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How to load programs

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  1. How to manually load programs
  2.  * Locate your minecraft folder
  3.  * Go into /saves/<world name>/computer/<computer id>/
  4.  * You can get the computer/turtle ID by running 'id' on the computer/turtle
  5.  * Copy/paste the program file
  7. How to enable HTTP for ComputerCraft on Servers:
  8.  * You can ask a administrator to enable the HTTP API but that is unlikely to happen.
  9.  * You can try using a macro program to type the program into the computer/turtle for you.
  11. How to enable HTTP for ComputerCraft:
  12.  * To enable it open .minecraft/config/mod_ComputerCraft.cfg
  13.    This maybe in a different location if a different launcher is used.
  14.    For example MindCrack would be: MindCrack/minecraft/config/ComputerCraft.cfg
  15.  * Change enableAPI_http=0 to enableAPI_http=1.
  17. How to load a program from pastebin
  18.  ! The HTTP API must be enabled in mod_ComputerCraft.cfg before being used.
  19.  * (Optionally) create a pastebin account so you can update your program
  20.    without changing the code.
  21.  * (Optionally) Select Lua for "Syntax Highlighting".
  22.  * (Optionally) Select and expiration and/or exposure.
  23.  * Get the code portion from the link or address bar.
  24.    Example: http://pastebin.com/06snZWeu
  25.    06snZWeu is the code'
  26.  * On the target computer/turtle run:
  27.    pastebin get <code> <name>
  28.  * <name> is what you want to call the local copy of the program.
  29.    It is also what you will use to run the program.
  31. Label it:
  32.  ! Labeling the computer/turtle will allow it to keep programs and fuel after you pick it up.
  33.  * run:
  34.    label set <name>
  35.  * The name can be whatever you like.
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