Weapon Soul Tier 6 Application

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  1. Key: Aethirian
  3. Character Name: Erdwick Brightstar
  5. Transformation/Skill: Tier 6 Weapon Soul/Durendal
  7. Reasoning:
  8. 1.   Erdwick has continuously been focusing on mastering his control over his Weapon Soul abilities and has come a long way, as well increasing his own strength and control over his own unique powers.
  9. 2.  Ever since his meeting with Sherbert during his one trip to High Hops, he's taken to heart her mentioning of several notable blades of legend, particularly the Sword of Hope, which resonates a lot with what he believes in.
  10. 3.   Erdwick of course owes a lot to those back on his home island and now Kori Ja.   To show those who might believe that what Pak Choi is doing is not for the good of all on the island that he represents the Hope in their leader that he will continue to pave the way for a good future.
  11. 4.  He wants to become a figure of inspiration for those who have doubts and fear that their best may not be enough.   That of course anyone with enough Hope for something better and the determination can get to where they want to be and beyond.
  13. Moment: N/A
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