Seattle Mystery Soda Machine

Jan 4th, 2015
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  1. These are all the flavours of soda I've found mentioned in articles
  2. about the Seattle Mystery Soda Machine, as well as the sodas mentioned
  3. in the comments of these articles. I have included the parent brand of
  4. the beverages to illustrate how funky the selection of drinks dispensed
  5. really is.
  7. Mountain Dew Game Fuel (Pepsi)
  8. Mug Root Beer (Pepsi)
  9. Peach Fresca (Coke)
  10. Diet Coke (Coke)
  11. Minute Maid Lemonade (Coke)
  12. Sprite (Coke)
  13. 7up (Dr Pepper Snapple)
  14. Mountain Dew (Pepsi)
  15. Cherry Coke (Coke)
  16. Dr Pepper (Dr Pepper Snapple)
  17. Cherry 7up (Dr Pepper Snapple)
  18. Diet Dr Pepper (Dr Pepper Snapple)
  19. Coke (Coke)
  20. "A Horrible Shasta" (National Beverage)
  21. National Beverage is one of the top 5
  22. beverage producers. They make a lot of
  23. stuff you'll find in dollar stores.
  24. Pepsi (Pepsi)
  25. Coke Zero (Coke)
  26. A&W Root Beer (Dr Pepper Snapple)
  27. Ruby Red Squirt (Dr Pepper Snapple)
  28. 'Pink Lemonade' (???)
  29. The comment did not specify a brand, but
  30. I'm guessing it's Country Time.
  31. Orange Crush (Dr Pepper Snapple)
  32. Vanilla Pepsi (Pepsi)
  33. Cherry Coke (Coke)
  34. Fanta Pineapple (Coke)
  35. Fanta Strawberry (Coke)
  36. Country Time Lemonade (Dr Pepper Snapple/Kraft)
  37. Kraft owns the Country Time brand,
  38. but A&W (under the Dr Pepper Snapple
  39. Group) produces and distributes the
  40. ready-made drinks
  41. Mountain Dew Code Red (Pepsi)
  42. Mountain Dew White Out (Pepsi)
  43. Raspberry Brisk (Pepsi/Lipton)
  44. In the article they referred to the
  45. drink as 'Nestea Brisk', which is
  46. incorrect. Nestea is a Nestlé brand.
  47. Brisk is a Pepsi-Lipton Tea Partnership
  48. product.
  49. Hawaiian Punch (Dr Pepper Snapple)
  50. Grape Fanta (Coke)
  51. Vanilla Coke (Coke)
  52. Black Cherry Fresca (Coke)
  53. Sunkist Cherry Limeade (Dr Pepper Snapple/Sunkist Growers, Inc.)
  54. Sunkist Growers Inc is a growers
  55. cooperative that licenses out the
  56. Sunkist name to various brands.
  57. Dr Pepper Snapple has the rights
  58. to the Sunkist name for the soda
  59. market.
  60. Dr Pepper 10 (Dr Pepper Snapple)
  61. (I highly recommend the '10' varieties of
  62. soda, especially as mixers.)
  63. Mountain Dew Voltage (Pepsi)
  64. Wild Cherry Pepsi (Pepsi)
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