/r/Steam Moderators: Harrassment, Abuse & Other Misbehav

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  1. I am purging all of my content due to years of being subjugated to harassment, bullying, abuse & misbehavior of moderators of /r/Steam subreddit.
  3.  They have allowed, contemplated and conspired multiple witchhunts against me out of pure jealousy again and again. Their head mod has been constantly reminding me that he's friends with admins; two teenager mods took every opportunity they could get to mock and make fun of me on other subs and one of them published libel against me on the very sub that they moderate (albeit with a throwaway, then deleted when caught). They have also been actively engaged in vote-brigading via Discord (especially the two teenager ones). Their behavior has also led to other old members of community quitting as well. Therefore, I no longer want to be a part of a community run by such people or one where such people can get away with anything.  
  5. If you want to know what's been going on, you can read full details plus ALL THE EVÄ°DENCE on an off-site blog post / article soon which you can find by GOOGLING them.
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