Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C5 part 1)

Dec 30th, 2019
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  1. Part 1
  3. "Here ... Here... Matsushita-san."
  5. "Good morning ..."
  7. 11 o'clock ... I met with other ordinary members Shinohara-san and Sato-san. During spring break, we gather together without meaning like this every day and chat, the days when flowers bloom in a story without love ... I don't hate it, but it's still boring somewhere.
  9. I've been a good kid for a year. So I decided to talk a little with my classmates.
  11. "Shinohara-san did you make progress with Ike-kun?"
  13. Trying to get out of boredom by giving her a simple push.
  15. "Eh .., what? Why ...? There's nothing really ..." Shinohara-san denied it in a panic, judging from her attitude ..., she couldn't hide her annoyance. [Really talk about it ..? ] Sato-san who has eyes like there is something interesting, looks surprised and excited at the same time.
  17. It is common knowledge that Ike-kun and Shinoharasan have been in close contact in the past few months ... They might mean to hide it, but this is still a small school.
  19. You will soon find out if a couple is dating.
  21. "I think it's better to listen to it from you soon ..."
  23. "I-It's not like that ..., you know ... This is Ike, we're talking about? He's an example of a useless man right ..." Shinohara-san's expression of denying that was normal. Of course, if you just look at the specifications ... He ranks low from the lowest.
  25. His height is short, he can't study well, and he is not good at talking anyway ... For me, that is a comment that has no end, but love cannot be measured in that alone. Sometimes you can be attracted to men who look hopeless like that. Yes ... This is like having an unexpected traffic accident.
  27. And if he is on the same level as Shinohara-san, he might be very suitable. It is not at all unbalanced.
  29. "It's not very good. One person likes another person. After all, he doesn't know anything about this." One thing or another Sato-san was very excited about talking about the love story ... and smile at Shinohara-san.
  31. "It says ... It's not like that..."
  33. "There's no need to deny it ... Come on, let me hear your opinion..." To Shinohara-san who didn't want to admit it, I instigated more by using Sato-san.
  35. "Un ... Yeah... I'm also curious ... Tell me... Tell me..." At a time like this, Sato-san acted obediently with easy instructions. She is the type of person who doesn't think deeply. It is inevitable that on the side of that section has a bad effect on academic ability. Even though it's a very bitter evaluation, but as someone, I don't hate it.
  37. Shinohara-san and Sato-san are good friends. Personally, they are irreplaceable girl friends. If you have a problem, I think it's okay if they want to consult and help each other.
  39. Yes ... As long as I have the ability... I won't say anything.
  41. I was thinking that way ... Shinohara-san talked a little about her relationship with Ike-kun.
  43. "These days ... We have only been fighting in vain. There really isn't any progress ..." Shinohara-san shook her head while sighing.
  45. But that does not mean she denies that there has never been any development.
  47. "It's because of your personalities who can't be honest with each other right? But yeah ... Even though there's a slight difference too..." Even though it looks like they match each other, there's an impression of mutual refusal in strange places.
  49. If there is a trigger ..., it seems their distance will continue to decrease.
  51. "Rather than me ..., what about Matsushita-san herself ...?"
  53. "I...?" As expected ... Shinohara-san returned it that way. On the contrary ... I guided her ...
  55. "She told us before ... If she wants to date, she will choose a senior." Seen remembering something, Sato-san also follows Shinohara-san's conversation. Always excited when talking about love stories .. Girls are creatures like that...
  57. "Right ... But ... That could have changed if there was someone who met certain conditions, right... Right..." Controlling the understanding of the two of them and slowly leading the conversation in the direction I wanted. Not too much to talk about. That is something that often happens in everyday life. The only difference is whether they realize it or not.
  59. "Heh, have you changed your mind?" Sato-san as usually takes the bait from this conversation.
  61. "The specs of a man ... Can't be changed right... His appearance and personality must be the best. And then ... About his family... I also want his parents to have high education and knowledge ... That's Required..."
  63. No matter how great the child is, if the parents are not good, then that means nothing.
  65. "The specs are good and the family is good ... Is that perhaps Koenji-kun?"
  67. (TLN: LOL)
  69. Shinohara-san said that with a little doubt.
  71. "Yes ... That might be good on the outside, but you know ...?" Sato-san imagined it a little after hearing the name Koenji-kun. Class evaluations about Koenji-kun are arguably very low. The reason is simple and clear. That's because he is a strange existence that is always annoying and doesn't want to hear the class's opinion.
  73. However, it can be said that there are differences in the level of enthusiasm between the inside and the outside. The appearance and characteristics of the family have no drawbacks, there is also a side of him that is very polite to women.
  75. Therefore, it is understandable that girls of the school year saw him. Regarding academic ability too ..., he usually doesn't do it seriously, and still hides his abilities.
  77. He is a rare species that can be said to meet most of the specifications of the man I want.
  79. (TLN: Chiaki, kidding ...?)
  81. I think Koenji's class is ranked first if only judging all of his abilities.
  83. However, he also has some obvious characteristics. He is a kind of person who act depends on his mood and can't be persuaded.
  85. Unimaginable freak. Not worth it .., from the beginning I already knew it was in vain.
  87. In this case, Sudo-kun and Ike-kun, no ... It could be said that they were class 1 burden.
  89. "Koenji-kun isn't like that ... Yes ... I mean ... He's not human anymore... Yee right ..."
  91. Hearing my evaluation ..., they both laughed ...
  93. "If he can do something seriously, I'm sure he will definitely be more popular than Hirata-kun ..., but he will never be serious, right ..." That's my evaluation.
  95. And also Shinohara-san and Sato-san nodded in agreement with that. Thank you for telling me that humans can get 100 points or 0 points with just one drawback.
  97. From the love story of Ike-san and Shinohara-san, then my ideal image. Thus .., continues to the next stage.
  99. "Speaking of that, Sato-san. What about Ayanokouji-kun?"
  101. "Eh ...? W-why ...?" Surprised at my words, Sato-san stiffened. Shinohara-san who started to remember ... Looked at Sato-san. That happened during winter holidays. What Sato-san said to us. The one who confides about her worries and distressed because she will say her love to Ayanokouji-kun. Just like Ike-kun and Shinohara-san's things right now ... I meant to just enjoy watching while supporting them in the distance ...
  103. "I, I don't have much ..." Her words stopped when Sato-san would deny it.
  105. But when I looked, Sato-san stopped talking about Ayanokouji-kun. Of course, Shinohara-san and I didn't understand or talk about what that meant.
  107. Either .., confession of love denied ?, or she changed her mind? Anyway ... As long as Sato-san doesn't talk about it, then I won't talk about it either.
  109. However, there is no way for me now to get to know Ayanokouji-kun in detail ...
  111. "... C-can you ... Keep it a secret?" She said like that.
  113. Shinohara and I looked at each other ... Sure that we could hear a very interesting story..., both of us touched Sato-san's shoulders and said ...
  115. "Obviously ... Right..."
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