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  1. Yuesi - Though calm and collected, no one can deny that a burning fire rages in Yusei's heart.
  2. Through his bond of friendship and his destiny as a Signer, Yusei has saved the world countless times. His Junk Deck focuses on low Level monsters, but he extracts their full potential thru Synchro Summoning. His go-to monster is the Signer Dragon "Stardust Dragon".
  4. ID0202Ú: Jack Atlas goes by many names: The King, The Master of Faster, even Signer. But Yusei's friend is also his chief rival. Full of pride, Jack won't rest until he defeats Yusei to regain the Turbo Dueling crown. His Dueling style is to crush his opponents with overwhelming force. His ace monster is the legendary Signer Dragon "Red Dragon Archfiend".
  6. ID0203Ú: Yusei and Jack's friend since childhood, Crow's rough exterior hides a kind heart. He raises orphans, affectionately calling them his "jackals." During his battle against the Dark Signers, he became a Signer himself. With his Blackwing Deck, he outwits his opponents to victory. His ace monster is the Signer Dragon "Black-Winged Dragon".
  8. ID0204: A Signer bearing the Mark of the Crimson Dragon, Akiza was branded as a witch and widely feared for her psychic ability to make damage from Duels real. Her powers isolated her from society - until Yusei's kindness allowed her to open her heart. Her Plant-Type Deck focuses on roses. Her ace monster is one of the Signer Dragons: "Black Rose Dragon".
  10. ID0205: Luna's older twin brother, Leo feels it's his duty to protect his frail sister. With boundless energy, no mistake or pratfall will get him down. His Machine-Type Deck is overflowing with Morphtronics. His ace monster is "Power Tool Dragon".
  12. ID0206: Leo's twin sister is also one of the Signers. Completely opposite to Leo, Luna is gentle, polite and mature for her age. She has the ability to hear the voices of Duel Monsters spirits, so she builds her Fairy Deck using those same monsters. Her ace monster is not only a Signer Dragon, but also her friend: "Ancient Fairy Dragon".
  14. ID0207:As the Chief of Sector Security, Trudge has a strong sense of justice. It's unfortunate that he also has a strong sense of rude behavior. Trudge used to look upon Satellite citizens as garbage, but Yusei's heroism made him reevaluate his views. His Police Deck is a Sector Security staple - with his ace monster "Goyo Guardian" locking up countless criminals.
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