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  1. Gem Mining
  2. The state fossil of Virginia has a difficult to pronounce name: Chesapecten Jeffersonius fossil. It has been named after Thomas Jefferson because of his great interest of such historical objects. These species belonged to the scallops that existed around three to eight million years ago. You can buy fossil mining buckets and gem mining buckets at the camp store to make your own discoveries!
  4. Yurts
  5. Yurts have been in use in Central Asia for at least 3,000 years. They were designed by nomadic horsemen to be easily moveable. The biggest yurt in the world stands over 48 feet tall, which is large enough to fit an entire elephant inside!
  7. The Creamery
  8. KOA’s creamery serves a variety of flavors, coming in single and double scoops. The record for the largest scoop of ice cream was established in 2014 with a scoop of strawberry ice cream weighing 3,010 pounds. Talk about a sweet tooth!
  10. KOA Stage
  11. The first theatre in British North America was built on the Palace Green in the colonial capital of Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1716. Back then, a play lasted between three to five hours. These performances weaved together musical numbers with multiple plays to provide a full night’s entertainment.
  13. Eagle’s Path
  14. If you take this path to the bottom, then you’ll find Skimino creek. This creek empties into the beautiful York River. There is an archeological site on the York River that historians believe is the birthplace of Pocahontas.
  16. Disc Golf
  17. Disc golf started from humble beginnings in the late 1970’s when players would sling frisbees at makeshift holes like fire hydrants, drinking fountains, and road signs. The first dedicated course was constructed in 1974 in Los Angeles and used the designs patented by “Steady” Ed Headrick.
  19. GaGa Ball Pit
  20. GaGa ball is a fast-paced, high-energy sport played in an octagonal pit. It is played with a soft foam ball and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping. On the CampersApp, you can arrange a pickup game with other players in the campground.
  22. Mary’s Tree
  23. This is the oldest tree in our campground! It is a pin oak and these types of trees are commonly used in landscaping since it takes well to various types of soil. Its distinctive shape is unique among oak species.
  25. Playground
  26. Congratulations! Check your app for the password and proceed to the camp store to collect your prize!
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