FEF: LTG: Sheyra "Clover" Travies

Dec 3rd, 2018
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  1. Name: Sheyra "Clover" Travies
  2. Age: 20
  3. Class: Thief -> Rogue
  4. Special: Lockpick, Vision, Steal, Footpad
  5. Character Skill: Blossom
  6. Affinity: Anima
  7. Personal Fault: I Want That Back, Okay? - After trading an item to an ally, -10 Hit and -10 Evade.
  8. Personal Skill: Never Saw Me Coming! - When Sheyra moves more than half her MOV, +10 Critical.
  9. Personal Skill: Got the Loot! Time to Run! - When Sheyra Steals an item or Lockpicks a Chest, +15 Dodge.
  10. /Personal Skill: Don't Hurt My Friends! - When a supported ally is below 50% HP, +50% Support bonuses.
  12. Preferred Stats: Speed, Luck, Defense
  13. Weapon Skill: Knives (C), Hidden (D)
  15. Level: 16
  16. Total Level: 16
  18. Base Stats:
  19. HP: 18 (75%)
  20. STR: 4+1 (60%)
  21. MAG: 0 (0%)
  22. SKL: 5 (60%)
  23. CON: 6
  24. AID: 5
  25. LUK: 5 (10%)
  26. DEF: 1+1 (50%)
  27. RES: 1 (25%)
  28. SPD: 8+2 (55%)
  29. MOV: 6
  31. Levels Gained:
  32. Level 2: +1LUK, +1DEF, +1SPD
  33. Level 3: +1SKL, +1DEF, +1SPD
  34. Level 4: +1SKL, +1DEF, +1SPD
  35. Level 5: +1HP, +1STR, +1RES
  36. Level 6: +1HP, +1DEF, +1SPD
  37. Level 7: +1HP, +1STR, +1SPD
  38. Level 8: +1STR, +1RES, +1SPD
  39. Level 9: +1HP, +1STR, +1SKL
  40. Level 10: +1STR, +1SKL, +1RES, +1SPD
  41. Level 11: +1SKL, +1DEF, +SPD
  42. Level 12: +1STR, +1LUK, +1SPD
  43. Level 13: +1HP, +1SKL, +1SPD
  44. Level 14: +1HP, +1STR, +1SPD
  45. Level 15: +1HP, +1LUK, +1SPD
  46. Level 16: +1HP, +1STR, +1SKL
  48. Current Stats:
  49. HP: 26 (75%)
  50. STR: 13 (60%)
  51. MAG: 0 (0%)
  52. SKL: 12 (60%)
  53. CON: 6
  54. AID: 5
  55. LUK: 8 (10%)
  56. DEF: 7 (50%)
  57. RES: 4 (25%)
  58. SPD: 22 (55%)
  59. MOV: 6
  60. Supports:
  61. --
  64. Inventory:
  65. Name | Type ( ) | Rng | Wt | Mt | Hit | Cr | Ql
  66. Iron Dagger | Dagger (E) | 1 | 3 | 4 | 95 | 5 | 25/40
  67. Vulnerary (2/3)
  68. Lockpick (11/15)
  69. Jambiya | Dagger (-) | 1 | 6 | 9 | 90 | 20 | 30/40
  74. Battle Stats:
  75. Iron Dagger
  76. Rng: 1
  77. AT: 17
  78. Hit: 123
  79. Crit: 11
  80. AS: 22
  81. Eva: 52
  82. DG: 8
  84. Jambiya:
  85. Rng: 1
  86. AT: 22
  87. Hit: 118
  88. Crit: 26
  89. AS: 22
  90. Eva: 52
  91. DG: 8
  94. Bio: Born the youngest daughter of the noble House Travies in Morcia, Sheyra's early life was a privileged one. Kept safe from the dangers of the outside world on the family estate and wanting for nothing, life was simple and carefree during her youth. Expectations were low for the young girl as leadership within the House always passed from father to eldest son, or to eldest daughter should no son exist, and while Sheyra only had one brother, she had many older sisters. As such, while she was still taught proper ettiquette and educated as all nobles should be, Sheyra never received the resources and expert tutors that her older siblings did.
  96. This lack of attention led her to spending a lot more time outside exploring the estate, and it was this that likely saved her from the fate of many of her sisters. Shortly after her tenth birthday, the Travies estate was attacked by bandits. The family had been on the decline recently as her father had retired from political and military service, and her only brother was still not of age, and political rivals had decided to remove the family from Morcian politics once and for all. The attack was quick and brutal, killing many of the family retainers and most of Sheyra's siblings were either captured or killed in the process.
  98. Sheyra herself was off exploring the woods outside of the family estate at the time. She only found out about the attack as she began to return, and, seeing the estate in shambles from fires set during the raid, tried to run forward to help, only to run straight into a group of raiders as they were making their way away from the estate with their spoils. Mistaking the dirt covered Sheyra for a common girl, they simply grabbed her and dragged her off rather than killing her on the spot.
  100. She ended up being sold to a slave trader shortly thereafter, and only learned through word of mouth that her family had been destroyed by the raiders. With no way to verify the actual truth of the situation, Sheyra was forced to accept that she was all alone in the world now.
  102. The next couple of years were difficult. As an educated girl, Sheyra was more valuable than many slaves, but her pride and rebelliousness made her difficult to control. She found herself passed from one owner to the next until, at the age of 14, she set fire to her noble master's home and managed to escape in the confusion. Fleeing from the guards was the hardest thing she'd ever done in her life up to that point, but determination and fleetness of foot helped her make her getaway from the armored guards.
  104. And fortunately for her, she was just outside the capitol of Morcia, Pres. Sheyra cut her vibrant red hair and hid in the slums. The next couple of weeks were terrifying she had been spotted on her way into the city, but the guards were looking for a redheaded girl, not a dirty bald child, and soon enough they gave up.
  106. However, freedom didn't keep her belly full, and her pride didn't let her beg, so she instead opted to steal. It was the lesser of two evils, and after getting away with it a couple of times, Sheyra began to enjoy the thrill. It started with just swiping some food from some market stalls. Sometimes she had to run away, and the vendors were always wary around dirty slum dwellers like herself, but Sheyra found she was pretty talented at it, at least good enough at it to keep herself fed.
  108. But Sheyra wanted a better life for herself than this, and after learning a few tricks from some others in the slums, she began learning how to pick pockets. This went well for a while, though she did occasionally get herself in some trouble that only her swift feet could solve, but eventually she picked the wrong target.
  110. She picked out a fairly nondescript man in the market square as her mark. While his clothes were dirty and his cloak dusty, she could tell beneath the mud that his boots were quite high quality. Deciding that he probably had some good money based on that, she followed him for a bit before bumping into him in the middle of a large crowd and attempting to cut his coin pouch in the process, only for him to grab her arm and drag her off.
  112. As it turned out, the man had spotted her the moment she marked him. Sheyra never found out the real reason, perhaps it was just on a whim, but he decided to take her in under his wing instead of chasing her off. As it turned out, the man she'd marked was a master thief himself, a man known only as the Clover. Over the next few years, he taught her all the tricks of the trade that he knew. He brought her on a few jobs, showed her that looking like you belong is often more important than being quiet when you're breaking into a place, and that sometimes when you get stuck in a corner, it's important to know how to fight your way out.
  114. The Clover was a wanted man throughout much of Pres thanks to his prolific robberies against many of the noble families and large businesses within the capitol. He even worked a number of jobs alongside members of the Steelhart mercenaries when they had need of a thief who could help them get their money from employers reluctant to pay up.. However, no one knew who the Clover really was, and he was content to keep it that way, but all good things come to an end.
  116. Clover had heard word from a reliable source within the palace regarding the location of the royal treasury itself. He verified the location himself and decided to take the gamble. Disguising themselves as servants, Clover and Sheyra entered the palace. Using a concoction acquired from another contact of his, Clover dosed the guards' meals with a slow acting sleeping drug, and, late that night, slipped into the treasury past the sleeping guards with his protege Sheyra in order to rob the place.
  118. The plan went awry when another patrol, not seen when Clover had been scoping out the job previously, came by and found the guards asleep. They soon found the pair of thieves raiding the treasury and raised the alarm. With no escape route in sight, the two fought their way out, Clover bearing the brunt of the work. They somehow managed to escape the premises despite the numbers, and, heavily wounded, Clover decided to take a short break just outside the walls.
  120. He handed a small journal to Sheyra before silently directing her to flee, splitting up as they always did after a job in order to elude pursuit. However, this time, Clover never came back. Two days later, Sheyra witnessed from afar as her friend and mentor was hanged for his crimes.
  122. All alone again, Sheyra took some time to herself to grieve, but soon decided to flee the capitol after things had cooled down a bit, as the guards likely knew her face and were on the lookout for Clover's accomplice. She fled, directionless for a time, and took the opportunity to read Clover's journal.
  124. She found that Clover had written out all of his teachings here for her. There was still nothing on who he was or how he'd gotten into this business, but reading through it over and over, it was clear that he had cared for her in his own way, even if he'd never said it. At the end, it directed her to contact his old friend Grae Steelheart if she was ever uncertain as to what to do next.
  126. Deciding to take the last instructions of her mentor to heart, Sheyra set off to search for the Steelheart Mercenaries. And, not wishing for his name to die, Sheyra decided to take it for her own. After all, her old name meant nothing, now that her family was dead, and his name meant everything to her.
  128. Now, after about a year, Sheyra has solidified for herself a position within the Steelheart Mercenaries as the slickfingered Clover. While she isn't as proficient in direct combat as some, her skills as a thief allow the group to make a little more money on contracts. It helps that she's easy to get along with too.
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