Public Indecency Pt. 1 (Nora Smut)

Aug 22nd, 2014
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  1. “Trust me Nora, Guys just LOVE it when you do something Spontaneous like that. Really helps keep things spicy in the relationship,” Yang gives her a sly wink.
  3. “Oooooh. Sounds like a lot of fun, thanks Yang,” Nora says gleefully before skipping down the hallway, “Ooooooh Annnnooooonnn.”
  5. Yang stands in the hallway with a devious grin.
  7. “Oh I am so not missing this,” she says before going after Nora.
  9. §··§··§··§··§··§··§··§
  11. You are anon. Hunter in training at Beacon Academy and proud, and often sore, boyfriend of one Nora Valkyrie.
  13. Right now you are on your way to Professor Ooblecks class. Fun.
  15. You walk in and head towards your usual spot in the class, when you could swear you see Yang wink and give you a thumbs up. You have no idea what she is doing it for, so you just give a thumbs up back and she just giggles.
  17. “Weird,” You mumble under your breath.
  19. You sit in the back row against the wall where you usually go, but after you sit down, you notice a pair of turquoise eyes under your desk, staring up at you from crotch level.
  21. “Nora! What are you doing here?” You try to keep your mouth covered and your voice down.
  23. Nora simply places a finger over her lips and winks at you.
  25. “Ah yes, hello and good morning class,” You hear Professor Oobleck say, signaling the start of class.
  27. You look up, and notice Yang trying to cover her mouth, hiding her snickering. Then suddenly you feel Nora's hand rubbing against your thigh causing you to tense up just a bit.
  29. Oh boy. This is gonna be a hell of a lecture.
  31. As Oobleck drones on about his history lesson, you continue to feel Nora's hands exploring your lower half, all the while looking up at you with a smile on her face till she starts kissing your inner thigh, slowly moving up to your crotch.
  33. Soon, you feel her undoing your zipper, and one of her fingers slips in and starts rubbing your growing member through the fabric of your boxer shorts, causing you to jump a little.
  35. You dart your eyes around the class room, but luckily it doesn't seem anyone has noticed what's going on your your little corner of the class room. You scoot your chair in a little closer just in case though.
  37. Nora unbuttons your pants and slides your throbbing cock out from your boxers and rubs it against her lips, giving the shaft a few kisses, before giving you another wink. Then you feel the warmth of her mouth envelop you, and you have to bite down on your finger to keep from letting out a gasp as she swirls her tongue around the head.
  39. Apparently Nora enjoyed that little reaction from you, so she starts wrapping her tongue around of inch of you that she can, as she bobs her head up and down.
  41. Seeing the length of your member disappear and re-appear from inside her mouth was like watchting a magic trick.
  43. You put one hand and your desk, run it through her hair, feeling it bob back and forth in rhythem with Nora, when suddenly you feel-
  45. “TEETH!” You shout out when you feel her give you a little love bite.
  47. Busted. You panic and look around the class room, and notice Professor Oobleck take a sip of his coffee.
  49. “Very good Anon, nice to see you contributing to class so enthusiastically finally. Yes, one noticeable difference between different types of Faunas such as mammals and reptilians...”
  51. Safe. You think about how ironic it is that the one time you gave the right answer in class was when you weren't paying any attention at all. Your mind quickly wanders back to Nora however when you hear her giggle quietly and then look down to see her giving you a thumbs up as she continues to suck you off.
  53. The rest of class goes off without a hitch, as Nora continues pleasuring you, switching off between blowing you and stroking you off. You let one of you hands wander back below your desk and put it back on her head as you relax a bit more.
  55. Then you feel it coming. No pun intended Yang.
  57. You realize you can't just say it out loud and let everyone in class know about your little fellatio session, so you give her hair a little tug and hope she gets the message.
  59. It seems that she does, and she quickens her pace, and starts deep throating you till you finally feel yourself letting loose inside her warm mouth, and she grips your legs tight as she chokes down all your liquid love.
  61. You peer down and see her take you out of her mouth and tucks you back away. She looks up and puts her hands in the shape of a heart and smiles at you, making your heart melt, and you make the gesture back at her.
  63. You stroke her hair as she rests her head on your lap till class finally ends.
  65. You and Nora wait till everyone else clears out before Nora comes from under the desk.
  67. “Well aren't you two just the sneakiest little love birds.”
  69. Your heart stops.
  71. “Hi Yang,” Nora says happily, “You're advice worked wonders!”
  73. “Wait...What?” You look between the two of them, “You planned this Yang?”
  75. “Planned?” Yang smirks and waves you off, “Where's the fun in planning?”
  77. “Now it's your turn to spice things up Anon,” Nora says as she boops your nose.
  79. “What?” you stare blankly at her.
  81. “Go get her tiger,” Yang says before winking and walking out of the class room.
  83. “I can't wait to see what you do to surprise me back Anon,” Nora says as she throws her arms around your neck.
  85. “WHAT?!?”
  87. To be continued.
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