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  1. eaglehmm1: no you see my pokemon
  2. eaglehmm1: and you give ff
  3. eaglehmm1: so i win
  4. Cat lover3: u see my poke
  5. eaglehmm1: i dont carre bout it
  6. Cat lover3: i forgot to put an item on
  7. Cat lover3: I don't want to cause hassel with challenge so i'm just going to leave we didn't even battle
  8. Cat lover3: I had surf anyway it would have destroyed you
  9. eaglehmm1: i win doom say you win not gtg noob
  10. Cat lover3: Lol
  11. Cat lover3: thx
  12. eaglehmm1: i win
  13. eaglehmm1: noob
  14. Cat lover3: Your the funniest person i've met in years
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