Anon meets a pony clone of himself

Feb 16th, 2020
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  1. >Be you.
  2. >You're sitting at your computer, browsing /mlp/ like you usually do on saturday nights.
  3. >And mornings.
  4. >And afternoons.
  5. > don't really do much else.
  6. >Uh oh
  7. >Gotta take a shit.
  8. >You kept bottles for piss emergencies, but that wouldn't help you now.
  9. >You think about finishing the post you were typing, but shrug and get up out of your chair, leaving it unfinished.
  10. >The thread could wait.
  11. >You carefully navigate around your piles of clothes, energy drink cans, and dirty dishes, almost tripping a few times.
  12. >You pass your bed, which is one of the only clean places in your room other than your desk.
  13. >It's neatly made, something that you never unlearned from your youth.
  14. >You finally make it to the door, and leave, shutting it behind you.
  16. >One short trip to the bathroom later, you open your door again to find a strange lump on your bed.
  17. >It's a little smaller than a person, and you think it's just pillows you forgot to put back until it shifts, a yellow limb jutting out from beneath the covers.
  18. >You notice the gentle rise and fall of the blankets atop the figure as they breathe softly in their sleep.
  19. >What the fuck?
  20. >Real life isn't a green, is it?
  21. >That's not a pony, is it?
  22. >You carefully walk towards the bed. They still appear to be sleeping, tucked in underneath the blankets.
  23. >It's dark, you can barely make them out, but from where you're standing that yellow limb definitely looks like a hoof.
  24. >You take another step towards the bed and trip over a pile of dirty clothes, falling forward onto the floor, and you manage to knock over a pyramid of Monster that you didn't even remember building.
  25. >The figure sits up, and manages to knock everything off of your nightstand before pressing the on switch for the lamp.
  26. >They stare at you, and you stare at them, unsure of what to do.
  27. >They have a pale yellow coat, with a long, light blue mane that coils nicely around their shoulders. Large, innocent pink eyes glare at you angrily.
  28. >"What in the hell are you doing in my house?!"
  29. >the figure accosts you with a high pitched, girly voice, and then immediately clamp their hooves over their mouth.
  30. >She then realizes she has hooves.
  31. >"AAHHHHH! WHAT THE FUCK? I'm a pony!"
  32. >She screams, and then screams again at the sound she made.
  33. >She curls up into a little ball on top of your bed, her forelegs covering her face.
  34. >you hear a quiet sob coming from her, and she breathes heavily, trembling.
  35. >She must be terrified out of her mind...
  36. >You know how most anons would say they would react to this;
  37. >rape
  38. >But how many of them would really get the chance? And you definitely weren't going to do that to such a scared, though cute, pony.
  39. >You know what you need to do.
  40. >you carefully approach your bed, careful not to trip over anything again.
  41. >As you get closer, you make out faint crying.
  42. >"I'm a pony... I'm a fucking pony... my life has become a green."
  43. >Looks like they're an anon, like you. You can't imagine what it would be like, shitposting one moment and then resting in a stranger's bed as a pony the next.
  44. >You briefly wonder if maybe you had interacted with them, once, on the board. Not that it would matter...
  45. >You reach your hand out, gently brushing their side.
  46. >They flinch, recoiling from your touch.
  47. >You persist, though, and eventually she stops resisting your smooth strokes along her back.
  48. >She sniffles, and gently uncovers her head, looking up at you with tears in her eyes.
  49. "Hey, there. Are you okay?"
  50. >You smile, but it doesn't seem to work very well because she looks like she's about to go into a panic again.
  51. >Her eyes go wide, and she bolts up, scrambling out of your reach to the other side of the bed.
  52. "Hey, hey, what's wrong?"
  53. >"You... you're... you're me!"
  54. >What?
  55. "What do you mean?"
  56. >She points an accusatory hoof at you.
  57. >"You. Are me. But you can't be, because I'm me."
  58. >This was getting confusing.
  59. "Are you saying that we're the same person? What's your name?"
  60. >"Chris."
  61. >That's your name.
  62. "First word?"
  63. >"B-button..."
  64. "What's your mother's maiden name?"
  65. >"Lewis."
  66. "First kiss?"
  67. >She- er, he gives you a look.
  68. "Heh... right..."
  69. >You sit there awkwardly, staring at each other. You fidget with your hands a little, you're not sure what to say. He was digging at the blanket with a hoof.
  70. "So, you are me. You don't know how this happened, I guess?"
  71. >He shakes his head, looking down at his hooves.
  72. >You sigh, and climb onto the bed, propping yourself up with a few pillows.
  73. >He just stares at you incredulously, wondering what you're doing.
  74. >You pat the space next to you, and he looks up first with disgust, but then, after a moment, gets up and clumsily shuffles over to you.
  75. >He lays down close to you, but not close enough to touch, and sighs, flicking his tail.
  76. "Do you mind if I... pet you?"
  77. >You carefully extend a hand, and give the other you a smile.
  78. >He blinks, not believing what you just said.
  79. >"Uh, yeah? Yeah, I kind of do mind if you touch me. You know how we are about physical contact, don't know what you were thinking trying to touch me earlier."
  80. >That was... unexpected...
  81. >You withdraw your hand and cough.
  82. "Yeah, sorry, just... didn't know you were me, and you looked like you needed some comfort."
  83. >After a few moments you hear a quiet,
  84. >"Well... I guess a few scritches couldn't hurt..."
  85. >That's better.
  86. >You begin stroking the other you's mane, softly rubbing his ears.
  87. >He closes his eyes, letting out a small, happy murmur.
  88. >God, he was soft... were all ponies this soft? Are there other ponies?
  89. >"You have no idea how weird this is..."
  90. >You move on to their chin, scratching it and feeling the soft fur.
  91. >"Being pet by my own hands..."
  92. >They look down.
  93. >"...having hooves. I never thought this would happen. I always posted about it, but...-"
  94. >He pauses, letting out a content sigh.
  95. >"This isn't so bad. I think it's just as great as I imagined it."
  96. "That's good."
  97. >You start stroking his neck, smoothing out the hair that had gotten out of place before.
  98. >"Being a girl- er, mare, though..."
  99. >Oh, right. That was a thing.
  100. "So, you're... okay with that?"
  101. >He shrugs.
  102. >"I really don't know... I guess I am."
  103. >"I've always thought about this happening, but with another person here, especially seeing as how it's me... it's a little awkward. Always thought I'd be alone."
  104. >You give him- she, rather- a gentle pat on her head.
  105. "I won't judge you. We're into the same stuff because we're the same person, 'member?"
  106. >She nods, smiling warmly.
  107. >"Thank you."
  108. "And, hey, at the end of the day, whatever happens?"
  109. >She looks at you, knowing what comes next and grins.
  110. "Doesn't matter, got hooves." you say in tandem.
  111. >You both laugh, your repeated phrase that you used to justify odd TF scenarios dredging up good memories.
  112. >You lean forward and hug her, wrapping your arms around her neck.
  113. >She leans back in surprise, at first, but soon wraps her forelegs around you as best she can.
  114. >"I'm glad you're here."
  115. >She nuzzles into your shoulder.
  116. "I'm glad you're here, too."
  117. >"I don't know what I would've done if I woke up alone. I would've had to deal with all this by myself."
  118. >You just nod, and break the hug.
  119. >"What do we do now?"
  120. >That's a good question.
  121. >If this was a green, you'd probably fuck and then it would be over, but seeing as how this is your life and not fetish fuel, you'd have to come up with something better.
  122. >Unless she'd be down for it...
  123. >You look at her wide, pink, innocent eyes and her cute smile and you feel guilty for even thinking about it.
  125. --Part Two--
  127. "Do you just want to get up and walk around? I'm sure you're pretty sore."
  128. >She nods, and you carefully climb off of the bed, and clear a path to the door.
  129. >She soon follows you. The bed is higher off of the ground than she is tall, so she very carefully drapes her back half over the edge first, letting her hooves touch the ground.
  130. >Suddenly, she loses traction and goes sliding off the side of the bed, falling on her rump and almost hitting her head.
  131. >You immediately rush forward to help her up, but she waves you off.
  132. >"I've got this, don't worry."
  133. >She shakily gets herself up on her legs, and you're reminded of a doe standing for the first time.
  134. >She gets there, eventually, and gives you a wane smile.
  135. >"See? I'm a strong independent mare."
  136. >Wow she was small. The top of her head was only about three feet off the ground.
  137. >perfect height for a blowjob
  138. >No, bad brain.
  139. >...if you were thinking about it, does that mean she was thinking about it too?
  140. >You should stop before you both do something you'll regret later.
  141. >She takes a cautious step forward with her right foreleg, and successfully plants it on the ground.
  142. >"Okay... front right, now... back left? Nonono-!"
  143. >She topples over into a pile of dirty clothes.
  144. >You sit back and watch her. You know you wouldn't want help in this situation, you'd rather stick it out and do it yourself.
  145. >She gets back up with a huff, blowing some of her mane out from her eyes.
  146. >She starts over with her front right leg, then brings her back leg, and mimicks the movement on the other side.
  147. >She took a step!
  148. >Her face lights up, a wide smile crossing it accompanied by a soft squee.
  149. >She stops and tilts her head, looking a little embarrassed.
  150. >"Did I just squee?"
  151. >God, that was adorable.
  152. "You did."
  153. >"...Huh."
  154. >She tries another step, and then another, and before long she's walked to the door and back twice.
  155. >She trots around in a circle, filled with glee.
  156. >Finally, she comes to a stop and sits down.
  157. >"Did you see me? I just figured out how to walk, all by myself!"
  158. "Good job! I'm happy for you."
  159. >You reach over and go to pat her head, but she looks annoyed, her good mood dropping almost instantly.
  160. >"Please don't."
  161. >You take your hand away awkwardly.
  162. >She sighs.
  163. >"Just, it's not you. Well, it is you, it's the fact you're me, it's just... it's just too weird."
  164. >"Maybe some other time."
  165. >What about earlier? You were rubbing all along her face, and neck, and back...
  166. >You guess she changed her mind.
  167. "It's okay, I understand."
  168. >You didn't, really. This was really unlike you.
  169. >Maybe you were more different from each other than you thought?
  170. >You look up at the clock...
  171. >It's well into the night now, almost into morning.
  172. >You groan; You had been up for just under 24 hours. You had gone much longer before, but you don't want to.
  173. "Hey, tell you what. Let's just go back to sleep and deal with this when we wake up."
  174. >"I'm not really all that..."
  175. >she lets out a cute yawn, with a light blush.
  176. >"...tired."
  177. >You nod knowingly, and hop onto the bed, but not before straightening the sheets and repositioning your pillows.
  178. >You tuck in underneath the covers, and then glance back up at the other you.
  179. >She's standing there awkwardly.
  180. >"I don't think the bed's big enough for the two of us... Is there anywhere else I can sleep?"
  181. >Oh. Right... well, sleeping together wouldn't be that weird, would it?
  182. "You could still sleep on our bed. There's enough room, you're small."
  183. >"Gee, thanks for reminding me, me."
  184. "Anytime."
  185. >"Are you sure?" She looks at you worriedly.
  186. "Yeah. Cmon, hop up."
  187. >She trots over to the edge of the bed, crouching down and subconsciously giving her butt a wiggle before pouncing onto the side of the bed and pulling herself up.
  188. >She tries to step over your legs, but it's a little too far for her to do comfortably.
  189. >She sheepishly walks over your chest, her clumsy hooves pressing into your stomach.
  190. >"Sorry, sorry..."
  191. >she curls up on a pillow next to you, and you drag a blanket over her.
  192. >She whispers her thanks and snuggles into it, closing her eyes.
  193. >"Today has been... crazy. I woke up as a pony, and not only that, I find I'm not the only me anymore."
  194. >You nod, and think about giving her a few strokes from your hand, but you withhold your touch.
  195. >"I just don't know what I'm going to do, you know?"
  196. "Don't worry. We'll get through this together."
  197. >Fuck it, you're going for it.
  198. >You reach out your hand and briefly stroke her mane, giving her a few ear scritches on the way out.
  199. >She opens her eyes, and gives you a look.
  200. >It's a look of surprise, and a look of slight annoyance.
  201. >But you also see trust and contentment.
  202. >You don't say anything, but you brush a bit of her mane out of her face.
  203. >She smiles, and gently rests her head on top of her hooves like a cat, closing her eyes and slowly drifts off to sleep.
  204. >Watching the gentle rise and fall of her chest is enough to consign you to the same fate.
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