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Apr 27th, 2012
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  1. ACTA Facebook chat 26/04 @ 14:30 Martin Schulz
  3. Szymon Lucyk
  4. In your opinion, the ACTA may be really dangerous for those individual internet users who often downolad the music of the films? If so, why?
  6. Martin Schulz
  7. My impression is that the free access to all information including the use of cultural products is of the highest importance. The draft ACTA agreement is probably not sufficiently clear about the necessary balance for the guarantee of such free access without damaging the copyrights on the other hand.
  9. Slavomira Urbanova
  10. Good afternoon Mr. President. Many critics of ACTA are against its approval mainly because of its legal vagueness. Others don't agree with the fact that it is dealing with both counterfeiting and piracy. Where do you stand on this? Do you agree that it would be better to have two separate maybe ...
  12. Martin Schulz
  13. This is a better proposal than the current one. We have to protect against both!
  15. Nancy Baran
  16. Good afternoon Mr. President. How can I trust politicians when I have to learn about the ACTA agreement thru WIKILEAKS ?
  18. Martin Schulz
  19. Good afternoon Nancy. Trust me, the whole debate in the EP was completely open during the whole process. And the necessary steps to make it public and transparent was made by the European Parliament. Wiki leaks may also have played a role.
  21. Roswitha Obermeyer
  22. Wird Acta Durchkommen??
  24. Martin Schulz
  25. Das Parlament wird ueber das Abkommen erst im Juli entscheiden. Der Berichterstatter David Martin hat eine Ablehnung empfohlen. Die Debatte laeuft noch.
  27. Emma Kvennberg
  28. Mr. President Schulz, as for ACTA you’ve previously said that you “don't find it good in its current form." That means you’re critical but not entirely against the idea of the agreement? In which form would it benefit the citizens?
  30. Martin Schulz
  31. In the worldwide competition, protection of property rights is necessary. Also, the fight against counterfeiting. The ACTA agreement does not include for example trading partners like India and China, but in the abovementioned areas, we have many problems with them. So, we need solutions but always respecting the fundamental rights of net users.
  33. Justus Römeth
  34. Moin Mr President. What do you think about the theory that the ACTA protests were the first signs of an emergent European public political sphere? (based on the notes that they emerged very fast in different countries as grassroot movements)
  36. Martin Schulz
  37. It is a sign of a European public political sphere. But believe me, not the first one!
  39. Christina Andersson
  40. Acta is really a dangerous threat for democracy isn´t it?
  42. Martin Schulz
  43. It is not a threat to democracy because the democratic institutions are carefully discussing the content of the agreement in the frame of a Europe wide public debate, with the highest degree of transparency especially in the European Parliament. The whole debate is a contribution for more democracy. And I am very satisfied that especially young Europeans are participating.
  45. Dario Colombo
  46. Supposed "creative drain" could be a real risk for Europe if we won't apply Acta as agreed?
  48. Martin Schulz
  49. I would not go so far, because we are already effectively protecting IPR in Europe, through existing legislation.
  51. Lawrence Desforges
  52. Good afternoon M. President; can you please explain to us how a commercial treaty can be negotiated in secret for three years for interests that are manifestedly those of particular private groups and not that of the community at large, in the short and long term...? The covertness and "club" more...
  54. Martin Schulz
  55. The new treaty of the EU gives the Parliament a right to monitor also the negotiating process. This is what we are doing and therefore all negotiations are now transparent.
  57. Elisianne Campos
  58. Bonjour, Mr. Schulz! Même si l'ACTA soit approuvé, il faut adapter l'accord à chaque legislation nationale, n'est pas? Et s'il n'a pas force de loi, on peut obliger les pays de l'UE à le suivre? Merci
  60. Martin Schulz
  61. Il ne faut pas adapter l'accord a chaque loi nationale. Cest une competence communautaire, sauf la partie penale qui reste dans le cadre de la legislation nationale.
  63. Mark Davis
  64. Good afternoon Mr. President. Thank you for inviting us to talk. Can you tell us who drew up ACTA in the first place?
  66. Martin Schulz
  67. The initiative came from the Eurpoean COmmission and the US government. The Member States then gave a mandate to the European Commission to negotiate.
  69. Marcin Maj
  70. There are concerns, that ACTA is a part of larger US, that is made to "export" American thinking about intellectual property to other countries. A part of this action is going around democracy through international level. What you think about that?
  72. Martin Schulz
  73. I do not believe so, but even if they tried, they have not succeded because European transnational democracy is functioning well.
  75. Milen Iliev
  76. Herr Schulz, do you think the current copyright model has a future, given the complete failure of measures up to date to stem piracy? What is your opinion of the positions of the Pirate parties on creating a copyright-free society? Is it a pipe-dream or a vision of the future?
  78. Martin Schulz
  79. A completely copyright free society is not possible. We will always need to balance the rights to freedom versus the IPR.
  81. Alexandru Alexe
  82. Mr. President. Many citizens are worried about the perpective of ACTA opening a Pandora's box for censorship, privacy invasion and more. The risk of your portable electronic device's content being searched at the border in search of copyrighted materials and the way ISPs will be forced to monitor, more...
  84. Martin Schulz
  85. I dont think this is going to happen because there is already exisitng rules on that. I can give you my personal assurances that this will not occur in Europe. The European Parliament has full legislative powers on these matters and therefore I will work to ensure that this will not happen.
  87. Alex Digipokemestre
  88. Why the word "consumer" doesn't appear in this agreement? I saw several duties for consumers but nothing to protect consumers rights or specific laws of countries which have special exceptions to copyrights. Furthermore there is nothing to define which is exactly allowed for "not commercial"use. more...
  90. Martin Schulz
  91. ACTA also protects consumers' rights (falsified medicines) not only big firms' rights. The European Parliament is for sure strongest protection force for consumers' rights in Europe. THanks to our legislation there is no place in the world with higher consumer protection.
  93. Ulrich Stein
  94. Dear Mr. Schulz. Apart from ACTA, there is also a ongoing debate about the actual copy right in general. As a member of the German Pirate Party pointed out very accurately, "under the currant copy right jurisdiction, a majority of young Germans with internet access are nowadays criminals". How can more...
  96. Martin Schulz
  97. Not everything that a member of the Pirate Party is saying is absolutely true!
  99. Marcin Maj
  100. EP can accept or reject ACTA, but it can not change it. Do you think it's fair? Maybe real participation in ACTA negotiations would be better than "take or leave" scheme?
  102. Martin Schulz
  103. This is a good idea, but we are bound by the EU treaty. But I repeat, the new treaty gives a surveillance role in the negotiations.
  105. Albert Veli
  106. Hello Mr Schulz, what influence has lobbyists had on the issue of ACTA? And do you think lobbying is a challenge to democracy in the EU?
  108. Martin Schulz
  109. Lobbying is huge on both sides, it is part of our political reality in the 21 century. Often for lawmakers, it is a chance to deepen the knowledge of the public debate and understand the different interests better. As lawmakers we listen and take our decision in full accountability to our voters.
  111. César Lefebvre
  112. Dear Mr Schulz, have you ever encountered persons not working for the movie/music industry that where pro-ACTA? If yes, what where their motives ? I feel like there are a lot of conflicts or interests in the creation of this European legislation.
  114. Martin Schulz
  115. ACTA is not only about privacy on the internet. It is also about the fight against counterfeit products and that concerns both industry and consumers in the medical sector for example. I have met and my colleagues pro and against of nearly all detailed points. This is our duty. In a democracy, in the medical sector for example. I have met and my colleagues pro and against of nearly all detailed points. This is our duty. In a democracy, people have the right to be in favour of ACTA!
  117. Ermal Vila
  118. Mr. Schulz, in the context of a globalised world, will ACTA help or hurt European online businesses?
  119. Martin Schulzabout 22 hours ago
  120. That is one of the goals of ACTA , but the EP still has to discuss and vote.
  122. Lidia Vicente Tena
  123. Is the European Parliament afraid of an attack by Anonymous?
  125. Martin Schulz
  126. The European Parliament prefers transparency and openess. If our website is attacked for example our chat would have to end now!
  128. Klaus-Dieter Hofmann
  129. Herr Schulz, was enthält eigentlich AXTA, dass es von den kritikern abgelehnt wird? ich selbst stehe für das urheberrecht, habe den acta - text leider nicht gelesen,
  130. Martin Schulzabout 22 hours ago
  131. Kritiker werfen ACTA vor, dass es zu vage formuliert sei und dass Beschraenkungen der buergerlichen Freiheiten nicht ausgeschlossen werden koennen. Ich selbst bin fuer eine ausgewogene Gesetzgebung hinsichtlich Urheberrecht und Internetfreiheiten.
  133. Josef Irnberger
  134. Wasn't the inquiry by the EP to get to read the ACTA draft declined by the negotiators? How can you say that EP has a working surveillance role in negotiations then?
  136. Martin Schulz
  137. At the beginning it was the case, as I mentioned already, a new Treaty entered into force which gives us working scrutiny in the negotiation process.
  139. Stefan Padureanu
  140. Counterfeit products are a problem of the people or of the billionaires ?
  142. Martin Schulz
  143. I don't want to allow the falsification of medicine because this can be a matter of life or death. And by the way, poorer people are more affected than billionares.
  145. AnonNews Client Int
  146. I repeat: The truth is that Martin Schulz will not answer on critical questions, ask him "soft" oder uncritical questions about acta and he will answer.
  148. Martin Schulz
  149. The chat is about ACTA and have answered a wide range of questions.
  151. Filip Em
  152. Mr. President, are members of PES united in refuse ACTA?
  154. Martin Schulz
  155. Please ask the President of the Socialist Group - Hannes Swoboda.
  157. Armin Prljaca
  158. Mr President will you answer some of other, non ACTA, questions?
  160. Martin Schulz
  161. I would love to do a separate Facebook Chat on other topics than ACTA at a later date.
  163. Marijn de Jong
  164. Mr. Schulz: at various ACTA demonstrations the words "no control and no censorship" were shouted, do you think this is a valid point regarding the contents of the agreement?
  166. Martin Schulz
  167. The goal of the agreement is neither control nor censorship, but the fact that it created the debate about control and censorship shows that the content might be too vague. This is exactly the debate in the European Parliament.
  169. Paul Piftie
  170. Mr. Schulz, from your information, what is the position of PPE on ACTA? Will the group support or reject the treaty?
  172. Martin Schulz
  173. I suggest that you address that question to Mr Caspary or Mr Fjellner or Mr Daul.
  175. Wolfgang Von Edelweiss
  176. In your opinion, would the procedural delay of the ACTA agreement (e.g. via a referral to the ECJ) help or hinder MEPs when trying to make up their minds on the issue?
  178. Martin Schulz
  179. The Parliament has the intention to vote on ACTA in July plenary session.
  181. Martin Schulz
  182. Dear all, thanks to everyone for the questions, it is a very lively debate! The EP should vote on ACTA in July and your interest is very welcome! Best wishes to all!
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