PlayStation 5 / PS5

Jun 23rd, 2019
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  1. PlayStation 5 Info
  2. I won't reveal who I am. I don't want to be fired and want to keep my job. Simply doing this hoping to end all the misinformation on the internet. I'm not going to post on any forum for obvious reasons. I'm going to cut to the chase.
  3. AMD 7nm Zen 2 Ryzen, 8 core 16 threads, @3.2GHz clock speed.
  4. AMD 7nm Navi Next Gen RDNA, 36 Dual-CU (72CU), 64 shaders, @1.55GHz clock speed. 14.2TF.
  5. RAM is still not final. Toying between 16GB-24GB GDDR6.
  6. Hardware Ray tracing.
  7. 2TB SSD.
  8. Full Backwards Compatibility.
  9. 8K Capable.
  10. Aiming for Holiday 2020 release.
  12. Please stop PMs.
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