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  1. Tolgan Vor is a Passionate Arkus who Touches the Sky
  2. Arkus Connection: They headed a small church, and they still maintain connections with their former parishioners.
  3. Arkus Background: Inborn Traits
  4. Link to Starting Adventure: Madly in love with 1 other PC.
  5. Origin of Special Powers: Ancestral exposure to chemicals/radiation, controlled by devices in your fingertips
  6. Connection: Pick 1 other PC; when in short range to you, they also float into air when you hover.
  8. Pools:
  9. Might 10, Speed 11, Intellect 13
  10. Might Edge 0, Speed Edge 0, Intellect Edge 1
  11. Effort 1, Cypher Limit 2
  13. Skills:
  14. Persuasion (T)
  15. Public Speaking (T)
  16. Running (T)
  17. Climbing (T)
  18. Swimming (T)
  19. Tasks requiring restraint/subtlety (I)
  20. -Sneaking (I)
  21. -Lying (I)
  23. Special Abilities:
  24. Practiced With Light Weapons
  25. Community Leader: Community you're working for community, it gets +1 rank except for damage.
  26. Demeanor of Command (2 Intellect Points): When you speak, all strangers who hear you who aren't already attacking you listen to what you say for at least one round; gain free level of Effort that can applied to social rolls during this period. If they can understand you, you can ask to be taken to their leader/their leader to be brought to you.
  27. Precepts:
  28. -Powerful Rhetoric (1 Intellect Point): After talking to creature for minute, designate as friend, fool, or foe; friends gain asset on social actions, fools take hindrance on social actions, foes take hindrance on defense.
  29. -Zap (2 Intellect Points): Attack foe in short range for 4 damage and daze them; they take hindrance on next action.
  30. Hover (1 Intellect Point): Float slowly into air. As your action, float up to short distance or remain motionless. Otherwise, continue moving on momentum. Lasts 10 minutes.
  31. Fever: +1 to damage for all attacks.
  32. Fire Inside: Gain asset to any roll helped by passion. 1/recovery period.
  34. Equipment: Stylish Clothing, Rapier, Feathered Hat that occasionally makes bird noises (Oddity), Backpack, Bedroll, 5 Shins
  35. Cyphers: Farspeaker, Harmony Lamp
  37. -----
  39. Sorman Vo is a Mechanical Wright who Augments Flesh with Grafts
  40. Wright Connection: You created a device that caused you to disappear for three months. When you returned, you refused to speak of the machine-goddess Eurynomec who had taught you the secrets of self-enhancement and then returned you home with her powers.
  41. Wright Background: Mechanical Indoctrination
  42. Link to Starting Adventure: You believed the mission would be a good opportunity to learn more about the numenera.
  43. Origin of Special Powers: Tamed iron wind within your body to alter it to more readily accept each graft, and a reactor implanted in your chest to power them.
  44. Connection: Pick one other PC. They have an ability you'd like to have as a graft, and you want to find a creature or cypher that replicates it.
  46. Pools:
  47. Might 11, Speed 9, Intellect 16
  48. Might Edge 0, Speed Edge 0, Intellect Edge 1
  49. Effort 1, Cypher Limit 3
  51. Skills:
  52. Crafting Numenera (T)
  53. Understanding Numenera (T)
  54. Healing (T)
  55. Surgery (T)
  56. Withstanding Pain (T)
  57. Salvaging Numenera (I)
  58. Charm (I)
  59. Persuasion (I)
  60. Deception (I)
  62. Special Abilities:
  63. Practiced With Light Weapons
  64. Community Builder: While you're present within and assisting a community, they gain +3 to Infrastructure.
  65. Always Tinkering: As long as he has tools and some materials, can produce random tempermental cypher: -2 to level (minimum 1) and nobody else can use it.
  66. Inspired Techniques:
  67. -Trained In Armor
  68. -Deconstruct (3 Intellect Points): Spend 10 minutes examining numenera device or scrap that you think might contain iotum before salvaging it. If it does, you gain asset on salvage attempt. Additionally, roll an additional time on the Iotum Result Table for an additional iotum from the salvage.
  69. Autodoctor: Can perform surgery on self without losing consciousness.
  70. Surgical Graft: Can surgically attach cypher or creature part to self. Does not need to use hands to use/activate; cypher is not expended when used, but instead gains 1 in 10 chance of depletion like artifact. Creature parts grant cypher based on relevant creature ability; requires surgery roll to successfully harvest+implant, Difficulty equal to creature level + penalty based on how inhuman its anatomy is (usually +2 or more, unless mutant/abhuman). Cosmetic grafts can be freely performed.
  71. Sense "Magic": Determine whether or not the Numenera are active in an area where it isn't obvious. Must study object or area for a minute to determine.
  72. Esotery: Hedge Magic (1 Intellect Point): Perform small tricks, like temporarily changing color or appearance of small object, clean a small area, mend a broken object, prepare but not create food, etc. Can't use it to harm other creatures or objects.
  74. Equipment: Clothing, Buzzer, 12 Buzzer Discs, Knife, Box of Crafting Tools, Armoring Cloth (Special Light Armor), Piece of extremely strong and thin cable 8 feet long (Oddity), Backpack, Bedroll, 1 Oddity of the GM's choice
  75. Iotum: 4 units of Io, 2 units of Responsive Synth, 4 units of Parts
  76. Grafted Cyphers: Crafter's Eyes, Instant Item, Gravity Changer
  77. Numenera Plans: Matter Disruption Detonation Cypher, Salvage Graft Cypher
  79. -----
  81. Crimson Sonje is a Graceful Glaive who Shreds the Walls of the World
  82. Glaive Connection: Served as a caravan guard, and knows a smattering of people in a number of towns.
  83. Glaive Background: Inborn Traits
  84. Link to Starting Adventure: There is reward involved, and you need money
  85. Origin of Special Powers: Natural mutation, assisted by mutant connection to datasphere
  86. Connection: Pick one other PC. When you use Phase Sprint, they become partially phased as well, but can't sprint or use other abilities of Focus.
  88. Pools:
  89. Might 13, Speed 14, Intellect 9
  90. Might Edge 1, Speed Edge 1, Intellect Edge 0
  91. Effort 1, Cypher Limit 2
  93. Skills:
  94. Climbing (T)
  95. Balance (T)
  96. Careful Movement (T)
  97. Physical Performing Arts (T)
  98. Speed Defense (T, S if Unarmored)
  99. Understanding Numenera (I)
  100. Crafting Numenera (I)
  101. Salvaging Numenera (I)
  103. Special Abilities:
  104. Practiced With Heavy Weapons
  105. Trained in Armor
  106. Community Defender: While you're present in and assisting a community, they gain +1 to rank for damage.
  107. Combat Prowess: +1 damage for melee attacks
  108. Fighting Moves:
  109. -Misdirect (3 Speed Points): When an enemy misses you, redirect attack to another target within immediate range of you. Make unmodified attack roll against them, but you can spend Effort. If attack hits, target takes damage of enemy's attack.
  110. -Trained Without Armor
  111. Phase Sprint (1+ Speed Points): Can run up to long distance as long as you take no other actions. During action and until your next turn, are partially phased, and gain asset to Speed Defense, but lose benefit of any armor you wear.
  112. Disrupting Touch (1+ Might Points): You can turn Phase Sprint into an attack by grazing creature as you run. Immediately stop moving, putting you at immediate range to them, but dealing 2 damage ignoring armor. If you spend Effort to boost damage rather than attack, get +2 to damage rather than +3, but deal 1 damage on miss.
  114. Equipment: Light Clothing, Battleaxe, Shield, Explorer's Pack, Bedroll, Tent, Grappling Hook, Compass, Blob of Clay that takes on various shapes if left alone (Oddity), 2 Shins
  115. Cyphers: Density Nodule, Rejuvenator
  117. -----
  119. Xortia Bel is a Vicious Delve who Weilds Two Weapons At Once
  120. Delve Connection: Taken as a slave as a child; still has scars and bad dreams.
  121. Delve Background: What Others Fear To Know
  122. Link to Starting Adventure: Want to get away from bad situation, so went with other PCs
  123. Origin of Special Powers: Drugs she makes from chemicals salvaged from numenera
  124. Connection: Pick one other PC. When you stand back to back with them, both gain asset to Speed Defense.
  126. Pools:
  127. Might 11, Speed 11, Intellect 12
  128. Might Edge 0, Speed Edge 1, Intellect Edge 1
  129. Effort 1, Cypher Limit 2
  131. Skills:
  132. Salvaging Numenera (T)
  133. Perception (T)
  134. Tracking Creatures (T)
  135. Crafting Numenera (I)
  136. Understanding Numenera (I)
  138. Special Abilities:
  139. Practiced With Medium Weapons
  140. Community Explorer: While you're present in and assisting a community, they gain +1 to Rank for finding resources/trade routes, knowing about conditions outside, detecting sneak attacks.
  141. Delve Lore:
  142. -Familiarize: Spend one hour studying area you can directly access/move around in, long range across; all tasks related to perception, navigation, salvaging, defense, and moving around gain asset. 1 area at a time, unless 1 XP is spent to retain previous area familiarized.
  143. -Trained in Armor
  144. Dual Light Wield: Weild two light weapons at once, making two attack rolls as one action.
  145. Bloodthirsty: Deal 2 extra damage with any attack.
  146. Berserk: Difficulty 2 mental task each round to stop fighting. Will attack allies within short range if no other foes present.
  148. Equipment: Clothing, Rapier, Dagger, Leather Jerkin (Light Armor), Pack of Light Tools, Explorer's Pack, Bedroll, Book with names of those who've wronged you, Shirt that displays your muscles, bones, and internal organs when worn (Oddity), 1 Shin
  149. Cyphers: Phasing Gloves, Travel Bubble
  151. -----
  153. Tolbus Strakh is an Imaginative Nano who Works Miracles
  154. Nano Connection: Dead mother was a powerful, helpful nano; locals look upon you kindly, but also expect much.
  155. Nano Background: Psionics
  156. Link to Starting Adventure: In your head, only way for group to succeed is for you to save day
  157. Origin of Special Powers: Intentional immersion in ancient chemicals, along with implantation of mechanical "third eye" in forehead, done by mother to awaken powers
  158. Connection: Pick 1 other PC. You cured relative of their of deadly disease, and they're grateful; you're not sure if you actually helped or if they weren't as sick as was thought.
  160. Pools:
  161. Might 10, Speed 11, Intellect 15
  162. Might Edge 0, Speed Edge 0, Intellect Edge 1
  163. Effort 1, Cypher Limit 3
  165. Skills:
  166. Understanding Numenera (T)
  167. Drawing (T)
  169. Special Abilities:
  170. Practiced With Light Weapons
  171. Community Scholar: While you're present in and assisting a community, they gain +1 to health and infrastructure.
  172. Esoteries:
  173. -Onslaught (1 Intellect Point): Attack foe with short-range ray of force for 4 damage, or psychic blast for 2 Intellect damage ignoring armor, mindless creature immune.
  174. -Scan (2 Intellect Points): Scan 10-foot cube, and all creatures in it, revealing Level of all things within area, along with other information about matter and energy in the area (e.g. box contains item of metal and synth, but not what it does).
  175. Healing Touch (1 Intellect Point): Heal creature for 1d6 points to any stat pool. Difficulty 2 Intellect task. Every time you try to heal the same creature, Difficulty increases +1, resetting after creature rests 10 hours.
  176. Imaginative Solution: When you apply level of Effort to Intellect task, gain free level of Effort. 1/day.
  178. Equipment: Clothing, Walking Stick (Club), Book about the numenera, Backpack, Bedroll, Metallic Jar that maintains temperature of liquid inside indefinitely (Oddity)
  179. Cyphers: Gravity Nullifying Spray, Telepathy Implant, Teleporter
  181. -----
  183. Dravela is a Meddlesome Jack who Fights With Panache
  184. Jack Connection: In love with local shopkeeper, who doesn't show much interest
  185. Jack Background: A Cobbled Jumble
  186. Link to Starting Adventure: You noticed strange noises coming from abandoned area, so you gathered other PCs to check it out.
  187. Origin of Special Powers: Implants in palms and heels for improved speed and precision; can glow and produce trails of light trailing behind while moving.
  188. Connection: Pick one other PC. Whenever you collaborate on same task or attack same foe, you gain asset on task.
  190. Pools:
  191. Might 12, Speed 12, Intellect 14
  192. Might Edge 0, Speed Edge 1, Intellect Edge 0
  193. Effort 1, Cypher Limit 2
  195. Skills:
  196. Initiative (T)
  197. Perception (T)
  198. Detecting Falsehoods (T)
  199. Stealth (T)
  200. Remember Details of Things You Once Heard Or Read About (T)
  202. Special Abilities:
  203. Practiced With Medium Weapons
  204. Community Fixer: While you're present in and assisting a community, they gain +1 to Health or Infrastructure, you choose which during any given community action.
  205. Flex Skill: At beginning of day, choose one task; for rest of day, trained in that task. Can't use with skill already trained in to become specialized.
  206. Tricks of the Trade:
  207. -Trained in Armor
  208. -Fleet of Foot (1+ Speed Points): Can move short distance as part of other action. Can move long distance as action. Can spend effort to move long distance and attack, but attack is hindered.
  209. Attack Flourish: When you attack, add quips or stylish moves, trails of glowing light, or something else that impresses or entertains others. One creature that can see you gains asset to next task in the next round or two.
  211. Equipment: Clothing, Buzzer, 12 Buzzer Discs, Broadsword, Hides and Furs (Light Armor), Explorer's Pack, Pack of Light Tools, Small Square Cage that puts small animals placed inside into stasis (Oddity), Bedroll, 4 Shins
  212. Cyphers: Machine Control Implant, Visage Change
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