KH3D HD Any% (Beginner; New Game+) Notes 2.0

Mar 27th, 2020
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  1. Disclaimer: Before starting a New Game+ run, you will need Aura Lion, 4 Juggle Pups, 2 Majik Lapins with Spark Jockey dispositions, Sudo Neku with Psycho disposition, Ryu Dragon, and Frootz Cat (not on "Sweetheart" disposition)!
  3. Traverse Town (1st Visit)
  4. - Enter Second District for forced fight, view Flowmotion Combat Tutorial, then Start + Exit when the HUD shows up
  5. - Mash O to enter Spirits Menu and make a Meow Wow
  6. - Menu: Spirits: Change Party: Ryu Dragon, Frootz Cat, Aura Lion
  7. - Kill the 3 Komory Bats to your left with Flowmotion Shock Wave and jump up with Flowmotion to use 2 Shock Waves on the next group
  8. - Sora and the Spirits should reach LV2 after this, kill the 3 Komory Bats on the roof, then enter 3rd District to drop to Riku
  9. - Enter Second District, make a Komory Bat, view Spirit Links Tutorial, and Start + Exit when the HUD shows up
  10. - Flowmotion Kick Dive on electrical board, then Menu
  11. - Menu: Spirits: Ability Link
  12. Get Superglide from Ryu Dragon, Thundara from Frootz Cat, and Curaga from Aura Lion
  13. Change Party to Juggle Pup 1, Sudo Neku, and Juggle Pup 2
  14. Equip Superglide
  15. - Enter 1st District, examine the Mailbox, then enter Post Office to get to Fourth District
  16. - Chests: Third District: Vibrant Fantasy (Upper-right Balcony)
  17. Post Office: Troubling Fantasy (North of Spark chest)
  18. Fountain Plaza: Rampant Fantasy (Right of alcove to main area)
  19. 4th District: Balloon (Big chest)
  20. - Shop: Sell: Everything except Thundara, Curaga, and Balloon
  21. Buy: Water Barrel x17 (You can get more if you have Bargain Flurry weather)
  22. - Menu: Spirits: Bond
  23. Use 1 Water Barrel and see if Juggle Pup gets 20+ LP. If not, then use another Water Barrel
  24. 4 Juggle Pups needs 20 LP for South Question Mark and Balloon
  25. After you get 2 Balloonras with the 1st two Juggle Pups, switch them in with the other 2 Juggle Pups
  26. Use 1-2 Water Barrels for 2 more Balloonras
  27. After getting the last 2 Balloonras, replace the 2 Juggle Pups with 2 Majik Lapins, then use 12-13 Water Barrels
  28. Sudo Neku: Fira, Magic Boost, Magic Haste (30), Magic Haste (50), Blizzard Boost, Magic Haste (100) (250 LP needed)
  29. *You can get Thunder Boost as well for 30 LP if Sudo Neku has 280 LP
  30. Majik Lapin: Dark Barrier, Magic Haste, Blizzard Screen, Blizzard Screen, Magic Boost (200 LP needed)
  31. Majik Lapin: Dark Barrier, Magic Haste, Blizzard Screen, Blizzard Screen, Magic Boost (200 LP needed)
  32. Equip Balloonra on all 4 slots (Both Sora and Riku)
  33. Equip Dark Barrier (Riku Only)
  34. - Use Balloonras against Hockomonkey
  35. - Drop to Riku
  37. Traverse Town (1st Visit; Riku)
  38. - Menu: Spirits: Sudo Neku, Majik Lapin, Majik Lapin
  39. - Enter 1st District for forced fight and use Flowmotion Shock Wave + Balloonra
  40. - At the end of Back Street, make sure you are high enough at the bridge to where the last group doesn't spawn and touch the save point!
  41. - Kill the 1st group of enemies in Fountain Plaza with Flowmotion Shock Dive + 2 hits to reach LV3
  42. - Use Flowmotion Shock Dive once again on the next group ahead, then go to 5th District to fight Hockomonkey
  44. Prankster's Paradise (Riku)
  45. - Menu: Equip Skull Noise
  46. Balloonra -> Empty (Both Riku and Sora)
  47. - Talk to Geppetto and kill the 2nd Barrel group with 2 Jestabockies with 2 Bubble Burst Reality Shifts
  48. - If you have Overcast, enter Bubble Burst Reality Shift once, then jump + Shock Dive (should reach LV4 after this)
  49. - Leave the world from the save point in next room
  51. La Cité des Cloches (Riku)
  52. - Enter the Cathedral, go touch the save point in Town, kill a Zolephant on the way out, then go to Outskirts
  53. - Go back to World Map from Save Point, select "Town", then go through Cathedral
  54. - Spam Balloonra and Reality Shift on Wargoyle
  56. The Grid (Riku)
  57. - Light Cycle
  58. - Menu: Equip Guardian Bell
  59. - Choose "The City" (1st option), then go straight to enter forced fight and get the Thundara chest above
  60. - After forced fight, kill the Peepsta Hoo that immediately spawns with Balloonra, and enter the next room
  61. - Kill the 1st Cyber Yog right after the 1st door, then go through the room while Auto-Destructing guns and activating switches
  62. - Go fight Commantis and spam Balloonras and Reality Shifts
  64. Prankster's Paradise (Riku)
  65. - Go fight Char Clawbster
  66. - Get Magic Gain LV1 for Sora if you can
  68. La Cité des Cloches (Sora)
  69. - Menu: Equip Skull Noise
  70. - Use the Comet Dual Link and spam Balloonra in forced fight, go through the Cathedral, then enter Bell Tower
  71. - Go to Town for forced fight, then enter the Tomb
  72. - Break the lower-right wall past the Poison, go to Catacombs, and break the lower-left wall in the Poison
  73. - Talk to Esmeralda to fight Wargoyle
  75. Prankster's Paradise (Sora)
  76. - Menu: Equip Guardian Bell
  77. Thundara -> Empty
  78. Thundara -> Balloonra
  79. - Go north to find the 1st Pinocchio clone for 1st forced fight
  80. - Take the ride to get to the top of the red tower and go to the next room
  81. - Kill the Pricklemane group with 2 Thundaras, kill a Kooma Panda with 2 Jestabockies, then enter forced fight
  82. - After forced fight, kill a Kooma Panda with 2 Jestabockies again with a few Komory Bats, then Pricklemane group again on the way out
  83. - You should be almost LV9 at this point
  84. - Go to the center of the bridge and use a Thundara on the 3 Juggle Pups (attack the surviving Juggle Pups)
  85. - Go up ahead and kill the next group with 2 Kooma Pandas as the 2nd wave with a Thundara and Balloonras
  86. - Make sure you're not too high to make the next group to the left up ahead spawn to kill them with a Thundara
  87. - Kill the last group with a Thundara and Balloonras if needed to reach LV10
  88. - Menu: Balloonra -> Thundara
  89. - Go fight Chill Clawbster
  91. The Grid (Sora)
  92. - Go straight to the next room until you reach the cutscene trigger
  93. - Go straight, then upper-right to the next room
  94. - Examine the machine, then board the Solar Sailer
  95. - Go to 2nd Floor, use Reality Shift to Auto-Destruct a gun, and enter right terminal through the roof to get Balloonra in a big chest
  96. - Menu: Curaga -> Empty
  97. - Go up on the roof, proceed to the next two rooms, then go fight Rinzler
  99. Traverse Town (2nd Visit)
  100. - Choose 2nd option when you go to Traverse Town
  101. - Menu: Equip Ferris Gear
  102. - Enter Fountain Court for forced fight, use a Thundara and Balloonras until 2nd wave spawns, then use Comet
  103. - Menu: Equip Guardian Bell
  104. - Go to World Map from Post Office and re-enter to 1st District
  105. - Kill the group near the save point if not LV11 yet with a Thundara, then enter 3rd District for Boss Rush
  106. - Menu: Equip Knockout Punch, then Drop to Riku and get Magic Gain LV1 (or LV2 if you can)
  107. - Go back to World Map after entering and re-enter to Back Streets
  108. - Go to Fountain Court, get to cutscene trigger, then go back for forced fight
  109. - Enter 3rd District
  111. Symphony of Sorcery (Riku)
  112. - Enter the Blue Musical Book
  113. - Get Zero Graviza in a big chest above after the 1st Reality Shift in 1st room
  114. - Get the Elixir chest on the left tree trunk on the way to the Reality Shift in the 2nd room
  115. - Do 2 more Reality Shifts in the 3rd room, then fight Chernabog
  117. Country of the Musketeers (Riku)
  118. - Menu: Equip Counterpoint
  119. Thundara -> Empty
  120. Thundara -> Empty
  121. Zero Graviza -> Empty
  122. Balloon -> Balloonra
  123. Equip High Jump (Both Sora and Riku)
  124. Elixir -> Curaga (Sora Only)
  125. - Go straight to Grand Lobby and Shop!
  126. - Shop: Sell: Fira and Fleeting Fantasy or Dark Barrier (not equipped!)
  127. Buy: Collision Magnet and Slow (1,200 Munny needed)
  128. - Go to the 2nd floor above you and use Thundara(s) to kill a group of enemies, then take lower-left path inside building
  129. - Dodge Roll forward twice after the next cutscene skip, use 2 Thundaras, then go fight/find the Beagle Boys
  130. - Use Flowmotion Shock Wave to break part of a wall, then Flowmotion around the pole to reveal the 1st Beagle Boy
  131. - Make enemies spawn to the right as the 1st Beagle Boy is coming down, then use Zero Graviza + Thundaras/Balloonras
  132. - Break the last-right clothes to reveal the 2nd Beagle Boy and break the lighted door to the right for the 3rd one
  133. - Use Balloonras & Thundaras against Holey Moley
  135. Country of the Musketeers (Sora)
  136. - Use Comet, use Elixir, then Balloonras for forced fight
  137. - Talk to Mickey and choose bottom option to fight Tyranto Rex
  138. - Menu: Slow -> Elixir
  139. Thundara -> Balloonra
  140. Zero Graviza -> Balloonra
  141. - Go fight Beagle Boys (If Spirit Roar shows up on the Bridge, use Thundara on the last group before the door)
  142. - Choose 1st option when examining the carriage to enter Shore
  143. - Take the right path and use Zero Graviza + 1 Thundara to get about 624 EXP if Spirit Roar didn't show up on the Bridge
  144. - After having less than 1,008 EXP left until LV13, go to the forced fight to use Comet on Zolephants in Dungeon
  145. - After saving Mickey, choose 1st option, then go fight Beagle Boys & Pete
  147. Symphony of Sorcery (Sora)
  148. - Menu: Equip All for One
  149. Collision Magnet -> Empty
  150. Zero Graviga -> Slow
  151. Balloonra -> Thundara
  152. Balloonra -> Thundara
  153. Balloonra -> Zero Graviza
  154. - Enter Pink Music Book, activate 2 Reality Shifts in all 3 rooms, then approach the Sound Idea
  155. - Enter Red Music Book to fight Spellican
  156. - Use Zero Graviga + Balloonras and Collision Magnet
  158. The World That Never Was
  159. - Enter with Sora, then enter as Riku
  160. - Activate the Reality Shifts with Balloonra + 1 combo
  161. - Take left path after 1st Reality Shift, then get Doubleflight chest if you want to and Curaga chest after 3rd Reality Shift
  162. - Menu: Equip Divewing if you managed to A-Rank all Dives with Riku, otherwise Counterpoint
  163. Command Deck: Balloonra x6 and Curaga x2 (Both Sora and Riku)
  164. Equip Doublefight if you get it
  165. - If you don't have Overcast for this world (Drop Gauge = 1.3), then you can either continue on or drop until it's in Slot 3
  166. - Once you see Overcast on Slot 3 while you're Riku, then drop again, equip Divewing as Sora, then go fight Xemnas (Read notes below)
  168. The World That Never Was (Riku)
  169. - Take the North Path to the next room
  170. - Go straight ahead for the 1st Reality Shift in next room, up-right for 2nd Reality Shift, then left to 3rd Reality Shift
  171. - Go through the next rooms to enter a Boss Rush with Anti-Black Coat and both Ansem fights
  172. - Spam Balloonra + use Curaga when needed
  173. - Drop to Sora after defeating Ansem II if you haven't defeated Xemnas yet
  175. The World That Never Was (Sora)
  176. - Menu: Equip Divewing if you managed to A-Rank all Dives with Sora, otherwise Counterpoint
  177. - Use Flowmotion over a black and white buildings in 1st room and Reality Shifts in 2nd room, then go fight Xemnas
  178. - When Xemnas DMs, do not use the Reality Shift against him!
  180. Final Battles
  181. - Go fight Young Xehanort and spam Balloonras
  182. - When Young Xehanort's HP reaches 0, use Reality Shift when it shows up
  183. - Use Doublefight + Balloonra during all attacks except X Attack, heal when needed
  184. - Tag 30 Soras, then spam Balloonra against Armored Ventus Nightmare until White Room or he reaches 0 HP
  185. - Heal before scripted event when he's at 0 HP, then time your attacks properly to finish him off
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