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  1. Nastasjjia > offer sent
  2. Noori Naarian > let me log over
  3. Naomi Yazmin >
  4. Nastasjjia > One of your members just mailed us?
  5. Nastasjjia > err... convo'd? You know him?
  6. Nastasjjia > <url=showinfo:1373//2114962944>Noori Naarian</url> is your alt?
  7. He Deka > yes
  8. Nastasjjia > ok. Sorry. Naomi misunderstood. Didnt realize who you were.
  9. He Deka > alright
  10. Nastasjjia > Yes. I paid Intrepid Vanguards, the exec corp 1.3 billion to go ahead with the decs. That allows us to pay our guys, you to get alot of help, and xPlicit to get a needed bowhead. We all win.
  11. He Deka > alright cool
  12. Nastasjjia >
  13. Nastasjjia > prrof
  14. Nastasjjia > err. proof.
  15. He Deka > alright cool
  16. Nastasjjia > Alright. War goes live in 4 hours. We'll advise people to start moving. What is the system?
  17. He Deka > <url=showinfo:5//30002513>Dammalin</url>
  18. Nastasjjia > Ok. I will invite you to our public channel. You and your guys are free to join but it's invite only.
  19. He Deka > alright cool
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