Criminal Case January 2013 Hack

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  1. Criminal Case facebook game hack
  2. Download link:
  4. About the hack:
  5. - Unlimited Hints
  6. - Unlimited Time Limit
  7. - Autofinder (WORKING JANUARY 2013 UNDETECTED)
  9. We’ve seen enough hidden object titles where realistic pictures of beautiful scenes, fancy rooms, renowned tourist attractions, and exotic decorations and buildings. Nonetheless, Criminal Case is neither the kind of Hidden Object game you’ve played nor the kind you would expect.
  10. As a police officer, you will investigate criminal cases by examining the involved crime scenes, restoring or examining notable items you’ve found, asking for an autopsy, and identifying the suspect.
  12. Download on one of our servers. Both will end you up with the same hack. So there's no need to download both since you'll end up downloading the same file.
  14. Download link here:
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