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  1. main: fr.rhodless.gloria.Main
  2. version: 0.1
  3. name: PactosiaHUB
  4. author: Rhodless
  5. commands:
  6.   broadcast:
  7.     description: Permet de faire un broadcast dans tout le serveur
  8.     permission: gloria.say
  9.     aliases: [bc, alert, say, hsay]
  10.   discord:
  11.     description: Discord
  12.     aliases: [site, mumble, shop, boutique]
  13.   help:
  14.     description: help
  15.     aliases: [help, aide, infos, info]
  16.   profil:
  17.   createserver:
  18.     description: Créer un serveur
  20. softdepend: [PlaceholderAPI-2.10.4.jar]
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