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  2. DraknirvToday at 9:35 PM
  3. Do they have a nickname? What's their hair and eye color? Do they have any kind of distinguishing facial features? A birthmark? Scars?
  5. marieToday at 9:37 PM
  6. They don't have a nickname because they see them as infantilizing. They have platinum blonde hair and had blue eyes, which become yellowish after the demonic pact. They have a scar along their neck that runs from halfway down the neck over to their left collarbone
  8. DraknirvToday at 9:38 PM
  9. How did they get the scar?
  11. marieToday at 9:39 PM
  12. Humiliated in a duel with their fencing instructor, which happened because they got angry at being told they could never get anywhere with fencing because they're a woman.
  14. DraknirvToday at 9:40 PM
  15. Does she have friends? What kinds of people does she surround herself with? Who is she closest to? Who does she wish she was closer to?
  17. marieToday at 9:46 PM
  18. She has very few friends because she's kind of unbearable to be around with how easily she loses her temper.
  19. For the most part, she just has her sister and an acquaintance or two. It would take someone who is not easily upset by her anger to be around her. She wishes she was closer to, let's say, someone in power in the military. I don't know who yet, just that's kind of her dream so she'd be jealous and want that.
  21. DraknirvToday at 9:48 PM
  22. Where was she born? Where has she lived since then? Does that feel like home to her?
  24. marieToday at 9:48 PM
  25. She was born and raised in Agridheart, which she considers her home.
  27. DraknirvToday at 9:49 PM
  28. Algidheart.
  30. What gets her angry? What does she do when angry? How does she calm down?
  32. marieToday at 9:52 PM
  33. She hates being infantilized or belittled, especially with respect to her lack of magical aptitude or chosen path. She also has a general distaste for the peasantry. When angry, she's very likely to lash out, even more so when it's against someone who has little recourse. She calms down very quickly after having something to sate her anger, like hurting someone or breaking something.
  35. DraknirvToday at 9:53 PM
  36. What is her biggest fear? Who has she told this to? Who would she never tell this to and why?
  38. marieToday at 9:58 PM
  39. Her biggest fear is being powerless. I don't think she's ever told anyone, per se, but through her actions it isn't hard to discern. She wouldn't voluntarily tell anyone this.
  41. DraknirvToday at 9:58 PM
  42. What makes her laugh aloud? What makes her sad? Has she ever been in love? Suffered heartbreak?
  44. marieToday at 10:00 PM
  45. Hmm
  46. She probably has a really morbid sense of humor. I don't think much would make her sad, honestly. At least nothing comes to immediate thought. Yes, she's been in love, all of it unrequited because she will not tell anyone.
  48. DraknirvToday at 10:01 PM
  49. If she has been in love, what kind of people attract her fancy?
  51. marieToday at 10:03 PM
  52. People who are physically strong, especially ones who buck social norms (ie, female knights basically)
  54. DraknirvToday at 10:05 PM
  55. what about a strong male in a position of high power? Like Duke Arvanoff Elvanna or Baron Mikula Kseniya. Funnily enough what is a social norm in other places is a huge social bucking in Irrisen as it is unusual for a male to ever come to hold a landed title.
  57. marieToday at 10:11 PM
  58. That's good too, but they have to be tough
  60. DraknirvToday at 10:11 PM
  61. Arvanoff made extra careful to never fuck up in his job.
  62. He fucked up once
  63. Now his hand is a necklace
  65. marieToday at 10:12 PM
  66. wow holy shit
  68. DraknirvToday at 10:12 PM
  69. He's also the general of Irrisen's standing army, so there's that.
  70. What makes her happy? What would be her idea of ideal happiness? What is her most treasured possession?
  72. marieToday at 10:17 PM
  73. She wants to be in a position of power where she commands respect. So, she'd like to be some sort of military official, or something along those lines.
  74. Her most treasured possession is a platinum chain she wears that she was given by her sister. It's distinctly masculine as far as jewelry goes,
  76. DraknirvToday at 10:19 PM
  77. What is the height of her extravagance? Who does she most despise? What does she most regret? What would she regard as the lowest depth of misery?
  79. marieToday at 10:19 PM
  80. elaborate on the first one
  82. DraknirvToday at 10:20 PM
  83. Her biggest indulgence. Like drugging, eatin' cake, murder.
  85. marieToday at 10:22 PM
  86. Oh, she's a huge alcoholic. She despises her family the most, seeing as they're directly responsible for drilling in how much of a failure she is. She most regrets an incident in which she lost her cool in front of a large portion of her family, as she's been a disappointment since, and they don't hesitate to reminder her. Having no power and being a victim of the world would be the worst possible fate to her.
  88. DraknirvToday at 10:27 PM
  89. What was the incident?
  91. marieToday at 10:43 PM
  92. Someone made a particularly snide comment about her to her face at a party and she decked them
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