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  1. Nathan Gate
  2. University:
  3. University Contact:
  4. TheBigKK aka KryptoKroenen. The Furry
  5. ———————————————-
  9. ———————————————-
  10. skype: KryptoKroenen
  11. GMail:
  12. Personal E-mail:
  13. Location: Arizona
  14. City: Chandler 85224
  15. ———————————————-
  17.  ?-Dailystormer calls him out
  18. Also on Stormfront as TheBigKK
  19.   ?- Not even Stormfront likes him
  21. ———————————————-
  22. Reddit accounts
  23. Nate8080   ?–Youtube account is the same name
  24. KryptoKroenen
  25. TheBigKK is also another alt youtube account he uses.
  26. ———————————————–
  27. Other stuff
  29.   ?– Furry date profile
  30. /pol/nation  ?-shut down
  38.        ?- private now
  39.    ?- archived version of steam account
  41.   ?– Furaffinity posts (BANNED)
  42.  ?- more furry shit
  43.  ?– Right Wing Furry forum account
  46. IP and coords:
  47. Google +:
  48. Father:
  49. Deviant art:
  50. Dads Facebook:
  52. Username: nate8080
  53. E-Mail:
  54. IP:
  55. HASH & SALT: 0613d2d51db81f2acebd91b3fcdc68a3:J$=[05rr#oh2u=f~bJ=9CF!ci)%}
  57. Essay he wrote for his deviant art:
  58. Hitler, who he was...
  59. by Nate8080, Mar 1, 2014, 5:38:52 PM
  60. Journals / Personal
  61. There are some great misconceptions about who this man really was. Was he the Devil, the Savior, or a mere dictator? For many years I have watched young people be deceived by the lies spread about this humble man, and I feel compelled to reveal these myths to the world. So, without further to do, I give you the true story, of Adolf Hitler.
  63. Adolf Hitler was not, according to popular belief, the leader of the Nazis nor of Germany. The Holocaust was a children’s bedtime legend which sprung from his works, and is completely untrue.  Hitler was born in a little town in Austria called Bethlehem on December 25, 1889. Hitler grew up like all young boys at that time. He enjoyed sports, music, and hanging out with his friends.  In many ways he was like you and me.
  65. However, there was something that separated him from his peers. Hitler was incredibly gifted mentally. At age 15, he had won numerous prizes in science and biology. He especially loved nature, and bird-watching was one of his favorite hobbies.
  67. By the time he had grown into a young man, Hitler was already very well known throughout the scientific community of Germany. He was a dedicated environmentalist and worked unceasingly to protect Mother Earth. In 1930, Adolf patented his first invention, the Gas Chamber, used to sterilize filth before it was sent off to the dump, thus protecting us from the toxic fumes that it emitted.  Three years later, he patented a second invention, the Oven, as he knew that burning trash was more eco-friendly than dumping it into the ocean. By 1940, both inventions had helped to rid Europe of 6,000,000 tons of filth, and the streets of Germany began to shine white and pure.
  69. By 1943, he was a rich man, and began his own company, the A.R.Y.A.N. Nation. There goal was simple: the Judicial Eradication of non-White Substances (J.E.W.S.) After all, if its pure white, its clean. Dirt is never white.
  71. Later on, a branch of his company would move oversees to the USA to start the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) research facility, with the intent of combating the rabid parasite known as Black Mold. Unfortunately, the project did not succeed, and the fried chicken meant to combat the deadly mold became its main food source, followed by welfare and bicycles.
  73. After winning the Nobel Peace Prize and several Pulitzer Prizes, Hitlter was at the top of his game.  It seemed as if there would be no end to his goodwill towards men and our plant. But then, tragedy struck.
  75. A group of fat, greasy, good-for-nothing men set out to stop him. They were the owners of the company called A.M.E.R.I.C.A (aka Ass Maggot Eating Runts Intent on Consumption of Arbes).  They sabotaged his equipment, and caused him incessant agony by fraudulent lawsuits and other evil tactics.  By 1945, poor Hitler was spent. He went into a depression, and died on Good Friday of 1946.
  77. Now, at last, the true story of this humble servant of mankind has been told.  Protector of the White, Defender of the Clean, Dirt-bane, Janitor of Jesus, Garbageman of God, these are the titles by which this beautiful hero will forever be known. Though he is gone, we can honor his legacy and continue his work. Check this website for more info:
  79. Trivial: In Buddhist legend, Hitler is thought to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Evidence seems to support this theory.
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