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  1. # If you're using virtual hosting (your machine has more than 1 IP), you
  2. # may want to specify the particular IP to bind to. You can specify either
  3. # by hostname or by IP. Note that this is not used for listening. Use the
  4. # 'listen-addr' variable to specify the listening address. If you are
  5. # behind a NAT, you will likely want to leave this commented out as Eggdrop
  6. # should determine the correct IP on its own.
  7. #set vhost4 ""
  8. #set vhost4 ""
  10. # IPv6 vhost to bind to for outgoing IPv6 connections. You can set it
  11. # to any valid IPv6 address or hostname, resolving to an IPv6 address.
  12. # Note that this is not used for listening. Use the 'listen-addr'
  13. # variable to specify the listening address.
  14. #set vhost6 ""
  15. set vhost6 "2a01:270:2050:1337::25"
  17. # IPv4/IPv6 address (or hostname) to bind for listening. If you don't set
  18. # this variable, eggdrop will listen on all available IPv4 or IPv6 interfaces,
  19. # depending on the 'prefer-ipv6' variable (see below).
  20. # Note that eggdrop will accept IPv4 connections with IPv6 sockets too.
  21. set listen-addr ""
  22. set listen-addr ""
  23. set listen-addr ""
  25. # Prefer IPv6 over IPv4 for connections and dns resolution? Set to 1 to try
  26. # IPv6 first, otherwise set to 0 for IPv4. If the preferred protocol family
  27. # is not supported, the other one will be tried.
  28. set prefer-ipv6 1
  29. # You need to un-comment this line and change the port number in order to open
  30. # the listen port. You should not keep this set to 3333.
  31. listen 8003 all
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