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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <monster name="Abra" nameDescription="Abra" element="Psychic" race="blood" experience="400" speed="270" manacost="0" level="12" portrait="2178">
  3. <sex male="75" female="25" />
  4. <pokedex id="063" experience="200" description="Sleeps 18 hours a day. If it senses danger, it will teleport itself to safety even as it sleeps."/>
  5.     <health now="1150" max="1150"/>
  6.     <look type="262" corpse="3006"/>
  7.     <targetchange interval="2000" chance="10"/>
  8.     <strategy attack="100" defense="0"/>
  9.     <flags>
  10.         <flag summonable="0"/>
  11.         <flag attackable="1"/>
  12.         <flag hostile="1"/>
  13.         <flag illusionable="1"/>
  14.         <flag convinceable="1"/>
  15.         <flag pushable="0"/>
  16.         <flag canpushitems="0"/>
  17.         <flag staticattack="80"/>
  18.         <flag lightlevel="0"/>
  19.         <flag lightcolor="0"/>
  20.         <flag targetdistance="3"/>
  21.         <flag runonhealth="0"/>
  22.     </flags>
  23.     <attacks>
  24.         <attack name="physical" interval="2000" range="5" min="-50" max="-80" automatic="1">
  25.             <attribute key="shootEffect" value="smallholy"/>
  26.         </attack>
  27.         <attack name="Psybeam" interval="2800" chance="25" min="-120" max="-130" cd="10" level="12" key="m1"/>
  28.         <attack name="Future Sight" interval="2500" chance="25" min="-140" max="-160" cd="14" level="12" key="m2"/>
  29.         <attack name="Psychic" interval="4000" chance="20" min="-170" max="-185" cd="16" level="15" key="m3"/>
  30.     </attacks>
  31.     <voices interval="2000" chance="5">
  32.         <voice sentence="ABRAAAA!!"/>
  33.     </voices>
  34.     <loot>
  35.         <item id="2090" chance="100" /> -- Psychic Stone
  36.         <item id="2443" chance="20000" /> -- Future Orb
  37.     </loot>
  38. </monster>
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