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  1. [19:31] "Perhaps, but it'll be the same demise as Sera, Zeriel, and Ashera."
  3. She teases, mentioning the Krausite Paladin's demise that'd happened prior to this present moment. The spirits of the woman, outlined in heavy armors with massive swords who take on demonic appearances, follow in suit of her will.
  5. A rippling effect shrouds her, laced with purely hatred, albeit faint compared to others who'd mastered its ability. Her sword is pointed towards the woman who she knew of the past. Ethan's Wayfinding student, Nakiri.
  7. It'd been too long. Far too long, in fact, since Aspen laid eyes on the grown girl, who she once viewed as nothing but an ignorant child. But here they were; amidst war and death.
  9. Death.. she was between it, which was obvious by the sclera of her eyes and the shadow of her person lurching upward from the grounds into a dense, physical form. Naught but a dark figure that was the shape of Aspen herself, wavering on its edges.
  11. And as Nakiri propelled forward, a red liquid was instantly consumed by the Invidia, heightening senses, but mostly adrenaline. Pure rage.
  13. Rifts tear open the world more all around them in that moment, and blood funnels through, hazing the field in a crimson mist, and with a powerful flap of the assets connecting to her body, she, too, propels forward to clash with Nakiri, as her shadow aims for bleeding into the ground to follow through with Aspen and peel back up once they meet.
  14. (Aspen Invidia)
  15. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. [19:40] Appa whispers something.
  18. [19:43] ** Nakiri Reiha has inflicted an injury upon Aspen Invidia. ("Temporary Injury", "Temporary Injury", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (4 days)") **
  19. [19:46] Nakamura Saito whispers something.
  20. [19:47] Runa Invidia whispers something.
  21. [19:55] Férus Daigal whispers something.
  22. [20:02] And so the battle commenced...
  24. She'd charged forth in the blink of an eye towards the riftmancer, translucent hues of grey surrounded her entity as she sped throughout the fields of Huangzhou. She'd trained here many times in the past... If she lost on her own territory it would've been far more than shameful...
  26. Closing the distance, her staff swung forth - evoking a burst of mental anguish and disorientation as Aspen found that she could no longer tell up from down or left from right. Free hand clutching at the air and pushing forth, she'd amassed and condensed gravitational forces within her palm and tore the fabric of space itself.
  28. A singularity formed which dragged the woman in, shredding away at her body. She'd known the things Aspen had done many years ago and today... Her retribution had come.
  30. That wasn't to say Aspen was weak... Her ruby-red whips and volumous waves rushed forth, rattling and swinging the Wayfinder from one side to the next. But their attack pattern was predictable. Only delving into the realms of metaphysical arts for the entirety of her life, calculations on the battlefield were second nature.
  32. Another whip came to the violet-haired woman - and struck nothing.
  34. In a vivid flash of emeraldine light, Nakiri reappeared on the woman's flank, flaunting the gift of the Lifestream before a concussive burst of sonic energy soared from her staff. It wrung Aspen across the ground, reverberating within their being.
  36. "Remember your last stay in Huangzhou those years ago...?" She didn't finish her sentence, leaning forth, she'd fade out of sight and emerge from another viridescent magic circle above Aspen. Gravitic pressure crushing her into the earth and crippling a few bones in the process.
  38. The pressure never subsides. Aspen remained pinned down as Nakiri lowered herself closer.
  40. "It'll be your resting place this time." She had no mercy for Dawn's people. Not after everything's she's lost and the people they've hurt. It was nearly over... She felt one step closer.
  41. (Nakiri Reiha)
  42. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  44. [20:03] Gisei goes through Nasu's stuff.
  45. (Gisei Ultovex)
  46. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. [20:10] Gisei in an attempt to save Aspen, Gisei walked out of a rift with Nasu around her shoulder. "Don't kill Aspen, give her over here and I'll give you Nasu. Or do you wish to see him a walking corpse too?".
  49. (Gisei Ultovex)
  50. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. [20:10] Salvas Voss whispers something.
  53. [20:11] Famine asks, "..?"
  54. [20:11] Gisei Ultovex says, "I guess it's too late..."
  55. [20:12] Férus Daigal whispers something.
  56. [20:14] Eniel Daigal asks, "Yes?"
  57. [20:14] Gisei Ultovex says, "Rift us back.."
  58. [20:16] The battle ensued between the Wayfinder and the Riftmancer. Two opposing forces clashing between swords and staff. The gravitational forces of Nakiri had warped around her ethereal warriors amongst the field, diminishing them into nothingness and lowering the Invidia's forces that hazed the field with her blood and ice.
  60. But yet, even after consuming that of which empowered her senses, yet lowered her defenses, the Ghoul found herself being thrashed around, pushed back, and dodged all over.
  62. Within battle, she was sustaining more damage. More. More. And too much more. It was exhilarating! Every passing second the adversary's abilities stuck at Aspen relentlessly, it filled her soul with more fuel.
  64. She'd finally found someone worthy to fight again.
  66. Not that of the Ixis clan. Not the Luxata's, but Nakiri Reiha, and as Aspen skids across the ground, her silhouette follows in suit, swirling around her body along the ground in what appears to be a defensive stance.
  68. Despite the powers of the other woman taking a toll on body, Aspen's now inability to control direction finds her laid back against the ground in that instant.
  70. It was as if the world grew silent in the wake of the emerald hues that flashed above, and every force of her body was plunged within the ground before she could muster up the ability to find herself standing again.
  72. 'Forgive me.. Malentine.. and Runa.. for not returning.. your blanke-'
  74. But before Aspen was able to finish the final thoughts that came forth in her mind, her body had been crushed under the weighing forces of Nakiri's magic.
  76. Huangzhou had, in truth, been her place of death.
  77. (Aspen Invidia)
  78. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. [20:18] The bells of war had rung, the sounds of victory filled the streets. Without end, All those on the frontlines watched as the army of undead were repelled. Admittedly, all the hope he had for this moment had paid off, his efforts endured and for once.
  82. He felt like more than just himself, he felt like an Alpha.
  84. Clinging to trust in himself and trust in his commrades. And most importantly. Jiewuihu. Having done his best to sway the mind of who he fought, in hopes they'd make change.
  86. But change proved more difficult than just a swing of blade and fancy words.
  88. "Man. . . W-we won!"
  90. Trying his best to force a smile, think not of the future conflicts. But instead, on this victory.
  91. (Laemor)
  92. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  94. [20:20] A repeat of prior events. The darkness fended off the light, and this time the opposite occurred.
  96. Huangzhou defended with the forces of undead and corruption pushed off. Not without a cost. Many lives taken, the toll of war for both sides, yet Dawn could 'fix' some to their whim.
  98. As they regroup, Ren takes a deep breath, channeling his will through his vessel and outward. A bellow to Huangzhou with Caliburn raised.
  100. "As you can see, we are not weak either. Keep hope strong, and for those that have died, fight for them as well. We carry their will on our shoulders and will never give in. Never give up; for our sake and theirs." His grips tightens around the blade and light seeps through the sky.
  102. "We fight for the world. To end corruption and give salvation to end dread! Feel proud of this victory! Feel happiness in living! Carry the will of the fallen and do not feel guilty for being alive! Prepare again. We still have much todo. Now, enjoy the life that we have, while we can. Let the purity in life guide you and help you grow!"
  103. (Ren Shi)
  104. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  106. [20:26] Lowering herself to the point in which her feet hovered about the woman's midriff, she made sure that the last thing Aspen had seen was the settlement, dubbed Huangzhou. How it was in the past - all of her long-gone or distanced friends as a result of war. Even Nakiri's old mentor, Ethan, flashed through Aspen's mind in an instant. She'd know why.
  108. Which the clutch of her free hand, she sought to more or less 'mute' Aspen's dying words with the aid of Sound manipulation. Her head slowly shook from one side to the other.
  110. "You don't deserve those." She states.
  112. Now moving the bulbous end of her staff to press up against Aspen's forehead, she'd feel a strange tugging sensation that grew worse and worse...
  114. Amethystine hues surged as a miniature blackhole found itself formed against her skull, shredding away and practically devouring her face. Then growing as the rest of her head followed suit in the savage display.
  116. By the time Nakiri head finished, all that remained had been Aspen's body. Minus a neck and head.
  117. (Nakiri Reiha)
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