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Session Four

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Mar 2nd, 2013
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  1. Session Start: Sat Mar 02 21:45:43 2013
  2. Session Ident: #megamek
  3. 03[21:46] * Jacob_Dorn ( has joined #megamek
  4. 03[21:47] * Stephan___ ( has joined #megamek
  5. [21:47] <Stephan___> dun dun dun DUN DUN!
  6. 03[21:47] * Dierson_Pyre ( has joined #megamek
  7. [21:50] <Stephan___> termainator has joined the channel
  8. 01[21:51] <Deathbane> \\Righto, both Dierson and Biorn should quickly sum up what theyve been doing with their stars for the last three days, starting with Dierson
  9. [21:54] <Dierson_Pyre> has put his star through extensive mech combat simulations and light physical combat training, 6-7 hours daily of running and cardio finishing with sparring practice, only 3-4 hours of mech simulations
  10. [21:55] <Dierson_Pyre> he has also kept track of Biorn's use of his cadets, all while making detailed reports to higher command
  11. [21:56] <Biorn> Spent the remainder of the first day debriefing the squad before moving on to physical training. Second day mostly spent running staggered combat simulations when the facilities where available else, more physical drills in the interviening space. Day three, remainder of required combat sim hours met with various scenarios intended to challenge and stetch pilots based on data collected from day 2 simulations. Remainder of third day given over
  12. 06[21:56] * Stephan___ has been discontempt with his posting in a freebirth star the entire time.
  13. 06[21:57] * Biorn makes a personal note that Stephan needs to nut up and shut up.
  14. 03[21:58] * Gouty (~opera@ has joined #megamek
  15. [21:58] <Dierson_Pyre> \\ /me *thinks* for a trueborn stephan looks like he's put out one to many grease fires with his face
  16. [21:59] <Biorn> Tatical exercises mostly conisited of presenting the squad with scenarios in which key elements of tech of command had failed and drilling them for satisfactory responses as to what they would do if faced with the situation in the field.
  17. 01[22:01] <Deathbane> It is now September the 5th, 06:00 hours. You awaken to the usual 'greeting' by Star Captain Jerrold, and are ordered out quickly to the parade ground in double fashion.
  18. 03[22:02] * |ceVamp ( has joined #megamek
  19. 01[22:02] <Deathbane> Upon arrival, you quickly arrange yourself into a neat line - the hard drilling you've been put through over the last three days has quickly shown you prompt arrival results in less laps
  20. 03[22:02] * |ceVamp is now known as ^Vane^
  21. 01[22:02] <Deathbane> He looks you up and down
  22. 01[22:02] <Deathbane> "Ready for more hard exercises cadets?" He roars out at you
  23. [22:03] <^Bran^> AFF
  24. [22:03] <Dierson_Pyre> AFF!
  25. [22:03] <Remus> aff...
  26. [22:03] <Stephan___> AFF!
  27. 06[22:03] * Jacob_Dorn has clearly aclimatised to his suroundings and does not look so sick or tired anymore
  28. [22:03] <Biorn> aff
  29. [22:04] <Jacob_Dorn> Aff Star Captain.
  30. 01[22:04] <Deathbane> "Well im afraid to disappoint you!" He laughs, lightening up for a moment. "For the last three days you have trained hard, under supervision of your team leaders."
  31. 06[22:05] * Jacob_Dorn looks at the smoke with a slighghtly envious exspresion
  32. 01[22:05] <Deathbane> "I have reviewed your combat logs... some of the results have been surprisingly good, better than some of our garrison units"
  33. 06[22:05] * Jacob_Dorn that is the pack of smokes in his pocket
  34. 01[22:06] <Deathbane> "Your transfer is beginning to look like a good idea, ill grudgingly admit. As i said, today would be the day of your transfer. I have arranged for several hovercraft to pick you up, and ship you 40 miles east to our elemental training facility"
  35. 01[22:08] <Deathbane> "I can now detail this transfer in more depth. You are to arrive around 1300 hours, and command of your unit will transfer from me to Star Commander Amsdell, the elemental in charge of the facility."
  36. [22:09] <Dierson_Pyre> Star Commander?
  37. 01[22:09] <Deathbane> "Aff. The star captain is not on site, preparing for deployment"
  38. [22:10] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff
  39. 01[22:10] <Deathbane> "His second in command is therefore undertaking your charge. From the emssage i received earlier, your transfer has become a matter of urgency. Amsdell assured me he will brief you further upon your arrival. Any questions Cadets?"
  40. [22:11] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff
  41. [22:11] <Dierson_Pyre> What is the purpose of training with Elementals
  42. 06[22:12] * Dierson_Pyre ?
  43. 01[22:12] <Deathbane> "Because they will push you to your limits, beyond your limits even. They also oversee much of the White Fangs infantry training from the same facility. Failure is not tolerated"
  44. [22:12] <Dierson_Pyre> it should never be, aff sir...they will not fail
  45. 06[22:12] * Stephan___ looks discretely towards dorn
  46. [22:13] <Jacob_Dorn> If a Plane Crash and a Giant Worm didnt kill me then....
  47. 01[22:14] <Deathbane> "Any other questions? The hovercraft were told to be here at the half hour"
  48. [22:14] <Biorn> Where shall we assenble, SC?
  49. 01[22:15] <Deathbane> "Here is fine, cadet. They were told to arrive at the parade ground in good time, or face disciplinary action"
  50. [22:15] <Biorn> Aff
  51. 06[22:15] * Dierson_Pyre smiles
  52. 06[22:16] * Jacob_Dorn trys to keep his ears at atention to listen for "humming of engines"
  53. 01[22:17] <Deathbane> Jacob is successful, and hears the far off whine of hoverblades in the distance
  54. [22:17] <Jacob_Dorn> Sounds like there not far off
  55. 01[22:19] <Deathbane> The star captain turns towards the base entrance as several hovercraft slowly drift in, throwing up a whirldwind of snow
  56. [22:19] <Stephan___> Anything else we should do while we wait, leed?
  57. [22:19] <Stephan___> *at diesson
  58. [22:19] <Dierson_Pyre> stay quite and wait
  59. [22:20] <Dierson_Pyre> show true clan discipline
  60. 06[22:20] * Dierson_Pyre waits with arms behind back
  61. 01[22:21] <Deathbane> The hovercraft pulled into a stop, in front of the line. The vox unit on the frontal hovercraft engages. "Reporting in, Star Captain. We are ready to receive the cadets"
  62. 06[22:21] * Stephan___ spends the next 20 min waiting at attention.
  63. 01[22:22] <Deathbane> Jerrold rolls off a brief salute, ignoring Stephans over the top gesture
  64. 06[22:22] * Biorn settles back on his haunches and waits
  65. 01[22:22] <Deathbane> "Affirmitive Hover lead." he turns to the Cadets "You heard the man, get on board, and good luck Cadets. Do me a favour, and come back in one piece"
  66. [22:23] <Stephan___> \\ that's cuse he's a freebirth
  67. [22:23] <^Vane^> Aff.
  68. 06[22:23] * ^Vane^ heads for the closest hovercraft.
  69. [22:23] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff, the worthy of the Clan will be back
  70. [22:24] <Biorn> All right , Claw Three move it! Anyone not on board in timely fashion gets to ride on the roof. Hussle up.
  71. 06[22:24] * Dierson_Pyre boards hovercraft
  72. [22:24] <Jacob_Dorn> Cant promise anything
  73. 06[22:24] * Stephan___ gets on board
  74. 06[22:24] * Dierson_Pyre from the hatch of the hover craft
  75. [22:24] <Dierson_Pyre> HURRY UP you lazy surats
  76. 06[22:25] * Jacob_Dorn boards the craft and makes himself comfertagble
  77. 01[22:26] <Deathbane> With the commands of the team leaders, the claws pile aboard the hovercraft through the open side hatches.
  78. [22:26] <Jacob_Dorn> Does this thing have any armaments?
  79. 06[22:27] * ^Bran^ Boards the hovercraft and gets into a seat.
  80. [22:28] <Dierson_Pyre> Who were you asking?
  81. 01[22:28] <Deathbane> "Get going point commander, you have a schedule to keep Jerrold orders. With an acknowledgement, The hovercraft spool their engines and begin to turn. The last you of Jerrold is a last brief salute, as he turns to head back inside as the hovercraft leave across the icy plains at breakneck speed, the dim morning sun glinting down off their hull as it filters through the noxious atmosphere
  82. [22:28] <Jacob_Dorn> Anyone who has an answer
  83. [22:30] <Dierson_Pyre> They carry CLRM5, Duel Strk 4's and mg's
  84. [22:31] <Jacob_Dorn> Good to know we are not completely defenceless if teh natives get restless.
  85. 06[22:32] * Jacob_Dorn said with a smirk
  86. [22:32] <Dierson_Pyre> The one Claw 3 carries ATM 3's instead, good for the advantages natice to ATM's
  87. [22:33] <^Vane^> Two claws of Clan warriors are hardly defenseless in any case.
  88. [22:33] <Dierson_Pyre> well spoken
  89. [22:34] <Dierson_Pyre> needless, the native life would not offer much against them...however, against any worthwhile opponent we would be dispatched in short order
  90. [22:34] <Dierson_Pyre> These are primarily cheap elemental carriers, nothing more...
  91. 06[22:35] * ^Vane^ runs a basic field check of his firearm.
  92. [22:35] <^Bran^> Very well said there. So were are to fight elementals? should be fun.
  93. [22:36] <Jacob_Dorn> Yeah fun.......
  94. 06[22:36] * Jacob_Dorn doesnt sound reasured
  95. [22:36] <Dierson_Pyre> I am unsure of our intended purpose of our destination...elementals should provide excellent physical combat training
  96. [22:37] <Jacob_Dorn> If they dont utterly destroy you in the process
  97. 06[22:37] * Biorn sits apart in the corner of Claw 3's hovercraft reviewing the results of the training in his head.
  98. [22:38] <Dierson_Pyre> they may, but then the Clan will be stronger for your removal
  99. [22:39] <^Bran^> HA that would be have the fun.
  100. [22:39] <^Bran^> *half*
  101. [22:39] <Jacob_Dorn> Who wants to live for ever anyway
  102. [22:39] <^Bran^> exactly
  103. [22:39] <Dierson_Pyre> that is not the warrior way
  104. [22:40] <Dierson_Pyre> there is no room for weakness in the Clan
  105. [22:43] <eRkkituo> /I seriously hope you'll still hold on to those words when an elemental rips your arms off and beats you with them.
  106. [22:43] <Dierson_Pyre> \\ true clan warriors dont need arms
  107. 01[22:44] <Deathbane> The next 6 hours drag on as the hovercraft bumps along to its destination. They certainly wernt built with comfort in mind. THe time is nearing 12:00 hours when you begin to hear the driver announcing from the front your imminent arrival at the elemental training facility. In typical Borea fashion the clouds overhead have gathered plunging the 'day' into an early dusk.
  108. [22:44] <Stephan___> \\ - dieson fighting an elemental
  109. 01[22:46] <Deathbane> With a forceful jerk, the hovercraft stops suddenly outside of the facility. "Looks like you have a welcoming commitee" The pilot calls
  110. 06[22:47] * Biorn pears out of the window
  111. 01[22:47] <Deathbane> In the distance, you can make our several dark shapes,s tanding tall in front of the facilities wire mesh perimeter fence. It looks like the other facility - drab, clanlike , functional
  112. 01[22:47] <Deathbane> the dark shape of what appears to be some form of battlemech is in the distance, but you cant fully make it out
  113. [22:47] <Dierson_Pyre> Alright Claw 2, out
  114. [22:48] <^Vane^> Aff
  115. 06[22:48] * ^Vane^ get's out
  116. 06[22:48] * Stephan___ tries to discern the battlemech
  117. [22:48] <Biorn> Claw 3, dismount.
  118. 01[22:48] <Deathbane> The battlemech is too far away for you to see it properly
  119. 06[22:48] * Dierson_Pyre waits as the rest of claw 2 disembarks
  120. 06[22:48] * Stephan___ dismounts
  121. 01[22:49] <Deathbane> The figures begin to move towards you
  122. [22:49] <^Bran^> Dismounts hovercraft.
  123. 06[22:50] * Biorn advances towards figures
  124. 06[22:50] * Dierson_Pyre dismounts Hovercraft and checks Claw 3 to make sure they have disembarked
  125. 06[22:50] * Jacob_Dorn Dismounts the craft and walks forward to greet the figures
  126. [22:50] <Dierson_Pyre> Dorn! where are you going?
  127. 06[22:50] * Stephan___ holds ground and stand at attention
  128. 01[22:51] <Deathbane> The figures get bigger as Biorn approachs the figures. You make out the figures now, figures wearing battlearmour. Elemental battle armour.
  129. [22:51] <Dierson_Pyre> everyone in ranks for inspection
  130. 06[22:52] * Biorn checks himself
  131. 06[22:52] * ^Bran^ This is going to be amusing and deadly if people fuck up.
  132. [22:52] <Biorn> By the all father...
  133. 06[22:52] * Biorn has Claw 3 form up next to Claw
  134. [22:52] <Biorn> *Claw 2
  135. 06[22:53] * Jacob_Dorn steps back in line
  136. 06[22:53] * Dierson_Pyre watches as Claw 2 & 3 form up, stand in front with hands behind back
  137. 01[22:55] <Deathbane> The figures get larger, quickly. The lead elemental comes into full view, standing tall at over 7 feet, flanked by two others. The other two halt as the leader continues towards you.
  138. 01[22:55] <Deathbane> Soon, his form looms over you, and you hear the crackle of a vox unit
  139. 01[22:57] <Deathbane> "You are early, cadets. Whilst unexpected, i am glad you have made it in good time. We have a developing situation, I am glad Jerrold could send personnel he could personally recommend"
  140. 01[22:57] <Deathbane> "Who is in command here?" he asks
  141. 01[22:57] <Deathbane> looking at Biorn
  142. [22:57] <Dierson_Pyre> I am
  143. [22:57] <Biorn> He is
  144. 01[22:58] <Deathbane> THe elemental nods and turns his head.
  145. 06[22:58] * Biorn gestures off handedly at Dierson
  146. 06[22:58] * Dierson_Pyre narrows eyes at lead elemental
  147. 01[22:58] <Deathbane> "Your name cadet"
  148. [22:58] <Dierson_Pyre> Dierson Pyre
  149. 01[22:59] <Deathbane> The elemental pauses for a moment
  150. 01[22:59] <Deathbane> "A bloodnamed warrior.. interesting... "
  151. [22:59] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff....................
  152. 01[22:59] <Deathbane> He pauses again, in a moment of confusion.
  153. 01[23:00] <Deathbane> "I am glad we have someone with experience leading this team. Come, we will discuss matters inside" he says
  154. 01[23:01] <Deathbane> ".. all of you" he adds in retrospect, as he turns around
  155. [23:01] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff SC, you heard him Claw's
  156. 01[23:02] <Deathbane> with a signal, he motions to the other elementals and bids them to return
  157. [23:02] <^Vane^> Aff
  158. [23:02] <^Bran^> AFF
  159. 06[23:02] * Jacob_Dorn gives the Elementals following the lead one a quick blank emotionless glance bevore following Direson
  160. 06[23:02] * ^Vane^ follows behind Pyre
  161. 06[23:02] * Dierson_Pyre moves off to follow the SC elemental
  162. 06[23:02] * Biorn signals to claw 3 and falls in behind claw 2
  163. 06[23:02] * Stephan___ forms into a lime behind dierson and his claw
  164. 06[23:02] * ^Bran^ Follows pyer
  165. 06[23:02] * Stephan___ line*
  166. 06[23:03] * Dierson_Pyre looks at Stephan, fall in with Claw 3
  167. [23:03] <Remus> /me suddenly appears!
  168. 06[23:04] * Stephan___ falls in claw 3
  169. 01[23:04] <Deathbane> AFter a short walk, you reach the base entrance. YOu can clearly see the mech in front of you now, a myst lynx, standing next to several, administration buildings. Standard clan layout is immediately obvious
  170. 01[23:04] <Deathbane>
  171. [23:06] <Dierson_Pyre>
  172. 01[23:07] <Deathbane> You pass through the overarching tunnels that link the buildings,a nd into the grey corridors of the structure. Soon, you arrive at a similar room to the one Jerrold instructed you from in the last three days
  173. 01[23:09] <Deathbane> "Do enter" he says, motioning you in.
  174. 01[23:09] <Deathbane> "You are dismissed" he says to his guards, and walks in. The larger corridors and construction are obvious to support the bulk of the huge elemental suits
  175. 01[23:10] <Deathbane> You follow him into the wide, spacious briefing room.
  176. [23:11] <Dierson_Pyre> Claw 2 right side of table, Claw 3 left
  177. 06[23:11] * ^Vane^ sits
  178. 06[23:12] * Remus slowly skulks over to the right side of the table and slides up a seat
  179. 06[23:12] * Biorn leads claw 3 down the left and sits towards the table head.
  180. 06[23:12] * Dierson_Pyre waits and watches as the rest of both claws take a seat
  181. 06[23:12] * Stephan___ sits a bit farther away from claw 3.
  182. 06[23:13] * Jacob_Dorn sits at atention witjh his arms crossed
  183. 01[23:13] <Deathbane> "One moment, whilst i get out of this thing" the elemental sayas, turning his back to the wall. You watch as the large suit begins to open, slowly, revealing the man inside. His immense muscles are immediately notciable as the breast plate opens, revealing his bare skin. His black skin is covered in sweat from operation of the machine
  184. 06[23:13] * ^Bran^ Sits in the middle.
  185. [23:13] <^Vane^> \\oh baby
  186. 01[23:13] <Deathbane> first freeing his arms, he steps free of the armour losing little height, his cropped hair revealing a long scar that runs from his right ear down the side of his face to the jawline
  187. 06[23:15] * Dierson_Pyre sits at the head of Claw 2 as the SC steps out of this armour
  188. 01[23:15] <Deathbane> He looks up, surveying the group. "I am Star Commander Amsdell, and you are now under my care. I am afraid as Jerrold might have told you, there has been a change of plans"
  189. [23:15] <Biorn> permission to speak sir?
  190. 01[23:16] <Deathbane> "Granted cadet"
  191. [23:16] <Biorn> A change of plans would implie we have any idea what the god damn plan is in the first place, sir.
  192. 01[23:17] <Deathbane> "I thought he briefed you on the fact you would be training here, at least" he answers
  193. [23:17] <^Bran^> Aff he did.
  194. [23:18] <Biorn> That was about the long and short of it SC.
  195. 01[23:18] <Deathbane> "That was all you needed to know. However, I can unfortunately confirm you will not be training at this facility. The timeframe for the upcoming operations have changed, and a separate situation calls for resolution before you are transfered to your actual units"
  196. [23:19] <Stephan___> what situation?
  197. [23:19] <Jacob_Dorn> Sorry to interupt SC but if we are not going to train here, then why ARE we here?
  198. 01[23:19] <Deathbane> "Patience Cadets, I will detail it now."
  199. [23:20] <Dierson_Pyre> I apologise SC, most of the cadets lack any sense of disipline or patience...
  200. [23:20] <Dierson_Pyre> they will refrain from questions now
  201. 01[23:21] <Deathbane> "The upcoming operation has meant that all of our units are in the process of being moved to the starport or are otherwise engaged in training exercises far from the base. This has left us with a shortage of combat worthy personnel who we could deploy to resolve any issues that could arise"
  202. 01[23:21] <Deathbane> "We did not anticipate, that we would have problems with one of our other, local facilities"
  203. 06[23:22] * Biorn mutters to himself, "What, someone forget to chance a lightbulb..."
  204. [23:22] <Biorn> *change
  205. 01[23:22] <Deathbane> "To the north of us, deep within the crystal fields, both the scientist and technician caste run an otherwise unimportant research and weather tracking facility. This facility was responsible for predicting boreas difficult weather conditions, and from what i have been told, research new types of mech coolant"
  206. 01[23:23] <Deathbane> "Unfortunately, this facility has stoppped sending out its reports, and its usual beacon appears to have been rendered non responsive"
  207. 06[23:23] * Stephan___ is intersted
  208. [23:24] <Stephan___> \\ xenomorphs!
  209. 01[23:24] <Deathbane> "With the outpost relatively unimportant, and a major campaign ahead of our cluster, it has gone unattended for several days now"
  210. [23:24] <Remus> \\No that's you.
  211. 01[23:25] <Deathbane> "We thought it was a transmitter failure, but it appears that something has indeed happened to the facility. Yesterday, I requested that Jerrold allowed me to repurpose you into a response team, that would be able to ascertain what has happened to the outpost."
  212. 01[23:26] <Deathbane> "Any questions so far cadets" he asks
  213. [23:26] <^Vane^> When do we leave?
  214. [23:26] <Stephan___> Any reconnisance or other information that might increase our efficiency?
  215. [23:27] <Remus> Do we have any other information on the facility?
  216. [23:27] <Biorn> Has there been any reconnaissance into the sector at all, even inc
  217. 01[23:27] <Deathbane> "You leave tonight, as the time window has you leaving in within the next two days. As for information on the facility, we can provide you with full schematics of its layout."
  218. 01[23:28] <Deathbane> "The facility itself consists of 4 levels, any tacical approach will be left up to team leads to decide upon"
  219. [23:29] <Stephan___> Also I wish to meet the quartermaster and replenish my ammonition I used upon arrival on this planet. Where can I find him?
  220. [23:29] <Biorn> What armour will be available for our insertion?
  221. 01[23:30] <Deathbane> "We do have some intel on the area, intel that is disturbing. FOr the last two weeks, several convoys have been attacked by a particularly large apex predator that our scientists have yet to identify. It has become known as the Borea Huntsman. It is large, viscious,a nd capable of damaging hovercraft with ease"
  222. 06[23:30] * Jacob_Dorn remains quiet
  223. 01[23:30] <Deathbane> "We are unable to give you any armour support, this will be a pure infantry deployment"
  224. [23:30] <Dierson_Pyre> INfantry Deployement?
  225. 03[23:30] * Gouty (~opera@ has left #megamek
  226. [23:31] <^Vane^> I assumed we would be piloting mechs.
  227. 01[23:31] <Deathbane> "This has led us to send out armoured hovercraft with the patrols"
  228. [23:31] <Stephan___> AS did I.
  229. [23:31] <Dierson_Pyre> SC, we are Mechwarriors..not lowly infantry
  230. 01[23:31] <Deathbane> "You assumed wrong"
  231. [23:31] <Dierson_Pyre> I assumed nothing
  232. [23:31] <Biorn> Gamla lombungr, sugandi toti tik madr.
  233. 01[23:31] <Deathbane> "You might be mechwarriors, but we have no other available units we can count on to ensure the safety of our men"
  234. 01[23:32] <Deathbane> "now, may i continue?" he stares at Dierson
  235. [23:32] <Dierson_Pyre> I understand logistical complications, but it seems wasteful to not utilize us at our maximum potential
  236. 01[23:33] <Deathbane> "I will continue cadet, quiaff? This is your maximum potential,a t this time"
  237. 06[23:33] * Jacob_Dorn is still sitting glanceing from person to person and listens
  238. [23:33] <Dierson_Pyre> ...
  239. [23:33] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff
  240. 01[23:34] <Deathbane> "Good. You are a bloodnamed warrior, and i expect you to bring your men back alive. Questioning your duties now will get them killed, and potentially delay the operation we are preparing for the cluster"
  241. 01[23:35] <Deathbane> "Eventually, this Huntsman attacked one of our armoured convoys. It was hit by at least several large laser blasts, and retreated minus one of its legs. It was decided not to pursue it."
  242. [23:35] <Dierson_Pyre> SC...
  243. 01[23:35] <Deathbane> "Yes, cadet"
  244. [23:36] <Dierson_Pyre> can we with out the aid of Battlemechs hope to do anything but die at this creatures feet
  245. 01[23:36] <Deathbane> "You will have access to our armoury, of course"
  246. [23:36] <Dierson_Pyre> If the Clan wishes to feed it then elementals seem more to its diet
  247. 01[23:36] <Deathbane> "We are well equipped"
  248. 01[23:37] <Deathbane> "And you will hold your tongue, unless you wish to take along walk outside in nothing but your coolant vest"
  249. [23:38] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff SC, I meant no offense...but I am not understanding our purpose, I retract my statements
  250. 01[23:39] <Deathbane> "Your purpose is to simply recon the site, and if necessary, request we divert forces to secure the facility"
  251. 01[23:39] <Deathbane> "We have photographs of the creature, if you wish to see them"
  252. [23:40] <Biorn> Aff Sc
  253. [23:40] <Jacob_Dorn> Please
  254. [23:40] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff SC, that might be helpful
  255. 01[23:41] <Deathbane> He goes to cabinet behind him, and takesout a folder. He places it on the table, and images spill out from the sides. "Whilst not holovid footage, i hope this will give you an idea"
  256. 06[23:41] * Dierson_Pyre takes out one of the images
  257. [23:41] <Biorn> Where any biological samples retrieved that might give us a clue as to this creatures nature?
  258. 06[23:42] * Dierson_Pyre grunts, its nature is killing by the images
  259. 01[23:42] <Deathbane> "Neg " he replies
  260. 01[23:42] <Deathbane> What the images show you can all see as dierson holds them up. The creature is larger than one of the hovercraft, looking like a giant, furred, six legged spider
  261. [23:42] <Jacob_Dorn> Well its its missing a leg, unless it hops around it has more than two legs or apendages
  262. 01[23:43] <Deathbane> from its rear, two vicious tails that end in stingers protrude, and its sideways opening maw is filled with toothed tentacles
  263. [23:44] <Jacob_Dorn> Satan Scorpion.
  264. [23:44] <Dierson_Pyre> for once, a very apt apprasial
  265. 01[23:44] <Deathbane> The Star Commander allows himself a sly smile
  266. [23:44] <^Vane^> Star Captain, is the facility in normal coms range?
  267. [23:45] <Stephan___> It is vulnerable to hand held weapons, quiaff?
  268. 01[23:45] <Deathbane> "Well whatever it is, its minus a limb and it has been a week since we last seen it. It might be unrelated, but that is all we have on the area"
  269. 01[23:45] <Deathbane> "It can be hurt, but you will need something larger to kill it if you encounter this .. thing. But like i said, it might be irrelevent information"
  270. 01[23:46] <Deathbane> "But this is all we have on the area, as the station appeared to be operating normally up until the transmissions stopped"
  271. [23:46] <Stephan___> Then there are no more concernes. we will return successful.
  272. 01[23:46] <Deathbane> "The facility, is within comms range of our larger transmitter, yes"
  273. 06[23:46] * Dierson_Pyre looks blankly at Stephan
  274. [23:46] <Remus> Commander, if I may speak. No information is irrelevent.
  275. [23:47] <Biorn> So, this thing shows up, potentially cuts off you primary weather station for this local, nearly tears one of your convoys apart and you some total of known intelligence is these photos?
  276. [23:47] <Biorn> *your sum total
  277. 01[23:48] <Deathbane> "Thats is correct. Boreas wildlife seems to be incredibly diverse, we have only encountered this creature three times"
  278. 06[23:48] * Dierson_Pyre dubiously, he looks between biorn and the SC
  279. 01[23:48] <Deathbane> "Do you wish to see the schematics of the facility?"
  280. 06[23:48] * Biorn shakes head drops the photos as he steps back from the table.
  281. 06[23:49] * Dierson_Pyre gives Biorn a "I need to talk to you after this" look
  282. [23:49] <Stephan___> Aff.
  283. [23:49] <Jacob_Dorn> Aff, that would cpome in handy
  284. [23:49] <Dierson_Pyre> IF that's all SC can we visit the armoury to plan our equipment
  285. 01[23:50] <Deathbane> "The schematics are here " he says , droppinga nother folder onto the table
  286. 06[23:51] * Dierson_Pyre picks up schematics folder
  287. [23:52] <^Vane^> Do you have copies? I'd like to bring the schematics.
  288. [23:52] <Dierson_Pyre> here, you can be in charge of us getting through the facility if its needed
  289. 01[23:52] <Deathbane> "You can take these, they are stored on our central computer"
  290. 06[23:52] * ^Vane^ takes the folde.r
  291. [23:52] <^Vane^> Aff
  292. 01[23:53] <Deathbane> "Are you familiar with the terrain in any capacity? "
  293. [23:53] <Remus> It's snowy
  294. [23:53] <Remus> and cold.
  295. [23:53] <Remus> ...Next?
  296. [23:53] <Stephan___> The slopes are steep.
  297. 01[23:53] <Deathbane> "Not where you are going" he answers, "Compared to the usual"
  298. [23:53] <Dierson_Pyre> Neg SC, but I would agree with Remus's informal assessment
  299. 01[23:54] <Deathbane> "The facility, as mentioned is located within one of Boreas largest crystalfields. THis area is geothermally active, and has created large crytals made up of methane"
  300. 06[23:54] * ^Vane^ raises eyebrow.
  301. [23:54] <^Vane^> It's a natural minefield?
  302. [23:54] <Remus> So it will burst into flames if there is a misfire.
  303. 01[23:54] <Deathbane> "It is notoriously unstable, and the winds can cause the structures to become improvided flechette rounds"
  304. 01[23:54] <Deathbane> "Both of those are possible"
  305. [23:55] <Jacob_Dorn> Thars just....
  306. 01[23:55] <Deathbane> "I recommend you are careful when crossing them, as they can be potentially deadly"
  307. 01[23:55] <Deathbane> "They have been relatively quiet, but be cautious"
  308. 06[23:55] * Jacob_Dorn sighs and shakes his head
  309. 06[23:55] * Biorn curses
  310. 06[23:57] * Remus laughs.
  311. 01[23:57] <Deathbane> "With that said, your unit will leave tonight at 1800 hours, and the operation is expected to last at least twelve hours. We expect you to radio in at 0600 hours tomorrow, regardless.
  312. 01[23:57] <Deathbane> "
  313. [23:58] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff SC, are we dismissed?
  314. 01[23:58] <Deathbane> "The facility is approximately 25 miles away, which gives you more than enough to get there and report its status to us using transmitter inside the station. Do not rely on communicators, they do not function well due to the EM radiation Borea receives"
  315. 01[23:58] <Deathbane> "Neg, team leafer. One last thing"
  316. 01[23:59] <Deathbane> "You have been assigned equipment from our armoury. Our quartermaster will suply you with your basic equipment, and weapons. On top of this, you may require one additional heavy weapon."
  317. Session Time: Sun Mar 03 00:00:00 2013
  318. [00:00] <Remus> \\You are gay with your assault cannon
  319. [00:00] <Stephan___> \\ I want a bigger gauss weapon
  320. [00:00] <Stephan___> \\ or hand held ppc.
  321. 01[00:00] <Deathbane> "I expect you to get your equipment ready, and your team to present a tactical plan by 17:00. I will then clear the mission, before you set out. Any further questions?"
  322. [00:00] <Dierson_Pyre> Neg SC
  323. 06[00:01] * Biorn just stares at the SC
  324. 01[00:02] <Deathbane> "Good. Then get to it. I hope Jerrold was right in his estimations of you. Losing this facility will cause great disruption, and the damned administrator is already sinking his claws into this facility."
  325. 06[00:02] * Dierson_Pyre stiffens at the mention of the word "administrator"
  326. 01[00:03] <Deathbane> "The scientist caste will take a dim view if we are unable to swiftly resolve this"
  327. 01[00:03] <Deathbane> "And unfortuantely, between us, they have too much sway over our operations here"
  328. 06[00:03] * Dierson_Pyre hurrumffs
  329. 06[00:03] * Remus stares blankly at the wall, waiting for someone to start planning.
  330. [00:03] <Stephan___> we are clan warriors. We will resolve this.
  331. 06[00:05] * Biorn guffaws
  332. [00:05] <Jacob_Dorn> Balls deep into a crystalised shitstorm
  333. [00:06] <Stephan___> What is it that troubles you that you must complain on everything.
  334. [00:06] <Stephan___> WE do not need your complaints, only your actions.
  335. [00:06] <Jacob_Dorn> Who said i was complaining?
  336. [00:06] <Dierson_Pyre> silence, at least appear to be of the Clan
  337. [00:06] <Stephan___> And that yoyu do not dishonor us.
  338. 01[00:07] <Deathbane> "Keep those men on a leash, before I do it for you, Cadet Dierson. Now, get moving. There is no time to be lost"
  339. [00:07] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff SC
  340. [00:07] <Dierson_Pyre> it is difficult...more than the creature will be
  341. 06[00:08] * Jacob_Dorn shrugs in slight amusement
  342. [00:08] <Dierson_Pyre> Get moving , you heard the SC.
  343. [00:08] <Dierson_Pyre> head to the armoury
  344. 01[00:08] <Deathbane> Again, the star commander allows himself a small smile
  345. [00:08] <^Bran^> AFF
  346. 06[00:08] * Dierson_Pyre motions Biorn to hang back a bit
  347. 06[00:08] * Remus silently rises from his seat and slowly makes his way to the door.
  348. 06[00:08] * Stephan___ heads to the armory
  349. 06[00:09] * ^Vane^ closes the schematics folder and heads to the armoury.
  350. [00:09] <Dierson_Pyre> I said GET MOVING, Remus that means on the bounce you lazy Stravag
  351. 06[00:09] * ^Bran^ walks to the door and heads to the armory.
  352. 06[00:09] * Jacob_Dorn leaves teh room looking left and right repeatedly out the doorway looking for any indication of where teh armory may be
  353. 06[00:09] * Remus casts a glare towards Dierson, "Aff, lead..."
  354. 06[00:10] * Biorn hangs back
  355. [00:10] <Dierson_Pyre> Dorn, you look lost
  356. [00:11] <^Vane^> \\\Vane was at the other base for days, he knows
  357. [00:11] <Dierson_Pyre> follow the others, they seem to know where to go
  358. [00:11] <Jacob_Dorn> Yeah..
  359. 06[00:11] * Dierson_Pyre walking with Biorn behind the others out of ear shot
  360. [00:12] <Dierson_Pyre> Biorn, I've read some of your bio...
  361. 06[00:12] * Biorn glances at Dierson darkly
  362. [00:12] <Dierson_Pyre> I HAVE
  363. [00:13] <Dierson_Pyre> The SC stated that there are explosive crystals near our operation zone
  364. [00:13] <Dierson_Pyre> you have experience with explosives?
  365. [00:14] <Biorn> You clanners should know more than anyone, seeing as it usually your lot who was on the recieving end of... 'my experience'
  366. [00:16] <Dierson_Pyre> yes, that may be...I do not like you Biorn, your tactics are those of a coward. True Clan warriors face their opponents in the field. However...
  367. [00:16] <Dierson_Pyre> your "experience" may be required and useful on this mission
  368. [00:16] <Dierson_Pyre> again, you have knowledge of explosive? quiaff?
  369. [00:20] <Biorn> With all due respect... sir, you can shove it down your bqrll. I've spent over half my life fighting back you and your kind from the lands of my fathers and know the same people want me to lead this raggedy collection of refuse on a suicide mission to rescue some god damn scientists from some bug that they couldn't even get anything more than a few photos of at the ass end of the sector. Yeah... I have experience and if it gets me out of this
  370. [00:20] <Biorn> ...
  371. [00:20] <Biorn> Its yours, but don't you ever pressume to tell me how fight my battles. Understand clanner?
  372. [00:21] <Jacob_Dorn> .// You Double Clanner!
  373. 06[00:22] * Dierson_Pyre resists breaking the lowely freebirths neak
  374. [00:23] <Dierson_Pyre> I...will pressume whatever I need to...the Clan is all that maters and success for the clan
  375. [00:24] <Dierson_Pyre> your life and mine are in of no matter...but yes, I believe that you MIGHT be useful on this...I will ignore your words this time, but next will see us in a circle of equals, quiaff?
  376. [00:25] <Biorn> Maybe to you, but all that matters to me is getting back home and seeing my duty done. Perhaps you can understand that much at least. But for know... aff.
  377. [00:26] <Dierson_Pyre> ...if you fight as well and as much as you talk freebirth then you will do
  378. [00:28] <Dierson_Pyre> ...load up on C8 for your alotment of heavy weapon
  379. [00:28] <Biorn> Aff
  380. [00:29] <Dierson_Pyre> I would "presume" that you would prefer to destroy the creature rather than simply call for help...THAT will win us enough honor to be assigned to a real warriors task
  381. [00:29] <Dierson_Pyre> instead of this house cleaning
  382. [00:29] <Dierson_Pyre> Quiaff?
  383. [00:30] <Biorn> You may presume I would rather kill the bitch than wait for your boys to requisition the correct paperwork. Aff.
  384. 06[00:31] * Dierson_Pyre nods
  385. [00:31] <Dierson_Pyre> then direct your claw we need at least two Rocket launchers, other equipment is at your descreation
  386. [00:32] <Biorn> If I may, what is your intention for our deployment. Should we be ready for close quarters or support roles?
  387. [00:33] <Dierson_Pyre> Claw 3 will be the trap, Claw 2 will be the
  388. [00:33] <Biorn> Aff
  389. 06[00:34] * Dierson_Pyre LOUDER to Claw 2
  390. [00:34] <Dierson_Pyre> Dorn, to get Lrg Lasers
  391. [00:35] <Dierson_Pyre> Remus and Vane grab some Flamers
  392. [00:35] <^Vane^> Aff
  393. 06[00:36] * Dierson_Pyre looks at Lrg Lasers
  394. [00:36] <Dierson_Pyre> Dorn...bran...grab flamers as well
  395. [00:36] <^Bran^> AFF
  396. [00:36] <Jacob_Dorn> Toasting...
  397. 06[00:37] * Dierson_Pyre takes flamer as well
  398. 01[00:37] <Deathbane> The Quartermaster arrives into the armoury, seeing you distributing equipment
  399. 06[00:37] * Remus takes a flamer unit off the wall and smiles unnervingly as he examines it
  400. 01[00:37] <Deathbane> "What are you doing?" he asks, surprised
  401. [00:37] <Dierson_Pyre> Equiping my command SC
  402. [00:38] <Jacob_Dorn> Checking out some hardware
  403. 06[00:38] * Stephan___ is looking aroind gor gauss weapons and particle projetcion cannons
  404. 02[00:39] * Biorn ( Quit (Quit: Page closed)
  405. 06[00:39] * ^Vane^ starts checking over a flamer as well.
  406. 06[00:39] * Dierson_Pyre stands at attention waiting on response for SC
  407. 01[00:40] <Deathbane> "At ease, I am not a star commander" he replies. "Your basic equipment list has been provided to me by Star Commander Amsdell. If you would look on the following list, each of you are allowed the following."
  408. 01[00:40] <Deathbane> He hands you a list " This is just the basics. In addition, you have been cleared for two support weapons"
  409. 06[00:40] * Dierson_Pyre takes list
  410. [00:40] <Stephan___> To quartermaster: I wish to resupplay on personal ammonition.
  411. [00:41] <^Vane^> No flamers?
  412. [00:41] <Stephan___> I require sligs for Gauss pistol. Supply them to me.
  413. [00:41] <Stephan___> slugs*
  414. [00:41] <Dierson_Pyre> silence cadet
  415. 01[00:41] <Deathbane> \\List linked on pastebin for the logs
  416. 06[00:41] * Dierson_Pyre looks back at quatermaster
  417. 01[00:44] <Deathbane> "On top of this, you are cleared for 5 Automatic rifles, with 5 clips. In addition, you are allowed one of our Anti Armour Rifles"
  418. 01[00:46] <Deathbane> "In addition, you have been cleared to use three c8 satchells"
  419. 01[00:47] <Deathbane> "On top of this, your selection of two support weapons remains in your hands."
  420. [00:47] <Dierson_Pyre> Confirmed Quatermaster, I will review this list and outfit them as necessary
  421. 01[00:47] <Deathbane> "This equipment is the best we have to offer, i suggest you make use of it"
  422. 01[00:47] <Deathbane> He nods in reply
  423. [00:47] <Dierson_Pyre> We will
  424. 06[00:47] * Dierson_Pyre begins review list
  425. 01[00:49] <Deathbane> "Well i will leave you to your deliberations, ensure it is all accounted for before you leave. Any missing items will be charged directly from your pay"
  426. 02[00:53] * Remus ( Quit (Quit: I leave, to sail beyond the sunset)
  427. [00:53] <Stephan___> I wish to requipt myself with gauss pistol ammo.
  428. 02[00:53] * ^Bran^ ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 19.0/20130215130331])
  429. 06[00:54] * Jacob_Dorn checks out his allocated gear and that all is in fine working order useing his knolledge and skills to chek each intricate detail
  430. [00:55] <Jacob_Dorn> One things that bugs me with out destination, If its a unstable area with highly flamable gasses, why the hell are we trying to take a Flamer?
  431. [00:56] <Stephan___> Insects are usually inconfrotable under fire.
  432. [00:56] <Stephan___> And methan is highly flamable.
  433. [00:56] <Jacob_Dorn> Your supossed to be the smart one yeah?
  434. [00:56] <Stephan___> The commander is planning to idnite the crystals.
  435. [00:56] <Stephan___> Aff.
  436. [00:56] <Stephan___> Apperently.
  437. [00:57] <Jacob_Dorn> So explain what sould happen when say a large pocket of unstable "Flamable" crystal catches fire?
  438. [00:58] <^Vane^> Like the SC said. We'll be showered in crystal flechettes
  439. [00:58] <Stephan___> I do not know exactly.
  440. [00:59] <Stephan___> theroetically pire methan shoudlnt be in a folid state
  441. [00:59] <Stephan___> slid*
  442. [00:59] <Stephan___> solid**
  443. [00:59] <^Vane^> Hopefully, these vests can stop them from damaging vital organs.
  444. [00:59] <Stephan___> at very leas crystals will take fire
  445. [01:00] <Stephan___> and wery worst they will explode.
  446. [01:00] <Jacob_Dorn> Bingo!
  447. 06[01:00] * Stephan___ shrugs at such freebirth word.
  448. [01:01] <Stephan___> Exactly the plan od our commander,
  449. [01:01] <Stephan___> the crystals explode, killing the creature.
  450. [01:01] <Stephan___> or at very leas they trap it.
  451. [01:02] <^Vane^> Well, there has only been three sightings.
  452. [01:02] <Stephan___> for us to kil it using explosives.
  453. [01:03] <^Vane^> If something has happened to the facility, I am more concerned with its status.
  454. [01:05] <^Vane^> For them not being able to get a message out during any emergency, could indicate large enemy numbers and or intelligence.
  455. 02[01:06] * Stephan___ ( Quit (Quit)
  456. 02[01:09] * Dierson_Pyre ( Quit (Quit)
  457. 06[01:09] * Jacob_Dorn is satsified with his equipment and places it aside ready to pick up for deployment
  458. 03[01:09] * Jacob_Dorn ( has left #megamek
  459. 03[01:10] * ^Vane^ is now known as |ceVamp
  460. 01[01:18] <Deathbane> SESSION 4 END --->
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