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  1. [23:10] <heathkid> please remove DOPE from the pool...
  2. [23:11] <heathkid> I refuse to be a part of mining DopeCoins
  3. [23:11] <heathkid> unless someone can absolutely PROVE they are not in ANY WAY associated with "anonomous"
  4. [23:11] <heathkid> I'll change pools now
  5. [23:13] <heathkid> not mining them now... please remove them from the pool.. unless someone can convince me it's not *anonomous*... I won't be a part of mining any coin whatever to support them!
  6. [23:13] <heathkid> I HATE that I was mining them
  7. [23:14] <heathkid> DAMN!
  8. [23:14] <heathkid> okay... please drop DOPE
  9. [23:15] <heathkid> on another note... this has been the best payout I've had to date...
  10. [23:15] <heathkid> I'm here for the duration... drop DOPE
  11. [23:15] <heathkid> please
  12. [23:16] <heathkid> ???
  13. [23:16] <heathkid> lots of coins to mine... don't need that one
  14. [23:16] <heathkid> okay?
  15. [23:18] <nemesio> mining a coin doesn't support anyone/anything. It creates coins that we dump, dumping normally drops price, buying raises, the only time a coin 'supports' anyone is during the premine stage, which dopecoin has long surpassed.
  16. [23:19] <nemesio> With that said, If there is any concerns over the coins mined contact VT, he runs the pool
  17. [23:22] <heathkid> VTMiner: please do not include DOPE in the pool.
  18. [23:23] <heathkid> VTMiner: if I had *any* profits from mining DOPE... please reverse them... I will not participate in mining them.   Thank you.
  19. [23:24] <heathkid> nemesio: I don't want to even be associated with them... period.
  20. [23:24] <heathkid> we mine it... I'll change pools
  21. [23:25] <heathkid> I don't give a rats ass if it's profitible or not
  22. [23:25] <heathkid> have to draw the line somewhere and at that... I do
  23. [23:25] <nemesio> most pools mine any and all coins. some pools show lists  of what they mine, some don't.
  24. [23:26] <nemesio> only way to control what you mine is to solomine.
  25. [23:26] <heathkid> or setup my own pool
  26. [23:26] <heathkid> everyting *except* DOPE
  27. [23:26] <nemesio> where are you getting your information about DOPE ?
  28. [23:26] <heathkid> no where
  29. [23:27] <heathkid> or
  30. [23:27] <heathkid> a friend of mine has already put over 1k of people dressed just like that in jain
  31. [23:27] <heathkid> jail
  32. [23:28] <heathkid> "by the people for the people"... etc.... read up on Anonomous
  33. [23:29] <heathkid> I will not mine for a terrorist group
  34. [23:29] <heathkid> you want to fine... not me
  35. [23:29] <nemesio> again, no one gains anything for a coin being mined.
  36. [23:29] <nemesio> i can make a coin, unless i premine from it, i gain nothing from it
  37. [23:29] <heathkid> keep trying to convince me
  38. [23:30] <nemesio> i'm not trying, it's cryptocurrency, it is how it works
  39. [23:30] <heathkid> would it kill CS to drop one coin???
  40. [23:30] <nemesio> why drop a coin if it's not doing anything to support anyone?
  41. [23:30] <heathkid> DOPE has no value... = good for everyone
  42. [23:31] <heathkid> no one mines, trades, or sells... = good for everyone
  43. [23:31] <heathkid> no one mines... no one can trade or sell.. right?
  44. [23:31] <heathkid> we are providing the service that allows it to be a "currency"
  45. [23:32] <nemesio> again, coin doesn't support anyone or anything. premine is the ONLY part that could go back to a creator
  46. [23:32] <heathkid> and once it's worthless... we'll all be better off
  47. [23:33] <heathkid> no one mines... it'll become worthless
  48. [23:33] <nemesio> how?
  49. [23:33] <nemesio> how would we be better off?
  50. [23:33] <nemesio> it's just another crypto at this point
  51. [23:33] <nemesio> it had start up support, it had its premine, the creaters had their pay out
  52. [23:33] <nemesio> now they earn nothing from it
  53. [23:34] <heathkid> seriously?  on the web site... 3rd pic on the right states, "Nice Day For A Revolution".... you think that's okay?
  54. [23:34] <nemesio> in certain situations, yes. Depending on where you're located and how things are ran, yes.
  55. [23:35] <heathkid> where are you?
  56. [23:35] <heathkid> these people are in the USA
  57. [23:35] <nemesio> that isn't what is questioned. What the real question is, how does mining a coin that provides no profit to anyone except for the people that mine and dump, matter if we mine and dump or not?
  58. [23:35] <heathkid> and actually more harmful than Obama...
  59. [23:36] <heathkid> because it exists to begin with
  60. [23:36] <nemesio> I know who anonymous is, they've been around much longer than the media has shown or than anyone began speculating on their doings
  61. [23:36] <heathkid> I know
  62. [23:36] <heathkid> trust me
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