. (19:16:42) Meta: I explained, Anyway.
  216. (19:16:44) TailsMK4: Then I guess you guys can get back to the topic of other forum games, I'll be busy making the thread and anything else that comes to mind.
  217. (19:17:22) TailsMK4: And don't worry, I'll try to make this as non-violent as possible. :P
  218. (19:17:29) MegaBossMan: Mike, didn't you have another game you wanted to share?
  219. (19:20:48) MegaBossMan: .....Is there anything else anyone wanted to bring up?
  220. (19:21:29) Rhythm_BCA: nothing that comes to mind
  221. (19:21:34) ThatGuyNamedMike: Well, I did have this idea where someone starts a quiz about all things MM.
  222. (19:21:58) TailsMK4: I'm going to have to summarize for now and open up the sign ups. When I return I can go into more detail regarding the game.
  223. (19:22:03) TailsMK4: Dinnertime.
  224. (19:22:06) ThatGuyNamedMike: It'd need to start easy, of course.
  225. (19:22:28) MegaBossMan: Like a trivia-based thing?
  226. (19:23:15) ThatGuyNamedMike: Only, it's wide open to anyone who wants in for the first few questions.
  227. (19:23:38) MegaBossMan: Alright.
  228. (19:23:45) ThatGuyNamedMike: Should start easy of course, then, get progressively harder as it goes until it's done.
  229. (19:25:28) ThatGuyNamedMike: Time is needed to prepare for whoever the quizmaker is; When I did a 50-question quiz for a now-defunct board 5 years back, I needed a good 1.5 weeks to get all the sprites, questions and scoring breakdowns in order.
  230. (19:25:48) TailsMK4: Need to go, see you all again soon.
  231. (19:26:06) MegaBossMan: See ya, Tails.
  232. (19:26:19) Meta: See Ya, Tails.
  233. (19:26:42) Rhythm_BCA: i've seen a quiz thread before. usually each week or so the quizmaster posts 10 questions and the first person to get them all right is the winner for that week
  234. (19:27:32) Rhythm_BCA: it certainly got challenging
  235. (19:28:44) ThatGuyNamedMike: Yeah, eventually, you'll need to make questions hyper difficult 'cause, well, everyone will get used to it.
  236. (19:29:26) ThatGuyNamedMike: I know I had to be on top of my game for those final 5.One of them was about a quote in Mega Man 8.
  237. (19:31:08) ThatGuyNamedMike: It was "take a look at this quote: You can't beat me with fake power..."
  238. (19:31:39) ThatGuyNamedMike: "the person who said this quote appeard in how many of the 11 main Classic games?"
  239. (19:31:47) ThatGuyNamedMike: *10
  240. (19:32:00) ThatGuyNamedMike: There was just a Mega Man 9, back then.
  241. (19:32:41) ThatGuyNamedMike: The correct answer was, of course, 10, but, no one got it. 0 out of 9. xD
  242. (19:32:51) Rhythm_BCA: *11
  243. (19:33:01) ThatGuyNamedMike: No Mega Man 10, yet.
  244. (19:33:02) Rhythm_BCA: but yeah, got what you're saying
  245. (19:33:09) Rhythm_BCA: well you'd have to adjust it for the times :P
  246. (19:33:51) Meta: Well, I'll be back in a Little bit, Or tomorrow.
  247. (19:33:54) Meta: See ya.
  248. (19:34:01) ThatGuyNamedMike: The winner of that 50-question quiz was someone who got 35 right, actually.
  249. (19:34:47) ThatGuyNamedMike: Wouldn't just be on how many you get right, of course. There was scoring involved, but, altogether he got 35, more than anyone else.
  250. (19:35:55) ThatGuyNamedMike: I made Question 1 worth 10, 2 worth 20, 3 worth 30, etc. until the 25th one, with was worth 250.
  251. (19:36:57) ThatGuyNamedMike: Then, I made 26-30 worth 300, 31-35 worth 400, 36-40 worth 500, 41-45 worth 750, 46-49 worth 1,000.
  252. (19:37:29) ThatGuyNamedMike: and I did Q50 like Final Jeopardy, actually. :P
  253. (19:39:16) ThatGuyNamedMike: I showed the category, which happened to be "addition", then, people had 48 hours to wager as much or as few of their points as they wanted. No-posts automatically bet 1/2 their total.
  254. (19:40:43) ThatGuyNamedMike: the question itself was a wacky 8-step addition problem that took something from each of the 8 main series. :P
  255. (19:41:45) ThatGuyNamedMike: Only 2 out of 9 got it. The correct answer was 34, if I recall correctly; some of those were dummy steps whose total was actually 0. :P
  256. (19:46:36) MegaBossMan: What would stop someone from cheating and just going on MMKB?
  257. (19:47:36) ThatGuyNamedMike: Oh, I was aware of that. People would go on Wikipedia and YT and MMKB for answers, so, I decided to play along with that for the 1st 10 or so Q's, to get people thinking this would be easy as cake.
  258. (19:49:52) ThatGuyNamedMike: Then, I'd spring questions on them like "True or False: In MMX3, if you take a direct hit from the entirety of Godkarmachine O Inary's 3-hit punching combo without having picked up any heart tanks, you'll still be alive, but, just barely.
  259. (19:50:20) ThatGuyNamedMike: EVERYBODY put false and was wrong.
  260. (19:50:44) ThatGuyNamedMike: 0 out of 9. See, none of them knew about the 1/2-damage armor, for some reason.
  261. (19:51:29) ThatGuyNamedMike: Not exactly something you can just pluck from MMKB or YT, so easily. You have to REALLY dig to get that one, and mind you, it's 50/50.
  262. (19:51:46) ThatGuyNamedMike: Either dig or have MMX3 on hand. :P
  263. (19:51:58) ThatGuyNamedMike: ...'cause I only gave 24 hours for each Question.
  264. (19:53:32) ThatGuyNamedMike: I also made sure that no one could directly C+P from others by putting a rule that stated that your answer cannoy copy anyone else's verbatim, or it won't count.
  265. (19:54:21) ThatGuyNamedMike: So, instead of just "False", you'd have, "My answer is False", and "I think that's false" and "Definitely false", Etc.
  266. (19:55:32) MegaBossMan: Well then, I think it'll work out well. Would you manage this, Mike, or would you rather find someone else?
  267. (19:56:11) ThatGuyNamedMike: Actually, I think this would be better than the whole Forum achievements thing, so, I'll do away with that and manage this, instead.
  268. (19:57:06) MegaBossMan: I share a similar opinion. Are there any more points you'd like to make about this?
  269. (19:57:35) ThatGuyNamedMike: Just one more:
  270. (19:58:27) ThatGuyNamedMike: I know almost nothing about the World, Legends or ZX series, so, if I *AM* doing this, there won't be many questions covering those. :P
  271. (19:58:56) MegaBossMan: I don't really think anybody here does ;)
  272. (19:59:42) ThatGuyNamedMike: I get to torture you all with questions about Mega Man Star Force, though. hehehehehehehehehehe.....
  273. (20:00:21) MegaBossMan: Oh no!
  274. (20:00:32) MegaBossMan: Anyway, meeting adjourned?
  275. (20:01:02) ThatGuyNamedMike: Yeah, sure. I have questions to think up, and you have 2 nominations to make. Get going. :P
  276. (20:01:59) MegaBossMan: Mike, can you PB this one?
  277. (20:02:21) ThatGuyNamedMike: Sure, sure.
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