Injectable Semi-Finished Oil Rip Blend 375 Tmt 375 for Bodyb

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  7. Product Name:Rip Blend 375mg (TMT375)
  8. Rip Blend recipe 375 mg / 1000 ml
  9. Raws Steroids Powder:
  10. Testo enan 125 g,
  11. Mast Enan 125g
  12. Tre Enan 125 g.
  13. BA: 20 ml; BB: 200ml;
  14. Then an adequate GSO for a total volume of 1000 ml
  16. Rip Blend Description:
  17. Rip Blend is a very popular alternative to leisure and professional bodybuilders, and this is due to several reasons. First of all, many buyers choose it because it significantly reduces the amount of body fat and improves the time it takes to recover between workouts. One of the great benefits of using Rip Blend is that it causes an increased muscle size - a feature many people want for body builders. In addition, the product provides the body with more durability and durability, while at the same time making it faster.
  18. Thus, although the use of such a product is not necessary for you to get involved in body building, it is consumed, it is ideal for anyone who wants to get this ruined, well-toned form. Therefore, you will get a unique body part and a better position to compete with other bodybuilders on the same platform.
  20. Cooking Step:
  21. Step 1: Put Testo enan, Mast Enan,Tre Enan Powders in the Beaker
  22. Step 2: Place the BA in the beaker
  23. Step 3: Insert the BB in the beaker
  24. Step 4: Place the beaker on the heater, the temperature is about 80 ºC. Use a glass rod to mix the liquid until the powder completely dissolves the liquid, then it will be a translucent yellow liquid
  25. Step 5: Take the pelvis from the heater, wait until the clear yellow liquid is cool
  26. Step 6 Insert the EO beaker, use a glass rod to mix the liquid until it is again a clear yellow liquid.
  27. Step 7: Filter the liquid with a sterile filter or filtering machine
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