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/vp/'s MS Paint Topics: The Voting System!

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  1. [Voting System]
  2. Contributors will be able to vote for an older Pokemon to re-cover on Sundays.
  4. [How do I vote?]
  5. When you contribute a drawing to the threads, just simply say you're voting for a Pokemon. Something like "I'm voting for Corphish" or "Vote for Avalugg" or "Vote: Hippowdon". Just make it apparent who you're voting for. Do not put your votes in the filenames of your submissions, as I can easily miss those.
  7. [What are the rules?]
  8. >What can I vote for?
  9. You can vote for an older Pokemon.
  11. You CANNOT vote for:
  12. -Gen VII Pokemon
  13. -Alolan Pokemon
  14. -Pokemon who won a past vote
  15. -MissingNo.
  17. >You must contribute.
  18. I won't take your vote unless it comes with a contribution.
  20. >You can only vote for one Pokemon.
  21. If you vote for multiple Pokemon, I will just take the first one you named.
  23. >You can vote as many times as you'd like.
  24. The above rules still apply, though. One contribution, one vote. Please do not be a dick about it and attempt to make dozens of five second drawings just to spam votes. You'll ruin it for the rest of us. I reserve the right to turn down your votes if I suspect you of doing this.
  26. >Votes made in the last hour of Legendary Saturday will not count.
  27. I need time to tally the votes, and that's time taken out of building the collage and the new thread.
  30. Votes will be counted up every Sunday. The winner will be decided by RNG - the more votes a Pokemon has, the higher chance they have at winning.
  32. Points will be reset and stat anew next Monday.
  34. If, for some reason, I refuse your contribution (spam/stolen/pornographic), I won't take your vote either!
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