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The Knight and the Alchemist Ch.1

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Dec 8th, 2013
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  1. The sun was setting over the ridge of the Rusty Mountains. A Rider can be seen cresting the ridge of one of the lesser hills. From this height he could see quite a ways. It was starting to get dark and he was on the look-out for a place to encamp for the night. He soon spotted a light up ahead. It looked like a small fire. If he was lucky this might mean he didn't have to spend the night in the loneliness of the road.
  3. The Rider was an imposing figure. He was tall and broad shouldered with thin, toned features. He has the pointed ears and fluffy tail indicative of the trickster species known as the nekomimi. His hair was the colour of dark chocolate and tied up in a ponytail with a goatee and sideburns to match.
  5. Meanwhile a young knight sat in the middle of a clearing. He had been beset by bandits earlier in the day and was exhausted from the fight and from the weight he had been carrying. His heavy pack lay discarded to his side and he was stoking the fire, wiping the sweat from his rugged and slightly weathered face. He warmed himself by the fire as he dried his shaggy, rust coloured hair of his perspiration. He probably should have taken his armour off as well but it was a time-consuming chore and he was simply too tired.
  7. As the rider drew nearer to the welcoming fire he concentrated slightly, causing his clothing to vanish into the Æther. Soon a new set of clothes appeared to take their place. It was a rather smart number, reminiscent of Robin Hood, complete with feather in cap. Thus attired he broached the treeline and came within sight of the campfire. The knight was indulged in stoking the fire when the rider approached but he heard the hoof-beats and rose heavily to his feat, expecting more bandits.
  9. "Greetings, fellow traveler," called the rider on the horse. "Might I share in your company this evening? It grows dark and I have yet to spy a town ahead."
  11. The knight looked at the fancy man riding the horse, shrugged and simply went, "Go right ahead. No point wastin' a good fire." After all, most bandits didn't generally dress up like this or ride such a fine horse.
  13. "I have a number of sausages we could roast if you are hungry," offered the rider as he swung down from his horse "I've never been one to receive and not give in turn."
  15. The knight's stomach growled at the mention of sausages. "Some food would be most welcome," he replied, "Have you any drink to go along with it?" he asked certain now that this was no bandit.
  17. "I've some elven wine, if it's drink you crave" replied the rider, politely, as he got down from his horse "but beware, it's taste can be too powerful for those not used to it," As he spoke he extended a hand into empty air and a traveling case appeared in his hand with a moment's concentration.
  19. The young knight gave a chuckle from within his armour at the stranger's warning. "If it's just elven wine I'm sure I'll be able to hand it," he boasted "They don't call me The Wall for nothin', you know," He was somewhat impressed with the summoning but he had met mages before and knew it would not do to flatter them unduly.
  21. "Alright," laughed the stranger, "If you're sure." He opened the case upon the ground and selected a large bottle and a string of sausages from among the tiny bottles, nicknacks and papers within. Curiously he did not seem to be carrying any spare clothing. He handed the bottle to the young knight and began to roast the sausages upon the fire.
  23. The young knight took a long confident swig of the wine as he eyeballed the stranger's case. "Ah," he gasped, "that hits the spot." As he noticed the tiny bottles he became curious and asked the stranger about their purpose.
  25. "Ah yes, my wares," says the stranger as the sausages crackle over the fire. "They're mainly experiments of various kinds. I'm an alchemist by training but a salesman by trade. I mix up potions for all sorts of needs. I have potions to restore vitality and vigor, I have potions to see in the dark and climb upon walls. I have potions that change one into what their heart desires and even some that change them into desires that many would deny."
  27. "Mhm, mhm, huh... very interestin'," Says the knight nodding as the Alchemist explains. "I could certainly do with one of those vitality potions. I've had a rather rough day and I've got some kinks in my back from luggin' all o' this heavy stuff around." He took one of the finished sausages from the fire and ate it hungrily. The day certainly had left him famished.
  29. "Ah, I could do you one better than that, my friend," said the Alchemist, his salesman's instinct igniting. "A single sip of this," and here he held up a small vial of ruby red liquid, "and you'll grow muscles like you won't believe." As if to demonstrate he took a tiny sip himself. The muscles all over his body suddenly swelled like coiling snakes, tearing the fabric of his shirt asunder as they flexed and grew. He reached out a large muscular arm and grabbed several sausages at once from the fire and consumed them all.
  31. The knight grinned at that as he watched the potential of such a drought. "Alright, I'll have that then," he said eagerly. "You won't mind if I work off payin' for that drink right? I bet you could use a body guard or somethin', right?"
  33. "They do say the roads are dangerous," conceded the Alchemist thoughtfully. "I once was captured by bandits. They had me trussed up and I would have been done for had I not tricked them into drinking my elixir of size reduction. Needless to say I was able to squash that problem quite easily after that," The Alchemist chuckled at his own pun.
  35. The Knight smirked at that. Size reduction.. yeah right. "Well, do we have a deal then?" He asked offering his hand both as a hand shake and to accept the potion itself.
  37. Seemingly oblivious to the handshake gesture the Alchemist was now staring at the man as if seeing him for the first time. he grabbed him by his armoured shoulders and looked him right in the eyes. "I tell you what," he said conspiratorially "Perhaps you would be suited to demonstrate my products? I could have you try them each out in turn, before an audience, to drum up sales."
  39. The knight looked a bit.. skeptical about that, but he could use the money. "And in doing so.. you'll pay me for it? Fine. May as well make a bit of extra cash."
  41. "Oh of course," said the Alchemist with a sly nudge. The more sales you drum up the bigger the cake. The bigger the cake the bigger your slice. You want a slice of the cake, don't you?"
  43. The knight subconsciously drooled at the though of food. "Fine. I want a slice. It's a deal," he said, hungrily.
  45. "Perhaps, though..." contemplated the Alchemist in a rather staged way. "yes, I think maybe you should try them out first? After all, you have to know how to show them off, right? And oh look, I have one here in my hand. Why don't you try a sip of this, it makes you feel such power. Just a drop, though"
  47. The Knight rolled his eyes at that as he took the potion that had given the Alchemist such muscles. "Fine fine, may as well." Removing the cork, he dripped a single drop of the potion onto his tongue. His muscles bulged as his armor creaked and strained under the stress. "Oh ho! You weren't kidding!" he cried out as he felt his body swell. "I feel amazing!"
  49. "Oh dear, oh Dear." chided the Alchemist, "You don't want damage that nice, and surely expensive, armour, do you? You had better take it off, just in case."
  51. "Ah.. right right." Mumbled the Knight, making sure to quickly unbuckle the armour. He managed to take it off in time before any permanent damaged came to it. "There we are," he said as he stretched his growing body out. What once was lean, battle scarred muscles was replaced with mountains of meat, capable of handling any load. "Much better."
  53. "Yes, much better indeed." the stranger nodded while holding his chin like an appraising artist. "Tell me, does your pack feel heavy to you now?"
  55. "Hah, not at all!" Cried the knight in exultation as he lifted his pack. "It feels pretty light now honestly."
  57. "I'll just bet it does." said the Alchemist, smiling. "A single drop like that should wear off in a few minutes. The more you drink the longer the affects last, though. Would you care to try another?" He held up the case filled with dozens of tiny bottles containing all different coloured liquids. "This case has a special enchantment on it. If you're looking for something it will be the thing you grab first. So if there are any potions you've always wanted to try just picture them in your head as you reach in."
  59. He gave a grin as he looked at the case. "Hmmm, that is interesting. Any potions you'd recommend before I get to trying some myself?" The case looked like it had quite a lot of bottles in it and it was hard to imagine what they all did.
  61. "Oh I couldn't say for certain. There's potions in there that do just about everything. That's why I had to put the enchantment on, I kept getting the wrong one. Can you imagine my embarrassment when I sold a diplomat a potion of enhanced smooth-talking and he ended up growing enormous breasts instead?"
  63. "Ehhh, fair enough. Well, I guess one to make me more agile wouldn't hurt." He said as he went to the case and reached for a bottle.
  65. "Oh yes, there's one in there to make you as agile as a cat. I even made a permanent version of that one for myself. I definitely recommend it."
  67. Giving a nod, the Knight went for the potion of agility while still thinking about that comment on making it permanent. He grabbed hold of the permanent potion without even realizing it and drank of it's contents. It might have been hard to tell in the flickering light of the fire but the Knight might have wanted to take note of some of the Alchemist's more unusual features before consuming the potion. Even as he drank it he could feel his night vision sharpening but that wasn't the only thing that sharpened. his ears grew pointier and moved higher on his head until they resembled those of his host. At the same time he felt a growth in the back of his pants as a tail sprouted and rapidly grew to full length. The knight rapidly blinked his eyes as he felt his senses shift and change. The stranger becoming easier to see with his.. cat ears and tail... he dead panned as he he felt his ears twist and shift to feline portions as they migrated to the top of his head.. followed by a sharp feeling as he felt his new tail grow ready and swishing. "W-what the heck?! What did you turn me into?!
  69. "You don't like it?" said the Alchemist with a mock pout as his eyes betrayed the sly grin his face really wanted to make. "but you look absolutely adorable this way."
  71. "I'm a big burly warrior!" said the muscular Knight in indignation. "I'm not suppose to look cute or adorable!" He was gritting his teeth as he held back his anger. He'd be laughed out of any other gig for this!
  73. "Yes, you certainly are." Said the Alchemist, turning up the flattery. "My, my, look at the size of those muscles. Still, not to worry, You took the temporary version. It will soon wear off." He was licking his lips and, while trying not to show it, rather enjoying his host's frustrations and embarrassment.
  75. The Knight breathed a sigh of relief, his anger subsiding somewhat. "That's a relief. How the hell can I be a body guard if I am constantly being called cute? I'd get no respect."
  77. "Oh I'm sure you'd manage." Said the Alchemist reassuringly. "After all, who could laugh for long at such a strapping display of manliness? Why, I wager you could command the respect of your foes and the adoration of the women-folk alike." he waggled his eyebrows at this.
  79. The Knight sighed at that as he sat on the ground and waited for the damn ears and tail to fade. "Fine, fine. So how long are these suppose to last anyways? You said they would go away soon."
  81. "Well that all depends, how much did you take?"
  83. He looked down at the bottle in horror. "..the whole thing.."
  85. "Oh dear, oh dear," said the Alchemist, taking hold of the bottle. "This is not the temporary batch. You've finished off the rest of the batch I made for my own permanent transformation. This variety of the potion never wears off I'm afraid."
  87. The knight blanked out at this. "Hey.." he said, pleadingly. "you've got to help me here. You must have something that won't make these things such a big issue in that bag of yours."
  89. "Like what exactly?"
  91. "Anything! I want men to be stunned by me and women to be charmed! I can't do that lookin' like this!"
  93. "Oh my, stunning AND charming, aren't we ambitious. Well...I suppose.. One more potion couldn't hurt. I have one here that can make you irresistible. Unfortunately it's quite unstable. Of course if you insist..." He handed him a bottle much smaller than the others, filled with a rainbow liquid. As he uncorked it steam rose from the bottle and formed a heart in the air for a moment.
  95. "I'll take it!" Said the Knight desperately. Hoping to get out of this with his pride intact, he takes the potion and drinks all of it straight down, hoping to cure what ails him.
  97. " You really shouldn't have drunk the whole thing...I ... oh dear, what was I talking about?" The Alchemist began to fan himself. Suddenly looking at the Knight was giving him all sort of feelings.
  99. The Knight raised an eyebrow as the Alchemist started looking at him funny. "..that's what I'd like to know," he said nervously.
  101. "You, ah, ahem, you don't feel that?" asked the Alchemist, feeling ever warmer under the collar of his muscle-torn shirt.
  103. The Knight raised an eyebrow, wondering what exactly was supposed to have happened. "Nnnnoooo... why?"
  105. "I feel like, Oh, I don't know how to say it. You look different but you look the same, you know?" unbeknownst to even himself the Alchemist's tail had begun to lengthen greatly, as it often did, and was sneaking up behind the Knight as they spoke. It stopped just behind him, almost afraid to touch but looking like it couldn't resist for long.
  107. "D-different how?" asked the knight a bit worried about that as he felt a tingling in his body. The muscle potion reaching it's duration..
  109. "I...Warmer? somehow," stuttered the Alchemist. "It's hard to describe."
  111. "Warmer?" asked the Knight, confused. "What does- MY MUSCLES!" He shouted as he noticed that not only were his muscles shrinking, but they were getting smaller still as they began to turn his once properly sized arms into scrawny little things... meanwhile, his hair took on a warmer shade of red as it grew fuller and the fur on his ears and tail looked a bit fluffier.. warmer.
  113. "Oh dear oh dear." said the Alchemist, struggling to understand what was going on through the attracting effects of the potion. "It seems that you had too much of one potion and not enough of the other. What we have here are clearly some unintended side-effects." The Alchemist's snake-like fluffy tail, no longer able to hold back, sprang out from behind the knight and began to encircle his body even as it changed.
  115. "Side-effects?!" moaned the Knight, pitifully, "I'm so scrawny and weak looking nooooow!" He let out a holler as he was snatched up by the alchemist's tail. He tried to fight, but his muscles were fading fast as even his frame shrunk from what it once was. He was surely no soldier now. If he wasn't a grown man, he'd be like some kid!
  117. "oh dear.. I think I know.. what went wrong." stuttered the Alchemist, struggling to speak clearly. "I based that potion.. off of an old love potion. It seems.. I'm having trouble.. controlling myself." Even as he said it he began to crawl towards the Knight, his eyes gleaming with intent. The tail slowly but surely starting to relieve his prey of the clothes that were now far too loose on his body.
  119. "L-love potion?! Do I look girly to you?! I'm a man!" squeaked the knight, "a manly man!" He squirmed ineffectively as his body was relieved of it's clothing. He wasn't bad looking. A little cute, but that was probably due to the fact he lacked muscle or fat, giving him a lean look as his fluffy tail swished frantically while he struggled to escape.
  121. "Oh, yes, you certainly are a man, I can see that." Said the Alchemist, hypnotized, as he removed the Knight's pants. There can be no doubt about what I'm seeing in here, that's for sure." His voice was starting to sound slightly distant and confused as though he wasn't really thinking so much as just talking.
  123. The Knight began blinking rapidly again as he tried to keep some measure of pride. "G-good! I am a guy after all," he stammered out, "not some kid or cute girl. G-gotta have some pride there."
  125. "Your pride seems to be quite manly," replied the alchemist. "Of course the rest of you is another matter. It's like all of your manliness has fled your body and went right," and with this he took hold of the knight's struggling manhood, "here!"
  127. The Knight gave a gasp and a squeak as the Alchemist suddenly grabbed his growing need. He squirmed as the tension down there grew and his manliness throbbed and continued growing larger... Meanwhile, his skin started to soften, losing the scars and scratches from so many battles as his leg hairs became lighter and his belly became trim.. Even his face softened a bit as well.
  129. The Alchemist was no longer able to resist enough even to try to explain the situation. His instincts were taking over. He pushed the knight flat on the ground with one enormous hand on his shrinking chest while he held up the still expanding treat with his other and took a long, slow, lick.
  131. "N-no! Stop this!" The Knight shouted, his voice cracking awkwardly as his adam's apple shrank a bit. He was biting his lip as the Alchemist began to lick his throbbing need. It hardened even more as it drew in more of the manliness juice from his body. His arm hair was practically gone and his arm was left smooth before it shifted a bit.. becoming slender as his hands start to take on a more nimble look, even becoming delicate. His nose was shrinking as well and his jaw line softened. As his struggles became more and more feeble the surrounding tail was able to pin his arms and legs to the ground as well. Barely able to move it was all he could do at this point to lay there and watch.
  133. The Alchemist himself was barely registering the changes in his prey as he supped on the target of his desire. The throbbing rod of flesh before him became more and more irresistible as he took it into his warm and wet mouth to embrace it more intimately.
  135. The Knight began to pant as the heat and motions the Alchemist made started to get him into the mood. "nnngh, st-stop pleeeease~" He begged half-heartedly. His voice was a lot softer now as he whimpered. His manhood was being improved and perfected at his expense. Pre-cum started to leak, accelerating the change further, his body shifting and cracking as it took a more dancer-like build as his hips widened and his butt began to grow with his member.
  137. As the delicious nectar started to flow it only caused the Alchemist to redouble his efforts. Finding the rounded smooth butt at his grasp he took hold of it and lifted the Knight by his hips into his hot, warm and wet throat. He did his best to swallow what he could but the ever-expending flesh was beginning to be more than he could handle. Soon this would call for more drastic measures.
  139. The Knight gasped loudly when his ass was groped as he was being actively sucked and drained by the Alchemist's ministrations. His butt had rounded out into a nice, grabbable bubble butt and the hair on his body simply started to fade away. Angles were smoothed into gentle curves, his eyes took a sort of innocent shine and his nose was now button-like as the throbbing fuck-stick absorbed the last of his manliness, turning it into more pre-cum, a bit of size.. and soon, cum.
  141. The Alchemist suddenly pulled off the swelling cock filling his throat and gasps for air. Unable to take its sheer magnitude any longer he switches tactics. He claws the muscle-ripped tatters of clothing from his glistening body and stands over his prey, stark naked. He strokes his own engorged member with one hand and then grabs hold of his own thighs as, with a moment's concentration, his balls shrink and then seem to be drawn up into a widening and wettening hole. His newly formed pussy was already starting to juice up with excitement as he gingerly lowers himself onto his prey's incredible member. At first it won't even go in.
  143. The Knight stared and blinked slowly as he was taken aback from the spectacle above him. His cock was constantly dripping pre-cum now and he could only whimper as the man looked down on him, formed his kitty pussy with an impressive display of magic and squatted down on his cock. He was already so girly that there was little left of his manliness physically as it had all gone into his dripping manhood.
  145. The massive beast below the Alchemist and the tiny little Knight it was attached to were soon made short work of. His juicy female opening stretched and finally popped over the sides of the cock-head and he was finally able to sink down to the base, wrapping it in his tight fleshy folds. He grabbed hold of his own dick with one hand and began rhythmically slapping his prey in the belly with it as he accustomed himself the the massive girth of the cock inside of his pussy.
  147. The Knight began to whimper as his cock was milked of it's pre-cum. Never had he felt so humiliated, so used, so... good? As he felt himself being worked, he just noticed that his hands were now trying to stroke his captor's dick and a giggle escaped his pretty lips. His body began to feel good and his sensitivity increased and his hair grew.. he looked so... nice now~
  149. As his prey seemed to finally be willing to participate the Alchemist's tail encircling his limbs relinquished it's grip. It turned it's attentions instead to caressing every inch of him with its fluffy softness. Once he was ready, the Alchemist began to lift himself up along the length of the enormous shaft of meat and slide himself agonizingly back down until every inch was buried in his pussy. Slowly he started gaining in rhythm until he was slamming up and down along it with gusto.
  151. The Knight was starting to hungrily lick his lips as he tried to stroke off his fucker's own dick. He was even starting to love this feeling as his assertiveness was becoming submissiveness, his love for penis was growing as his mind became more fitting for his body. His manhood was even shrinking a little as he said the words.. "I-I'm gonna cuuuum~!"
  153. The Alchemist could feel his prey nearing the terminal point of orgasm. He began to press his pussy down onto that massive monster more and more vigorously. Just as he was reaching the point of hip-quivering no return he sank all the way down and began to twist his hips sharply from side to side, milking the seed from the Knight.
  155. The Knight gave a moan of pleasure, finally releasing the pent up manliness stored in his balls as they began to shrink down from the torrent. Even his manhood was shrinking due to the expulsion of all of that manliness juice until it was just the perfect size once more to fit into someone's mouth. The rest however, revealed a twink of a nekomimi with bright red hair and a huge goofy grin as the pleasure surged through him.
  157. The Alchemist felt the massive amounts of cum fill his pussy when his prey finally reached the end of his transformation. He couldn't even hold all of it in there was so much cum. As it started to drip from around the edges of his feminine folds he pulled off of the spewing cock and took it back into his mouth once more. He swallowed the torrential out-pour as spasm after spasm filled his mouth again and again. When it finally slowed to a mere drip he stopped and took in the sight before him.
  159. Panting a bit as the weight was finally relieved, the tired Knight started to purr. He was quite a sight. Soft skin, delicate build, pert nipples on a slender torso, nice bubble butt, lovely thighs, slender limbs and elegant, delicate hands. His face was rather cute too in the androgynous sort of way. If it wasn't for his cock, it would be hard to tell he was male.
  161. It was simply an amazing view from the Alchemist's perspective and although his prey had come to his full not moments earlier the Alchemist's own erection was still throbbing with desire. He lowered himself once more, dripping the Knight's own cum onto his chest as he slowly but surely guided himself to those girlish new lips.
  163. The Knight gave a little moan as he felt the hot flesh pressing at his mouth.. He hesitated only a moment before he gave in and began to give give it a lick. Enjoying the taste, he began to lick it in earnest as he tried to suck on the thing even though he was so drained.
  165. Already filled with pleasure from earlier, the Alchemist was absolutely dripping with pre-cum. It seemed as if it would be mere moments before he would reach his critical point. As the last of the cum dripped from his pussy onto the Knight's chest the Alchemist's orbs made their reappearance. No sooner had they shown but did they seem to be tightening with anticipation.
  167. The hunger inside him began to grow as the Knight leaned his head up and began to lick and suck the Alchemist properly, looking up at him with hazy lust filled eyes, he proceeded to milk that hard rod for the flavour that seemed so good now. His purr vibrating the shaft as he sucked, licked and milked the man. Just a hungry little lost twink at the moment.
  169. As their eyes locked the alchemist could no longer hold back. His pent up seed from the evening's activities was expelled from the bulbous head of his tip. The shaft throbbed with the tension that had been built up as it finally found relief.
  171. Greedily sucking the cum down, the Knight made loud gulping sounds as he tried to keep up with the pace before the load started to taper off. Giving a gasping sigh, he removed his mouth and gave it one more lick before flopping down onto the ground in satisfied exhaustion.
  173. The Alchemist collapsed to the ground beside The little Knight. The muscle potion he had swallowed earlier was finally wearing off and he was feeling the fatigue as his body returned to normal. This had been quite an evening. It had taken a few turns for the unexpected, though that was not say it had been unwelcome.
  175. The Knight gave a happy little sigh as he rested his head right next to The Alchemist. He cuddled beside him and purred as he drifted off to sleep.
  177. The Alchemist held held the Knight in his arms and encircled him in his soft fluffy tail. If you asked him he wouldn't know what the morning would bring but he hoped for the best.
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