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  1. We had to take Melian home because her mom as too busy working to pick her up. I walked with her to the car and she decided to wear a black skirt today to school without shorts. SCORE! How did I
  3. know? When I was sitting down eating lunch a breeze came by and blew her skirt up. When we finally arrived at the house she came into my room to do homework. So um.. I've noticed you staring at
  5. my chest. Oh, I said and blushed. You shouldn't be embarassed or ashamed. I actually appreciate someone that likes my chest. Since they're small :/ Oh okay. She said wanted to show me something. She started
  7. to grope one of her breasts and lifted her skirt to take off her underwear. She showed me her pussy and grabbed my hand and moved it to her pussy. While I rubbed her pussy she squeezed my penis while slowly
  9. taking her shirt off. She then took off her bra and I was actually to able to see her breasts. Wow your breasts are actually way bigger then what I was able to see through your shirt. Yeah I know. I wear padded bras to make it look like my breasts are bigger.
  11. Can I touch them? Sure why not. I reached out and rubbed her nipples with my thumbs and her chest was very squishy and soft. She started to blush and gave out a little moan. She then let me put my
  13. face into her breasts. It felt so good to smother my face into her squishy plump breasts. After a while I took off my pants and underwear off and I got an instant boner. She noticed it and got an idea
  15. She gingerly lifted her skirt up slightly and sat down on my penis with her pussy. What are you doing? Don't worry about it. She looked back at me smiling and started peeing. What are you doing? Peeing obviously, I drank a lot of water before I came here. She then stood up pulled me over to the balcony opened it up and started to urinate. She grabbed my penis and hinted that she wanted me to pee too. I urinated then lifted our legs to urinate onto each other. It felt amazing.
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