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Example CIS Drush automation script

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  1. art020 #machine name of the course
  2. aa # the college this course is in
  3. ART 020 # the drupal title of the site
  4. Introduction to Drawing # the drupal slogan for the site, common theme property / global variable
  5. btopro@psu.edu # the email address of who requested the site, this also becomes user 2 in the system
  6. mooc #the distribution to create
  7. ## From here down this is all custom calls to white-listed drush commands. CIS generates this list from a variety of sources including built in functions, module_invoke_all, drupal_alter, and system variables ##
  8. drush en webaccess_authentication_required #enable internal authentication system
  9. drush en cis_service_connection #enable cis service connection, not in default distros
  10. drush en psu_aanda_settings #custom CIS_connector implemented settings
  11. drush en somethingateli #enable a custom module of some kind
  12. drush vset cis_service_instance_uuid 640fbd2b-e305-4713-a1ef-a5f52a90dbc0 #binds remote site to CIS by setting a variable in the newly created site that mirrors a node's uuid created in CIS.
  13. drush dis pathauto #example disable some stuff
  14. # This is an additional routine that is commented out that the moment which allows for an automatic drush import of an xml package via feeds #
  15. ## these commands happens regardless of the rest of the script running and can't be overridden ##
  16. drush cc all #clear all the caches
  17. drush cron #run the cron to kick start the initial system bind
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