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SCP: Secret Facility Rules

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Feb 9th, 2020
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  1. We do not have a lot of rules but to keep it nice and a fun place for everyone we have a few rules:
  2. 1. Use Common sense.
  3. 3. No glitching or exploiting.
  4. 4. Teams/factions must be obeyed in the game.
  5. 5. SCPs targets are everyone.
  6. 6. SCPs must work together as a team.
  7. 7. SCPs are allowed to team with Chaos/D-classes.
  8. 8. MTF/NTF/guards/scientist are the same team
  9. 9. Its allowed to use D-class as sacrifice or bait for SCPs.
  10. 10. Dont shoot Disarmed D-classes.
  11. 11. Chaos is here only to rescue D-class.
  13. Discord:
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