Apr 23rd, 2018
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  1. It's the end of the week, and I'm exhausted. My boss recently lost her boyfriend, so she's been making things extra tough on the guys. Altogether, I've worked fifty hours. The bright side is that I legally get an extra day off next week for it.
  3. I figure the best cure for what ails me is a fresh, hot pizza, as a reward for keeping up the pace. Unfortunately, my favorite local pizza joint is closed. Thankfully, in the age of the internet, I can easily find another.
  5. However, the only place that's open is a place called "Succu'piz". Their Google reviews boast that they exclusively hire demons and the like, which is a bold statement in today's daemonophobic urban youth.
  7. Personally, I don't care much for demons. They're too flirty, and the way they dress is too distracting for me to ever want to approach them. I prefer more modest, quiet girls.
  9. However, my hunger for pizza is too great for me to worry about things like personal tastes. They don't have on-line ordering, so I ring them up,
  11. The cashier is quick to pick up the phone.
  13. "Good evening, thank you for choosing Succu'piz! How may I service you this evening?"
  15. Already, I have a bad taste in my mouth. I couldn't comprehend how she could say something like that in such an upbeat tone.
  17. "I'd like to order a delivery. And you meant to say 'serve', right?" I ask out of curiosity.
  19. "Oh no, it's just a little catchphrase that our manager came up w-", she cuts herself off abruptly, "Are you a guy?"
  21. "I am."
  23. "Oh, wow! We almost never get calls from guys. What would you like?"
  25. "Do you have a meat-lovers style pizza?"
  27. "So you're a carnivore." She purrs. "And yeah, we that. What size?"
  29. "Medium."
  31. "Okay, and what else?"
  33. "That'll be all."
  35. "Not even a drink?"
  37. "No thanks, I have some at home."
  39. "So, you're eating alone?"
  41. I'm not going to play this game. "How much will it be?"
  43. "You know, my shift ends in about fourty-five minutes. I know how depressing it feels to eat pizza alone."
  45. I say nothing in response, and after a long, awkward silence, she lets out a sigh. "Fifteen dollars and fifty cents. It'll arrive within thirty to fourty-five minutes."
  47. I thank her before hanging up. Although I was uncomfortable, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.
  49. I decided to play a couple of games on my smartphone to pass the time.
  51. I zoned out for a while, until the doorbell rang. According to my phone, it had only been fifteen minutes since I had made the call. I quickly strolled over to the front door, and peered through the peephole.
  53. At the other side of the door was a woman in a t-shirt that barely covered her midriff, but with an ample window of cleavage. In her hands was a pizza box. Her bright smile was ripe with anticipation.
  55. I slowly pulled the door open.
  57. "Thank you ordering Succu-u-u'piz!" She chants, shimmying her shoulders as she hands me the box. It was painfully obvious that her attire didn't include a bra. "That'll be fifteen dollars and fifty cents, please!"
  59. Now that the entire neighborhood was made aware that I had just ordered pizza from a merry band of demonic hussies, I quickly handed her the cash, and sent her on her way. I quickly made my way back to my room, turned on some stream of a tv show I barely remember, and opened up my box of dinner.
  61. A note was taped to the ceiling of the box.
  63. Dear Customer,
  65. It's not good to eat pizza alone! Pizza is the food of the people! You should find someone
  66. to share it with, so that you can form a strong bond through delectable, melty cheese,
  67. and hearty tomato sauce!
  69. But, I'm not sure if you have friends. I mean, who orders a pizza at one in the morning?
  70. If you don't mind, I can be your friend, even if it's only for tonight.
  72. If you sign the dotted line below, we can eat pizza together, at no extra cost to you. I'm
  73. a pretty lonely person myself, so I wouldn't mind being friends. It'll be our first act of
  74. kinship!
  77. X...................................................
  79. Your friend,
  80. Amy
  82. I got a chuckle out of how bizarre the note was, but I know better than to sign a contract from someone I hardly know.
  84. I take my first bite of the pizza. The crust is soft, and buttery, and the toppings are top-notch. The cheese seems to dissolve in your mouth before you can even finish your bite, and the sauce is savory, and robust. I'd never say this in public, but I think this might be my new favorite pizza. I take another bite. It's just as scrumptious as the first, although there is an odd hint of a metallic taste. That might just be my imagination, though. I take my third bite, and something sharp punctures the inside of my lip. I spit out my bite, and immediately run over to the bathroom. I take a look in the mirror and find a sewing needle lodged in my upper lip. Thankfully, it hasn't gone all the way through, and I manage to pull it out, and stop the bleeding with a paper towel. I don't know how the hell that needle got in there, but I certainly didn't enjoy it ruining my meal. I set the it beside the sink, so I could clean out the wound with some rubbing alcohol.
  86. After a few painkillers and some deep breaths, I came back to my room to take a look at the pizza. Nothing really stood out about the pizza, but I noticed that the contract had been signed, and that the bloodied needle I had previously left in the bathroom was now comfortably resting in a corner of the box.
  88. "Hello there, friend." a bright, sunny disposition breathes down my neck. "Glad to see you saved some for me."
  90. I fled the room without looking back, toward the front door. I fumbled with the lock, and flung it open, only to see a wall of bricks blocking my path.
  92. "A deal is a deal, friend. Let's eat." The intruder whispers from behind.
  94. I turn around and set my back against the door, only to see the demon who delivered my pizza, wings exposed, and tail gleefully curling into a heart. "How did you do this?"
  96. "Magic!" She exclaims, giving me a wink. "Now, let's eat! I'm starving."
  98. She drags me back into my room by the wrist, and sits me down on the bed. She grabs the pizza box before sitting uncomfortably close to me. She points a slice of pizza toward my face. "Open wide!"
  100. "I'm sorry, what?"
  102. "You've never had a friend feed you before?"
  104. "No?" I stammer.
  106. "Just try it!"
  108. Against my better judgement, I open my mouth. She puts the edge of the pizza in my mouth, and I take a bite out of it. It's embarrassing, but Amy seems like she's really into it. "Cute!" She exclaims, before covering her mouth. "Sorry, I let that one slip." She hands me a different slice of pizza. "Now do me!" She demands, opening her mouth. Strands of saliva connect her tongue to her pallet, and she smiles at me with suggestive eyes. I nervously push the corner of the pizza inside her mouth, and she gently clamps down on it, letting out a "Mmmmm!" before taking the bite out, and chewing it. She swallows, and then opens her mouth again, her perfectly clean teeth showing no trace of what she had done. My heart was racing, and I had to pull myself away.
  110. "Don't you think this is a little embarrassing?" I say, trying to hide my face.
  112. "Not really." She replies bluntly. "We're only doing this as friends, right? There's no need to be shy." She teases, closing the gap between us. "That is, unless something is bothering you." She whispers.
  114. I instinctively dropped my slice of pizza, and covered my crotch in fear.
  116. "What's wrong? Did I go too far?"
  118. "A bit."
  120. "Are you hard?"
  122. "W-what?!"
  124. "Did you get turned on by watching me eat a slice of pizza?"
  126. "That's a bit too personal of a question to ask a friend."
  128. "We don't have to be friends, you know. I've kind of taken a liking to you." She says, gently prying my hands away from my crotch. "So, why don't you show me what you're hiding?"
  130. Suddenly, I lost control of my hands, and began to unzip my jeans. My hard-on was peeking out of my boxers, much to her amusement.
  132. "Go on, pull it out."
  134. I involuntarily stood up, removed my jeans and underwear, and turned towards her. Her eyes were glowing a bright purple, and she was giggling to herself as she stared at my lower half.
  136. "You must be really pent-up. No wonder you sounded so impatient over the phone."
  138. "Y-you mean, you were also the cashier?"
  140. "My boss let me off early to come see you. She's really nice." She pressed a finger against the tip of my cock. "Now, what should I do with this?" She thought to herself out loud, before taking off her shirt, revealing a well-endowed, fair-skinned chest. "Unfortunately, I'm not powerful enough to make you cum without touching, so... stroke it for me, please."
  142. Her eyes flashed, and my hands immediately went to work, stroking myself despite my attempts at resistance.
  144. "You make such a cute face when you struggle, you know that?" She smirked. "Faster."
  146. My hands began pumping my cock, eagerly willing to serve their new mistress. She cupped my balls with a hand, looking up at me as though she were a child denied her favorite candy. "So, where do you want to spill it?"
  148. "Please stop... this is too much." I begged.
  150. "Be honest, what part of my body do you want to cover in your seed?"
  152. Her eyes flashed again, and words were forced out of my mouth. "Your breasts, Amy."
  154. "Oh? What an honest boy. Faster."
  156. My hands were stroking me faster than I could've ever done myself. She gave my scrotum a quick kiss, before giggling to herself.
  158. "Your scent suddenly got stronger. Are you about to cum?"
  160. "Y-yes!"
  162. She happily sat herself down in front of my cock, shaking her chest around, as if to cheer me on. I hunched over, unable to bear the pleasure that her magic brought upon me. My lower half twitched, and happily covered her tits in thick, warm cum. The stroking continued to milk my orgasm, and several more spurts came through, until I begged her to stop.
  164. "Okay, you can stop now." She giggled, collecting some of the sperm off of her chest with a finger before licking it clean. With my hands finally free, I let out a sigh of relief. "You really are backed up, aren't you?"
  166. "Yes." I sighed, completely under her spell.
  168. "Do you want me to take care of it, my love?"
  170. "Yes ma'am."
  172. "Good boy." She hummed, before hungrily shoving my cock down her throat. I was still sensitive from the previous orgasm, and reflexively moving away from the stimulation, I backed out of her mouth, and into a wall.
  174. "Come back here." She grinned, her eyes flashing yet again. My legs awkwardly stumbled toward her. She looked up at me with an evil grin. "Now, force your cock down my throat, and don't let go until I drink every last drop."
  176. My hands pulled at her hair, and forced her head against my groin, shoving my cock all the way down her throat until her lips kissed the shaft. She let out a victorious giggle before my body got back to work, thrusting in and out of her mouth uncontrollably. Warm drool began to run down between my legs, and when I looked further down, I noticed that she had already slipped a hand down inside the front of her shorts. The lewd sloshing of her dribbling mouth grew more and more intense as I continued to force myself in and out of it. Her tongue happily coiled around me, and I could feel her throat twitch every time she managed to eek out a small drop of pre-cum from me. Unable to resist, I came a second time, deep inside Amy's throat, and pulled out. She nuzzled her face against my cock, kissing the shaft as if to thank it for doing its job.
  178. "Hey, want to see something cool?" She pulled my cock down, and pointed it in front of her mouth. Her tongue was still dripping drool from the earlier face-fuck, and I couldn't help but feel compelled to ravage her again.
  180. "Feed me, please." She said, with yet another eye flash. My cock instantly obeyed, and squirted a mouthful of semen inside her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed in front of my face. "I leveled up!" she said, giggling. "Now, lie down on the bed."
  182. She didn't cast a spell on me this time, but I followed her orders anyway. She removed her pants, and straddled me, cushioning my cock against her soft, smooth ass. For once, she seemed embarrassed, turning her head before asking me a question.
  184. "You're fine if I do this, right? I know you're a virgin, so I don't want to ruin anything if you have plans."
  186. "I think it's too late to say something like that, don't you?" I say, grabbing her ass.
  188. "Oh!" She exclaims. "Uh, y-yeah! Alright. I can do this." She says to herself.
  190. She raises her hips, and slowly pushes me inside, wincing a bit as I stretch her open. "You really are big, aren't you?"
  192. "Thanks, I guess?"
  194. When we're fully connected, she lets out a little moan. "Hey, I just had an idea. Cum for me." Her eyes flash, and my cock obeys her order, squirting a load directly against the entrance to her womb. "S-so warm..." She stammers. "Again." Her eyes flash, and I cum again, filling her womb with even more cum. "A-again!" Her eyes faintly glow, and I dump even more sperm inside of her. I can barely keep my breath in my chest by the end of my orgasm.
  196. She lays down on top of me, and gives me a small kiss. "With this, I'll definitely get pregnant. You'll take responsibility, won't you?"
  198. "Y-yeah." I mutter, unable to contain myself.
  200. "In that case..." She sits back up. "We're lovers now, right?"
  202. "I mean, you were already calling me 'lover'."
  204. Her face turned cherry red. "I-I was?!" She stammered, covering her face with her hands. After regaining her composure, she laid her hands on my chest. "In that case, I'll make sure you're never alone again! I promise!"
  206. With renewed vigor, she began to shake her waist. Cum leaked out of her pussy each time she thrust herself against me. Her eyes were trained on mine, thoroughly enjoying the expression on my face as she continued to milk me. She began to shake her hips faster, and I couldn't help but grab her waist, which only spurred her on further. "Does it feel good? Do you want to cum inside again, for good measure?"
  208. "Amy!" I moaned.
  210. "What? Are you going to cum again? Do you love my pussy that much?"
  212. She giggled as she came to a stop. "Then, why don't we change things up?" She began to grind against me. "I'm not going to move any faster than this until you either cum, or shove me down. What'll it be, lover?"
  214. She kept me all the way inside her, rocking her hips gently, only to keep me hard. I could feel I was close, but any attempt I made to thrust was defeated. I had no other choice. I got up, and threw her to the bed by the shoulders. Then, I flipped her over, and pulled her ass toward me.
  216. "Doggy-style? How shameful!" She teased, but I wasn't listening. I forced my way inside her, pulling her hips toward me so I could get as much of myself inside her as possible with each thrust. "H-hey! Take it easy!" She moaned, but I kept thrusting. "That's too much!"
  218. I kept pounding her, trying my hardest to climax, coming close enough for it to hurt. In that brief moment, all I could see in the world around me was her bare body, jiggling every time I thrust into her. All I could hear were her moans as she gave in to the pleasure. All I could smell was the sultry scent of sex. All I could feel was her pussy, coiling around me, begging for me to fill it with more of my seed.
  220. "C-cumming!" She said, before burying her head into the mattress to muffle her screams of ecstasy. I pulled her back up by the hair, filling the entire house with her voice. "She turned to me, her eyes dimly flickering with magic. "Cum, cum, cum! Please cum!" she begged, and my cock exploded inside of her, gushing what felt like a five-second-straight stream of cum inside of her.
  224. After that encounter, Amy and I started dating. We now eat pizza every weekend, with a twenty percent discount, and sometimes get birthday cards from her boss. We plan to get married in the ninth of February next year.
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